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I NEED to decide right now,’ Mia breathed.

She leaned against the wall just by her bed and had her arms folded across her chest.

Well, it had been about a week since Mia’s mother last visited with loads of wearying concerns.

Mrs Krae always made frequent visits to her daughter in the city and the fragments of her last visit still disturbed the younger woman’s mind.

Mia had recently immersed herself in a pool of work and fun activities. To help distract her from the worrisome thoughts her mother’s visits left behind.

The ever so vibrant girl had ensured there was no idle moment in her twenty-four hours.

It was about eight thirty in the evening and Mia had just returned from work.

And she only took a little time to freshen up before the worries came back knocking at her door.

Mia shut down her laptop. She’d just watched a film only a quarter way. She’d wanted to simply ease up the emotional stress from work and from life altogether.

But then, Mia only felt more bored after all.

Along with the aching sour in her heart incurred from her mother’s callous punches, Mia also suffered from envy and backlash from her colleagues at work.

The struggle for emotional healing soon turned a struggle for survival for the dark, pretty young girl of twenty-five.

The intelligent, ambitious Mia only attracted the attention of negative people when she got a few coveted awards over a couple of years.

And with her recent promotion to a senior position ahead of her colleagues who seemed older than her, Mia had only got loads of envy and hate to deal with.

She wouldn’t want those ill-wishers to mock her lapses, no. And so the cute girl was trying too hard to hold on to the high ropes in her workplace.

Mia put her laptop aside and sprang up from the bed. She knew she must do something grave to save herself. If she wasn’t going to slid into depression.

She leaned against the wall, folding her arms across her chest.

She breathed. ‘I need to decide right now.’


Except for the voice of his heartthrob, every little sound was usually a noisy chatter for Teo. Every time he wanted to come up with a new design.

The twenty-seven-year-old architect would usually invite his lover to his studio when there was a new project.

Photo Credit: Joshua Ness, Unsplash

Seeing his young beautiful perched on a tall stool beside him was everything Teo needed to spark up inspirations when he drew complex designs.

Foye was the outspoken one and she would talk on a free flowing spree.

Teo would always listen without replying while he worked on his drawings; and Foye was just okay with that.

Foye was also the bright and intelligent type. But then, her wide, happy smile always seemed to mask her intelligent look.

But when the twenty-six-year-old talked, her smartness couldn’t but sieve through.

Teo’s beautiful, light skinned sweetheart had unintentionally inspired him to come up with creative, out-of-the-norm structural designs.

The first time the lovebirds met about a year earlier, Teo was on a trip back from an appointment with a client in Yemija District.

Teo was driving out of Yemija onto the highway that connected Yemija with Kakakhi City.

He saw the woman’s car had broken down and she was left stranded, waving down other cars whose speeding drivers barely looked her way.

Teo appeared as the knight in shining armour for the beautiful damsel, when he pulled over to her side with a long, loud screech.

Foye dropped her gaze as the young handsome man stepped out a foot on the tarred street.

Next, she heard the stranger’s first words roll out in a cool, deep, husky voice.

‘Hello, are you all right?’

Foye’s gratefulness couldn’t be contained when Teo gave her a lift to the nearest mechanic’s garage. The young woman chattered all through the drive.

Foye talked about her ordeals with the broken car and how grateful she was to Teo. And Teo’s silence and cool composure had signalled both comfort and safety to the charismatic woman.

Foye had thought Teo was merely being a gentleman, giving her space to feel comfortable and express herself.

But she didn’t know silence was the gentleman’s everyday habit.

The young architect drove by a line of magnificent buildings at the site of a proposed private University. He slowed down a little to feed his eyes with the structural elegance.

Foye observed him as they drove by.

She chuckled softly. ‘There’s nothing really special about the structures. It’s all about the box shapes. As if there are no other shapes in the world!’

Teo couldn’t keep quiet now. It was a spark of interest for him.

He sat up and clenched the stirring wheel in his hands. ‘If structures were to be with just any shape,’ he began, ‘there won’t be angular and structural balance, you know!’

He glanced at her for a brief moment. ‘The box shape you’re talk about gives equal distributions of a ninety degree to every angle. And that in turn balances the structure.’

Teo looked ahead of him, smiling.

Foye had something to counter Teo with, already. ‘People are made to stand on their feet; but when an athlete stands on his hand we applaud them. That’s expertise, you know.’

Teo glanced at Foye a second or two. ‘Who is this young woman?’ he wondered.

He tightened his grip on the wheel and stepped on the accelerator. The car jumped forward with a jerk.

And he chuckled when a line of a counter-argument struck his mind all of a sudden.

‘For how long’, he said, ‘can athletes stand inverted? Every structure needs stability and durability.’  He looked in Foye’s beautiful eyes and turned up his lips in a smile.

But Foye had something to say still. She turned to him.

‘You see,’ she began, ‘the math we need to simply survive in the world is simple arithmetic.

‘But you know, we moved on to factorization, geometry, quadratic equations and then all those applied and industrial mathematics… Are you listening?’

Teo glanced at her with a genial smile, nodded and hummed a yes.

Foye went on. ‘And now, what d’ we have?  Humans can fly in the clouds or watch the earth from space. We grew—and architects needs to grow too!’

Teo stole a long look at her, with a sweet smile brightening his face.

Foye went on. ‘Boxes are not the only shapes in the world. After all, many rocks are not necessarily flat at their bases and yet they’re stable when they stand on one another.

‘Designs should grow into nature. Those structures look psychologically too artificial for comfort.’

Teo pulled over at once with a deft, quick turn; the sleek blue SUV whizzing to a sudden stop.

He yanked Foye’s phone off her hands and punched in his mobile number. And then, he beeped his number on Foye’s phone to have her number, too.

Foye stared all along, looking lost already.

Teo slid the phone back into her hand. His lips parted in a little charming smile. ‘That is my number. Teo’s the name. Please save it.’

Foye glared at him for a second; absolutely lost for words.

Teo whispered. ‘And what should I save your number with.’

The reply rolled out of Foye’s lips in a soft, lovely voice.

‘Foye. Foye’s my name.’


Mia looked around her. Her eyes met with a slim notepad lying idly on the desk.

She picked up the note where she always scribbled her raw plans. She turned to a fresh page, picked up a pen from the pen box, and drew up a table of two columns.

Above the left column, Mia put down the words ‘To Resign’; and above the right, she penned ‘To Not Resign’.

The fact that the ever so positive girl was considering resigning at her workplace because of the moment’s stress already signalled she wasn’t getting things in the proper perspective.

The recent emotional burdens were taking a toll on her and she knew she clearly wasn’t getting it right.

Yet she didn’t want to act on impulse and regret her actions later when the storms would’ve possibly calmed.

Mia had raced herself all through younger years just to impress her mother.

Now, having to embark on another race to pacify envious colleagues at workplace was more tiring for her.

She was tired of the race. Tired of chasing and being chased.

She really loved to take a rest now.

But then, she thought of what she’d do if she resigned. She would certainly become the carcass for the vulture in her mother to feed on.

The only way out to evade her mother’s cold, insensitive grip was her work here in Kakakhi city.

She wouldn’t want to move back home to live with the ever nagging Mrs Krae.

That’d be a place in the flaming stove; a dozen times worse than the heated pan, she said to herself.

Mia tore out the page in her notepad, squeezed it into a rumpled mound and hurled it into the waste bin.

She muttered. ‘Brace up, Mia. You’ve survived living with a lion. Mere dogs can only bark.’

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