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PRESIDENT Jacobs took his first vacation since he resumed office only a few months earlier.

And it’d become the popular talk in the entire nation’s media already.

Jimi had gone on a three-week vacation outside the country and the destination wasn’t made known to the public.

While the Vice President acted in the president’s position, all that the Presidency could announce to all was that the vacation was only expedient for Mr Jacobs to get things right in his administration.

The entire small nation in Southern Africa was already up with forceful demands on the details of the president’s trip abroad.

While the media pressed for urgent answers, the Senate was itself rather clueless on the president’s unexpected move.

But the Senate wasn’t the last to be thrown in the dark. The president’s wife herself knew only next to nothing about her husband’s vacation trip.

Demi Jacobs was quick to note that this was the first vacation trip ever her good natured husband would embark on without her.

And the newsmen. Yes, the newsmen would be rather too quick to insinuate an irredeemable crack in the marriage of the most adorable power couple in Kimberland.

If they learnt that Jimi Jacobs wasn’t on the vacation trip with his first lady.

Demi never even knew the exact details of her husband’s impromptu trip abroad.

But one thing came up clear to her. Her husband went only with Dr Oye.

The president knew his darling wife’s stand on Dr Oye.

Demi was an anti-fan of the outgoing Minister of Economy and Finance. And Dr Oye himself could clearly judge that the first lady was against him.

Demi wouldn’t just understand how much importance Jimi’s projects were that he’d chosen to still work with the scheming old man.

She wouldn’t want her husband to fail like some other past presidents after all.

Dr Oye had served as economy and finance minister for twenty years already.

Every new president of Kimberland had vouched to purged the system of the old wine and completely eradicate corruption from the presidential cabinet.

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt, Unsplash

Oye had remained a huge, unmovable stone in the finance and economic minister seat serving through five presidential terms. And despite changing political parties.

Among the expectations and hopes pinned on Mr Jacobs by citizens was the complete disposal of the old wine.

Jimi Jacobs being a good Christian and a man of integrity was elected for a change.

Kimberians were tired of recycling corruption in the nation’s presidency as well as in the presidents’ cabinets.

And here was the forty-three-year-old Demi Jacobs being the voice of Kimberians with her husband the president.

Within few months of Mr Jacobs’ presidency already, Oye seemed to have become an open sore in the first couple’s relationship.

Jimi would listen to everything from his wife’s lips. But never a single word about Dr Oye.

President J. J. had announced Oye’s retirement the month he resumed office.

He’d announced the fifty-six-year-old man would be retired in six months from then. After Oye had completely handed over his portfolio to the incoming minister.

Kimberians applauded their president for the commendable feat.

But with Jimi’s swaying mind about Dr Oye now, the first lady was afraid the president might not be able to fully keep his promise.

Demi was of the opinion that the president shouldn’t try to build the entire economy in one day. To Jimi, however, it seemed more like a woman’s hesitant opinion.

Demi sat alone in one of the large living rooms in the Rock Castle.

Photo Credit: Cowomen, Unsplash

She’d just turned off the TV as it was flooded with heated debates on the president’s impulsive trip.

Demi had cancelled all her official appearances in public events since her husband left the country.

She couldn’t bear to appear in public to confirm the media’s recent insinuations that the president left without her.

Demi was frustrated at everything. A tear drop appeared on her face.

‘It’s funny I’m not losing him to another woman like I’d always feared,’ she muttered in a rueful voice.

The telephone ranged and she went for the call.

It was the Jacobs’ family mail that’d arrived. The mails to the Rock Castle were usually sorted out by the Chief of Staff.

The forty-three-year-old woman ordered the private mails to be sent to her study. She dropped the phone after receiving the message headed for the study room.

Arriving at the study, Demi checked through the mails.

Most of the letters had been sent from the orphanages and hospitals the first lady had dedicated her love, time and fortune to.

She decided to open all the mails and read the letters to keep herself occupied.

She smiled as she read the letter the little children she cherished so much had written to her.

She couldn’t help but let out her buckled up emotions as she read the handwritten diamonds.

And tears of comfort flowed so freely.

Jimi and Demi couldn’t have a child in their marriage. The well-to-do family of two had hoped for it, prayed for it, consulted therapists and planned in anticipation even.

But it seemed nothing was working for the Jacobs when it came to this. And it had been nineteen years down the line already, with them still waiting.

Demi and Jimi had met on a rainy day at the University of Mountana in the Northern Province of Kimberland.

The two were on their way to the Department of Economics when the showers started to pour all of a sudden.

Demi accommodated Jimi under her umbrella to shelter him from the rain.

She didn’t know he would take shelter in her heart from the moment the showers ceased.

When the two lovebirds married, and waited for their own children that never seemed to come, they eventually adopted two orphanages in Gardon City where they later settled.

And they took care of the kids like their very own.

Since the president’s term began, the couple hadn’t got the time to visit their children at the orphanage.

But the grownups had a tiny grasp of their adopted parents’ responsibility.

The children had been keeping up with handwritten letters since a few months earlier when their adopted father became the president.

The kids’ letters were filled with soothing words. They were like the soothing embrace Demi needed so much.

She held the letters to her chest and cried.

Being the first couple in the country had taken a big toll on Demi and her husband. They barely had a healthy conversation about their family.

Demi feared she was losing her loving husband to the new power summit the family had just mounted.

She couldn’t articulate her fears but she knew Jimi was fast becoming another man, a man she wasn’t familiar with at all.

And she desperately needed to rescue her man.

Just now, the first lady opened another mail that looked somewhat different and was had a different writer’s address.

She glanced at its writer’s name. And her eyes popped out of their sockets at what she saw.

The letter was signed ‘Jimi Jacobs Junior.’

Demi was dazed, terrified and speechless. An icy chill ran down her slender spine all of a sudden.

What could be happening? What on earth could be happening?

The first lady tried to calm her nerves and muster up all courage to read the letter.

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