#DRAGONGOD: Chapter 21

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Kelvin looked at his wristwatch. It was 11:16 AM.

‘I’ve got only forty something minutes left. Please God, I don’t want to die a suicide bomber. Please!’

He desperately wished to not be a murderer than he’d ever desperately wished to win a poetry contest.

He stood up from the bench he’d been sitting on, looked around him and thought desperately of what he could do.

And then, Caleb appeared.

Kelvin beamed with a glimmer of hope when he saw his friend. He drew Caleb to himself and hugged him.

Caleb was surprised. His friend had never hugged him so tight.

‘What is wrong with you? Why are you unnecessarily affectionate? Where is your backpack? Aren’t you going to attend literature class?’

Several questions rolled out in a breath but Kelvin couldn’t answer any of them.

Kelvin hurriedly got a hold of Caleb’s backpack which he backed on one strap.

And before Caleb could express his curiosity at his friend’s sudden oddities, Kelvin had unzipped the bag, brought out a notebook and tore himself a sheet of paper.

He also helped himself with a pen tucked into a pen pocket on the bag.

Kelvin’s voice trembled when he spoke. ‘I’m sorry; I have to write a poem.’

A lot of questions poured through Caleb’s confused mind. He was shocked at Kelvin altogether, his odd behaviours and all.

He’d always known Kelvin was unpredictably different; but this was definitely not it.

Caleb was curious.

◙ ◙ ◙

‘Boss, are we really going to allow him to write a poem?’ It was Kabir asking impatiently at the mountainside.

Khalid smiled. ‘Well what can we do? It’s his last poem anyway. And we are good people.

‘His poetry brought him this far; and so, he wouldn’t just die without bidding farewell to his treasured poetry.

‘The more I see him, the more I like him. He is funny, you know!’

Khalid had a sweet humour in the tone with which he spoke.

◙ ◙ ◙

Kelvin knew it. He knew Khalid and his men were watching his environment through the tiny camera fixed on his shirt.

He knew he couldn’t afford to write just anything; or else he could put the lives of his family at risk.

Every second mounting to minutes was precious. He wondered what he could do with the most precious moment of his life now.



At the same time, he wondered what he could write to save lives. How he could inform the world there was a bomb inside him.

He’d got just one poem to write and the poem had to bear it all.

The thought came to him like a bolt of inspiration.

It was Yemi.

Yemi was his only regret. She was his beautiful dream that never came to pass. The spectacular miracle that never happened to him. The one that never got to know his true feelings for the fear of losing. Yemi was his only regret.

He mused quietly. ‘I have to write her a poem of love. I have to put my feelings in just a poem if I can. I have to write her my heart.’

He held the pen firmly in his hands and his hands trembled.

He calmed his mind and penned down the poem.

(For Yemi)

These words get incapable in a chase to capture
How deeply I feel towards you!
Even so, it frightens me how much I like you!
Really, sometimes I’m lost for words;
Even sometimes I’m lost to the world when

I’m thinking, thinking about you…
So much, over and again, I am lost in love!

Tell me you know what it feels like, too.
It’s like having your heart’s fancied gemstones
Mysteriously happen so preciously, delicately, and
Entirely in the quiet warmth of your chest!

Boy, you wanna hold it, and hug it,
Own it, and cuddle, carress it, and kiss it…
Man, and just… and just love it all,
Baby girl! And yet you don’t wanna crush it!

I’m feeling just what that feels like now; ’cause
Now and ever since, Yemi, you’re my heart’s real desire

Miraculously happening so exquisitely, pricelessly, and
Entirely, oh boy, in the very core of my heart and soul!

Knock, knock: and I wanna hold you and fold you,
Enrapture you, cuddle and fondle you, care and caress,
Envelop and seize you, kiss you… and just… just
Pour my heart’s love on you!

Oh my… and sometimes, sometimes I
Fear how real much I love you, Yemi!
For real, I love you to bits!

