#DRAGONGOD: Chapter 22

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‘I need you to, please, do us a favour. I will send you a text now. Please read it and read it again.’

It was Jordan speaking at the other end of Caleb’s received phone call. His unsettled, earnest voice sounded un-help-ably urgent.

After much thought, Jordan had concluded he had to get Caleb to evacuate people in the building where Kelvin would be. He wanted to do everything possible to lessen the degree of the oncoming tragedy.

He remembered Kelvin saying he’d got a Departmental course for noon that following morning when he saw him the night he was kidnapped.

He’d further calculated that if Kelvin had got a class, the same would go for Caleb. Caleb would also be at the Department of English with Kelvin.

And that was why he put a call through to Caleb.

Already aware his calls might be monitored by the notorious Dragonfire group, Jordan resolved to send Caleb a text message after the call, detailing his instructions.

The Dragonfire group had hinted Jordan as well as Kelvin with its plan at the moments they were individually released at the mountainside.

The group let the two boys know that Kelvin was to be stationed at the congested lobby of Department of English and Literature.

That the Vice Chancellor would be attending an appointment at the building at exactly noon that Monday.

That the bomb inside Kelvin’s body would trick off and give a massive destructive blast at the dot of twelve noon.

Khalid’s men hinted the boys with their massive plan to incapacitate them with unutterable dread.

And they added a dreadful threat. That their entire family would die a slow, gruesome and painful death if anyone else at all got to know of the plan.

But, Caleb, being unaware of all these things, was confused with Jordan’s sudden phone call.

What’s wrong with Jordan too? No ‘hi’; no ‘how’re you doing?’ And, by the way, who are the ‘us’ that needs a favour? What’s wrong with everyone today?

Caleb’s eyes soon drifted from his phone screen to searching for Kelvin in the Departmental lobby.

Just now his phone beeped with the notification of a new text message.

He hurriedly clicked on it and read it to himself.

Please, quietly evacuate everyone from where Kelvin is. The building accommodating the Department of English and Literature. There is a time bomb implanted inside Kelvin’s belly. It will go off by the dot of twelve noon. We don’t have time.

Caleb’s jaw dropped.

Really, it wasn’t a joke at all.

◙ ◙ ◙

Caleb glanced at his wristwatch at once.

The time was 11:27 AM already.

He glanced up; his eyes again searching out where Kelvin was.



He still couldn’t find Kelvin in the lobby but he could see why he had to stop looking for him.

There were a lot of people in the lobby. And with the text Jordan sent him, the bomb would soon go off and kill many people.

He wanted to evacuate people from the building as quietly as possible; but he didn’t know how best to do that without causing a commotion.

He saw Tolu and Yemi walking into the lobby. He became more determined to save the situation.

He walked to the two young women.

‘Why are you here? Do you have something to do in the Department? Or, do you have a class? What class?’ He was directing the torrent of questions at the two.

The girls were surprised at how Caleb didn’t care about saying hi before he started with his questions.

Tolu grabbed Caleb by the hand and dragged him aside. ‘What’s wrong with you? Why are you so rude to us?’

Tolu was obviously wearing an upset look when she noticed just then that Caleb was sweating.

She was surprised. ‘Why are sweating profusely? What is wrong with you? What’s the problem, uh?’

Caleb couldn’t respond to the showers of questions that rained on him. He couldn’t articulate a fact he himself was yet to fully grasp. A situation that beat his wildest imagination.

He thought of what to say in response but found none. Of all his many worries, what dominated his thought was how he could quietly evacuate everyone from the building. And fast.

That was the only thing that mattered right at the moment.

He finally spoke up. His voice was low and quivery.

‘Tolu, you see, there’s no time to explain what’s going on right now. Please don’t ask me who, why or how. I mean just listen and help me without asking any questions. Please.’

Tolu gazed up at him, searching his bewildered eyes. Caleb hadn’t been more serious than now.

Caleb held his girl’s hands and went on in a bit.

‘We need to evacuate everyone in this whole building in just five minutes. And we need to do it very quietly.

