Literary Quotes – #4: Punch Lines from the Essay “The Artist”

It’s a week today since I brought the creative essay “The Artist” across your way and I wish to bring you punch lines and literary quotes from the graphic essay.

Please enjoy.

—Kayode Olla

Saturday, March 18

—There almost never has been a creative genius who is not thought of in terms of some particular idiosyncrasies and peculiarities.

—In very deed, the artist’s ingenious creativity is a result of such immaterial, insubstantial and yet amazing workings of an inspired imagination that it rightly passes to qualify him/her as a special type of person; or practitioner, at least. Just like invention geniuses.

—With careful study on the lives of other creative and performance artists in history and some in the limelight today, one thing at the very least appears crystal clear to me: artists are very odd and unconventional people.

—For, before all and everything else, the Artist is a psychopath, like poet Lord Byron; and is rather strange, odd, crazy—mad.

—[The artist] is a nerd like music artiste Enya—searching for remote inspiration in solitude, solitariness, and aloneness.

—[The artist] is a rebel—like poet and dramatist Amiri Baraka or like Afro-pop artiste Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

—[The artist] is a political revolutionary, like writer Wole Soyinka; and a social critic, like Reggae artiste Bob Marley; and an activist, like pop artiste Beyoncé.

—The Artist is a lover-type, sometimes; and amorous, passionate, and intense—like Blues artiste Céline Dion or like the R&B band Westlife.

—Like the classic Hallelujah Chorus composer Handel or the epic Paradise Lost writer John Milton, [the artist] can be theist—a grounded believer in God; deeply pious, devout, religious.

—Like Rock musician Roger Waters and Afrobeat musician Seun Kuti, [the artist] may as well be an atheist—essentially unreligious and a worshipper of no deity. Or else, s/he may be agonistic, and an incurable skeptic about the existence of God.

—Above all else, the artist is a creative genius. Like artist Pablo Picasso. Like music artiste Michael Jackson. Like writer and Thespian William Shakespeare.

—[An artist] is a legend—historic, living, or else, in the making. S/he is what you know and all you do not know. S/he is the Artist.

Click HERE to read the full essay, The Artist.

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