◙ ◙ ◙

‘It’s 11:16. I have forty four minutes left.’

It was Jordan talking to himself as he drove past the second gate of the University campus.

The University of Ankara was a city on its own and had all her vast facilities in it.

It accommodated the University Teaching Hospital situated a few kilometers away from the academic setting of the University campus.

All the various facilities of the University environment were linked together with well tarred roads and barricades of gates serving as security checkpoints.

The staff sticker on Professor Samuel’s car was the pass for any vehicle that had to take the roads within the school mass of land.

Jordan was easily allowed access at every checkpoint owing to the staff sticker on his dad’s car.

As Jordan sped on, a thought suddenly struck his mind.

‘If I get to Kelvin, what exactly will I do to save him? What am I doing right now? What plan do I have? What can somebody like me possibly do to stop an bomb blast?!’

He slowed down in a bit, confused already.

◙ ◙ ◙

Caleb’s eyes ran through a sheet of paper in his hands.

Kelvin had given him the poem he wrote some moments ago; and with a stern instruction that Caleb read, reviewed and analysed it immediately.

Caleb was a poet, too. And as fast and intelligent as his best friend Kelvin.

Caleb couldn’t ignore his curiosity anymore. Kelvin who didn’t like kinship of any form had hugged Caleb and whispered the instructions into his ears when he handed the poem to him.

Caleb stared into Kelvin’s eyes but Kelvin could only look at the sheet of paper in his friend’s hands.

Caleb knew he’d got to read the poem immediately indeed and he got started.

‘It’s a love poem for Yemi,’ he said to himself. ‘This dude! Why did he have to hug me to hand me a love poem for his girl?’

He read the poem through. And then, he read it a second time, curious about what was so special with the love poem that it’d got Kelvin emotionally dramatic.



He read the poem a third time and he became tired of reading. He was about to hand Kelvin the poem when he suddenly noticed the title of the poem.

‘It’s Acrostic,’ he exclaimed. ‘It’s really Acrostic.’

He took a deep breath. ‘Well, if Kelvin’s telling me to analyse the poem now, then the poem is an acrostic in every sense of the word!’

Caleb hurriedly pulled out a notebook from his bag. Kelvin saw Caleb had got the the concept of the poem. He quietly backed Caleb and walked away from him.

Caleb sat on a desk and started to analyse the poem with a pen and a note.

Caleb muttered quietly as he busied himself with the poem. ‘Acrostic is the mathematics of poetry. Acrostic is coding and the only analysis to do is to decode the message hidden in the poem.’

Well, Caleb was right.

The Acrostic is a type of poem that encodes a message via the first letters of each lines of a poem. The first of the lines of the poem spells a word or words.

And Kelvin had chosen to write Yemi an acrostic love poem and had given his poet friend to decode.

Caleb could not help thinking there was more to the love poem.

He began to write on the note he brought out. With a hurried pace, he penned out the first letter of every line.

He used the spacing of the stanzas to make spacing between words.

And eventually, he got his answer:


Caleb was startled. No, that didn’t make sense at all.

He glared at what he’d written out as though he wasn’t the one who wrote it. He crossed out the words and spelled out the acrostic letters again.


He was shocked. He looked at the poem’s title again to be sure.

‘It’s Acrostic!’ he nodded. He gazed at Kelvin and saw only a ghost of his real self.

And then he shuddered with a cold chill. ‘T-time… b-bomb!’

Everything that had transpired between him and Kelvin since he saw him some minutes ago rushed through his mind.

If this was it for certain, he thought, he’d got to look for a way out. He wanted to doubt the situation but he knew there was no time to deny.

There was somehow a time bomb ticking inside Kelvin’s body.

‘O God Almighty!’ he trembled terribly.

He desperately wished this was a joke. He wished there was someone to tell him everything was a rude joke.

And then his phone rang.

He picked up the call.

It was Jordan Samuel.

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