‘We really need everyone out of here in five minutes. I’ve thought about this and I can’t find any way around it. Tolu, can you please help me?’

A tear slowly trickled down the young dude’s cheek.

Tolu was startled and she knew her man really needed her help.

She took a deep breath and laid a hand on his shoulder.

‘Okay. Calm down first and please stop crying. I don’t know why we have to do this; but since you’re like this, then it must really be serious. Well, let me think of a way….’

Tolu paused for a bit, dropping her hand. Caleb wiped his face with a hankie.

Tolu spoke at last.


‘There are many people here right now and they’re not robots; so they won’t move just because we tell them to. In fact, telling them to leave without a reason will only create drama.’

Exhausted and frustrated, Caleb bowed his head with a heavy sigh.

Tolu suddenly beamed with a bright smile. ‘Drama! Yes, drama. That’s it!’

Caleb raised his head; his look altogether furlong.

Tolu went on. ‘All students of English language and literature—I mean all students in this Department; they always offer a drama course in the far-away Department of Dramatic Arts.

‘So, let’s send an urgent text message to every class rep that every class’s drama result has been pasted in the Dramatic Arts Department.

‘You know, everyone’s expecting either their test or exam result; or even both. So we’ve all got something to do with that Department. Everybody will spontaneously and instantly leave to check their result.

‘We can get people, not only out of the building, but also far away from it. Remember, the Dramatic Arts Department is a bit far from here.’

By the time Tolu finished, Caleb couldn’t help exclaiming. ‘Wow! Wow! Brilliant!’ He rubbed Tolu’s shoulder approvingly. ‘That’s a great idea; really great one. Thank you.’

Within a moment, the eager smile on Caleb’s face had faded.

‘But wait a minute,’ he said, ‘most of the students here are waiting for their next class right now. Won’t they choose to check the result stuff after their classes?’

‘Mmm, you are right.’ Tolu mused.

She had her left arm crossed over her chest; her right elbow pinned over her left fist and her right forefinger tapping temples, as she thought out a solution.

She had an idea ready. ‘What if you include in the text that the lecturers are presently in an important conference, and so there won’t be any classes today?’

Caleb exuded with a fresh excitement. ‘Great idea! Great! Thank you so much. Thank you.’

He decided to engage Tolu in the urgent work. ‘Please, dear, send the message to every social media group you are on. I’ll do same, too.’

He added a clause. ‘But please don’t tell Yemi how I desperately needed to evacuate people, for now. Only tell her about the information you are sending to everyone.

He finished. ‘And, please, you two should leave the lobby immediately and go back to your hostel. I’ll see you later in the day to explain everything to you, I promise.’

Tolu clamped his right hand with her two hands. ‘You asked me not to probe you with questions. But are you really okay?’

There was longing in her weak, husky voice.

Caleb managed to put up a smile. ‘I am, dear.’

Tolu held on. ‘But… but, really…’

Caleb laid his left hand over her hands. ‘Baby… please, you really have to go now. Please, go straight to the hostel together with Yemi. I’ll come see you soon.’

Tolu let out a weak, little whimper. ‘Okay, promise me you’ll be fine, please.’

Caleb smiled. ‘I’ll be fine, I promise. Don’t you worry; I’ll really be fine.’

And then, he drew her close and wrapped his hands around her; patting her on the back with a hand.

When Tolu’s eyes were becoming moist, she disengaged from Caleb’s hands.

She didn’t want to think he was going to be in danger; else she was going to break down with uncontrollable tears.

She wanted to hope that he was going to come back to her soon, safe and sound.

Caleb gave Tolu a brief warm look.

He whispered in a cool, soft voice. ‘I love you, dear. And thank you so much.’

Tolu only backed away without saying a word.

Lest she should break down with tears.



◙ ◙ ◙

Khalid thought it would be difficult for his men to exit the campus after the bomb blast. So he quickened up his men they packed up.

Not wanting to take any chances of being caught, Khalid ordered his men to burn up their materials as well as the camping tent.

Some of Khalid’s men sat around the fire, watching it burn.

Among those men was Johnson. Johnson was the one who had operated upon Kelvin and implanted the bomb inside his belly.

