#DRAGONGOD: Chapter 25 – Final Episode

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It was five days after the University of Ankara was hit by the notorious Dragonfire.

The University community was yet to recover from the shocking event. Students had been sent back to the safe harbor of their homes.

It was like the University was in a state of coma.

And the same went for Kelvin Babalola.

Kelvin lay comatose at the University of Ankara Teaching Hospital. Mrs Babalola was at his son’s bedside. She’d been nursing him for the past few days.

The Doctor had said the boy went into coma due to the shock and the stress he’d gone through during the incidence.

He’d assured Mrs Babalola that her son would wake up in time.

Kelvin wasn’t alone in his fight for his life. His cheer group was made up of his friends. Caleb, Jordan, Tolu and Yemi cared for Kelvin at that critical time.

Kelvin’s heartthrob was around him all the way. Yemi visited Kelvin in the hospital every day.

She’d thrown herself into a self-imposed hunger strike. She’d been crying her eyes out since she read Kelvin’s last poem addressed to her.

She couldn’t bear to imagine what her dear love had been through those few days.

Mrs Babalola had been grateful to all Kelvin’s friends.

And of all her son’s friends, Kelvin’s mother was more grateful to the one who particularly saved her son’s life.

It was Jordan Samuel.

Five days earlier, when Khalid thought he’d sealed Kelvin’s fate by killing Mark, Jordan had stepped in against all odds to save a friend.

◙ ◙ ◙

When Jordan exuded in frustration in his dad’s car at the Humanities Car Park five days earlier, a sudden thought had struck his mind like a lightning bolt.

It was like a breath of life, a flash of bright inspiration.


He remembered his dad bore the nickname ‘Mobile Hospital.’ And it wasn’t for fun people had always called him by that name.

Professor Samuel always had his surgical suture kit in his cars, with which he’d saved many accident victims.

He was his son’s role model and the major reason Jordan had gone to study medicine.

Jordan had trained himself in appendectomy, the minor procedure to remove the appendix.

Jordan Samuel got down from the car and opened the boot and searched it.

And there it was before him, the medical box with the complete suture kit.

A surgical enthusiast, he knew what he was to do from here.

It was an extreme emergency; nothing else mattered to Jordan at the moment. Not even the issue of a medical license.

Jordan picked up the box up, secured the car and dashed towards the Department of English and Literature.

When Kelvin saw Jordan running towards him with a medical box, he couldn’t help but burst out in a painful laughter.

‘Now are you here to die with me?’ he queried. ‘Do you feel like paying for the betrayal, or something?’

Jordan didn’t have the time to explain anything. He looked at the time on his wristwatch.

It was 11:45 AM.

It was just fifteen minutes left for him to open up Kelvin, throw down the bomb and stitch him right back.

There was really no time to waste.

Jordan drew close to Kelvin, yanked off the camera on his shirt, crushed it with his foot and threw it the ruins out through the doorway.

With that, he wore on a surgical face mask and put on a pair of surgical gloves. And then, he anesthetised Kelvin with an injection.

Kelvin felt drowsy and dizzy within in three or four seconds. And with the last bit of consciousness he had left, he muttered in a soft, weak voice.

‘Thank you!’

Jordan didn’t say a word in reply.

Kelvin’s eyelids soon closed up as he fell into a deep slumber.

Jordan lifted him up to a long desk in the lobby, which he’d just cleaned up; brought out the surgical kit from the box and neatly laid out the scalpel, forceps and scissors.

He soaked the tools in a saline solution to sterilise them in a moment.

He went ahead to remove the stitch below Kelvin’s abdomen with the aid of the forceps and scissors.

He opened him up a little more with a scalpel to give space to allow him remove the explosive device with ease, and without hurting his abdominal organs.

He carefully removed the bomb, put it down with care and quickly stitched Kelvin up anew, using the forceps and scissors he’d previously sanitised.

With Kelvin fully stitched in a hurry, Jordan carried him in his hands like a mother would bear her sickly child.

He hurried away from the department building where he left the bomb and carried Kelvin into his car, laying him in the backseat.

Jordan zoomed off towards the teaching hospital where Kelvin could be given an emergency proper treatment alongside a dosage of antibiotics.

While Jordan had the Department of English behind his racing car, it was suddenly the dot of twelve.

And Jordan heard a maddening boom that sent an icy chill down the length of his spine.

Kelvin could have died this very moment. Alongside with him.

But that did not happen.

◙ ◙ ◙

The soldiers placed at the entrance of Kelvin’s hospital room had come to recognise the faces of Kelvin’s caregivers.

Taiwo and Kehinde, Kelvin’s twin sisters; alongside his mother. Kelvin’s few friends were also around him.

Taiwo and Kehinde had come to acknowledge Yemi as their brother’s love interest.

A tear appeared in the corner of Mrs Babalola’s eyes as she watched his son’s body lay still.

There was silence in the hospital room; seldom interrupted by worry laden sighs.

Caleb offered to leave first with Tolu. He was saying his goodbye for the day when Taiwo gave a sudden start.

Taiwo was the quieter of Kelvin’s twin sisters. ‘Kelvin! Kelvin!’ she gasped out aloud.

Kelvin had slowly parted his eyes open and it was Taiwo who first saw Kelvin come awake.

Caleb glanced back and saw Kelvin look with dizzy eyes.

Mrs Babalola sprang up and searched Kelvin’s eyes. ‘Ah! Thank God!’ she breathed. ‘Can you see me, Kelvin?’ she queried in a whisper.

Kelvin’s eyelids signalled a yes as he gave a slow blink.

Jordan pressed a button by the bedside to call on the doctor in charge. And it was his dad, Professor Samuel.

Being a high profile case, Professor Samuel had taken up the case himself.

It was at first with a motive to cover up for his son Jordan, who performed a rash surgical procedure outside a hospital walls.

But as the professor of medicine got to learn about the whole story along the line, his motive changed to saving Kelvin’s life by all means.

But then, the professor had little to worry about because the surgical operation Jordan performed was near perfect; and no complications had resulted from the minor procedure.

Professor Samuel soon came in, accompanied by the team of resident doctors.

He parted open Kelvin’s eyelids with a hand and pointed a narrow flashlight into his pupils. He further checked on the Cardiac Monitor Machine and examined the waveforms.

He asked Kelvin to follow the movement of his hand with his eyes.

When Kelvin was able to do that successfully, he exerted a small pressure on Kelvin’s leg with a thumb and index finger.

He asked Kelvin if he felt him, and Kelvin affirmed he felt his hand.

Professor Samuel turned to Mrs Babalola. ‘The boy’s relatively okay; he’ll be discharged soon enough.’

Happiness took of over the atmosphere of the private room in that instance.  Mrs Babalola couldn’t stop the tears of happiness that trickled down her cheeks.

Yemi was delighted, too.

The doctors left and everyone drew closer to Kelvin.

Mrs Babalola. Taiwo. Kehinde. Yemi. Caleb. Tolu. And Jordan.

Kelvin gleamed with a weak smile.

‘I’ve seen God! I have seen God!’ he breathed.

He looked towards Caleb and repeated the words. ‘Caleb, I have seen God!’

Caleb understood what his friend meant.

Caleb remembered when he himself had a major divine encounter.

It was when God healed him of a malignant jaundice that could’ve taken his little, blooming life.

He knew it was more than a healing for him then. It had been a life changing encounter with God Himself. It was better experienced than described.

Caleb moved a little closer to Kelvin, touched his hand and smiled. ‘Congratulations, friend. Congratulations!’

Kelvin smiled back.

When Kelvin sighted Yemi, he reached out for her hand. ‘Yemi, I’m so sorry for everything,’ he said.

Yemi nodded with a lovely smile.

Kelvin knew his heartthrob had forgiven him; and so, he went on.

‘Yemi, I really love you. I have always loved you.’ He swallowed.

‘Please,’ he went on, ‘let’s get married as soon as we’re done with schooling. Will you marry me, please?’

Yemi was dumbfounded. She wasn’t expecting this from Kelvin at all. It was a sudden refreshing breeze for her and she felt so shy she couldn’t say a yes here.

Caleb interposed. ‘Oh no… we won’t take this from you, Kelvin.’

‘You confessed your feelings to her ignoring our presence as if we’re not here and we didn’t complain.

‘And now you’re going ahead to propose marriage to her before your mum. Who does that by the way?’

Caleb finished his words gesticulating broadly.

Everyone burst into laughter.

Kehinde interrupted. ‘Don’t worry; we closed our eyes and ears. We didn’t hear or see a thing—did we, mum?’

Mrs Babalola chuckled, while everyone laughed at what the extrovert twin was so quick to interpose.

Kelvin spoke up. ‘I’m sorry, mum. I’d thought I was going to die; and when I woke up again, I thought I should quickly fix everything I didn’t do right, so I won’t live with regret anymore.’

Mrs Bablola nodded and patted Kelvin.

‘It’s okay, my son,’ she said softly. ‘Yemi is a very good girl. She deserves the love. I’d even be upset if you didn’t talk to her when you woke up. It’s okay, Kelvin.’

She held Kelvin’s hand tightly for a moment. ‘And thank you, my son, for the house. Your lecturer Professor Oni as well as Caleb told me about it.’

Kelvin’s rejoinder was instant. ‘Oh, no! I wanted to say that too, but…’

Caleb didn’t let him finish up. ‘Of course, we can all see it by the beautiful proposal you put out first, that you were planning to talk to mum, in fact!’

Everyone laughed and Caleb went on in a bit.

‘Well, we decided to save you the headache by being the harbinger of good news. I told mum few days ago, and Professor Oni has taken her to the house yesterday.’

Kelvin smiled. ‘Thank you so much, Caleb. Thank you.’

Kelvin was grateful for the people around him. The friends and family that mattered a great deal.

Kelvin looked into Yemi’s eyes, held her hands and squeezed it warmly.

The iceberg had melted, the clouds of fog lifted. With a new life in a new ship, a fresh voyage had only begun.

A voyage across oceans of love to worlds unknown.


◙ ◙ ◙

Return, O holy Dove, return!

Sweet messenger of rest!

I hate the sins that made Thee mourn

And drove Thee from my breast.


The dearest idol I have known,

Whate’er that idol be,

Help me to tear it from Thy throne

And worship only Thee.


—William Cowper (1731 – 1800)

◙ ◙ ◙

Thank you for following through the journey and experience of the novel If I was a Dragongod.

I believe it was really worth the while for you. And if that is so, please share with a friend; and then, another…  and yet another!

Till we’re all inspired by the Great God through Great Stories!

Until Next Time, Let’s Go Make God Really Proud of Us!


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