Just now, Johnson raised an eyebrow over the fact that Kelvin was no longer showing the view of the lobby via the camera on his shirt.

While everyone was busy packing up, Johnson only busied himself with a phone tablet in his hand, from which he kept an eye on Kelvin to see how their plan progressed.

The dude noticed Kelvin had only been standing in front of one the press boards placed in the lobby for some time already.

The young man Johnson was another key player in Khalid’s team of eleven.

He was a veterinary doctor. His desire for surgical procedures had led him to apply for medicine and surgery at the University of Ilorin.

But then, the young man couldn’t make the cut off mark for his desired course. And so, he had to make do with veterinary medicine which he was offered instead.

When Johnson graduated, he got a well-paying job at a federal veterinary medical centre. And then, Johnson’s passion for surgery took over his work.

He began to practice his long desired complex surgical procedures on animals. Procedures like head transplant, brain transplant, heart transplant and so on.

He had his surgical procedures experimented on many healthy animals and ended up killing them in much numbers.

His superiors couldn’t understand his zeal for bizarre surgeries which was killing healthy animals.

They had to fire Johnson.

Khalid had picked the young man up and set up an animal farm for him where he bred animals solely for his surgical experimentations.

Johnson called on Khalid. ‘Boss, the boy’s not showing us the Department view anymore. He’s been facing this board for quite a while. Shouldn’t we call him up?’

Well, Kelvin’s action was probably worth the concern.

Kelvin stood as if reading the articles on the press board. But he wasn’t. The young chap was trying to avoid the preying eyes of the Dragonfire group, while the building was emptied.

Khalid refuted Johnson’s alarm. ‘It’s the boy’s last moment on earth. Let’s leave him to explore his feelings. It’s called Last moment grace.’

Johnson gave up. ‘Alright, Boss.’

Johnson was in the middle of his words when Khalid interposed. ‘Hey Mark! What’s going on? Why isn’t that put in the fire? What’s that metal device you’re holding onto?’

Mark was holding one of his beloved inventions. It was a metre to measure the fire capacity of a bomb.

When Khalid had first announced the mission at the beginning of the whole thing, he’d given Mark some specific instructions.

He didn’t want to raze down the whole University campus. He only wanted to burn down Kelvin’s Department, the Department of English and Literature.

Mark had then gone ahead to invent a metre before making the bomb. It was a device that could measure and set out the progression of fire.

Mark thought the continuous work on the newly designed device could help in making bombs that could be used in firing pottery wares.

He thought he could replace wood, coal and electricity with bombs to fire pottery wares. He was still working on the device, and so he didn’t want to destroy it.

Mark replied Khalid. ‘It only has to do with measuring fire, boss. And the size is small; it could pass for any other device and not bomb stuff. So it’s not going to implicate us.’

Khalid was unwavering. Mark knew Khalid wasn’t convinced about letting him keep the device; and so, he went on.

‘Boss, imagine if we can use a bomb to fire your pottery wares. When I’m done working on this, we can use this to make bombs that can fire pottery wears. I’m still working on it, boss. Please let me keep it.’

Khalid chuckled. ‘You are planning to make bombs to fire pottery wares?’ He laughed.

The skilled potter had an amused look on his face. ‘Do you even know why, regardless of what method we use to fire, we spend a good number of hours firing clay works?

‘We don’t fire because we love fire, uh? Firing is simply the lid that caps our work. When we fire, we get our pottery works cooked—to make it burnished, presentable and usable.’

He looked at him for a second and chuckled. ‘And now you want to burn them all up at once! Look at you; can you cook with a bomb?!’

Khalid wanted to stop Mark from keeping his new invention but hesitated a little. He became curious and interested in Mark’s invention all of a sudden.

He waved at Mark. ‘Well, let see how it works out. But you won’t experiment with that in my studio. You get that?’

Mark smiled with satisfaction.



Khalid suddenly wore a stern face; and the voice that bore his next words was deep and laden with unmistaken authority.

‘Now let’s get out of here; we are running out of time!’

It was 11:35 AM.

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