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MRS Demi Jacobs read the rather strange letter where she sat in the Presidential study; her hands shuddering with a slight tremour.

The letter was addressed to her husband, Jimi Jacobs. The President of Kimberland.

She followed the words of the handwritten letter with curious, fast rolling eyes. And she read them in her mind, with her silent lips only quivering all the way through.

Dear Dad,

I thought for many years on the first word to say to you when I eventually find you. I still do not know what words to say. So, I will make it simple.

I will introduce myself first of all; so you do not think this letter is sent to the wrong person.

My name is Jimi Jacobs. I am the son of Ninna Robinson, your first love. This is not what I like to do; but because it has been a very long time and you probably may not remember mum, I will do a little introduction of her.

Ninna was the only girl you dated from your second year in high school and through your final year, sir. I am the fruit of your relationship.

Mum is still very much alive. She never said anything ill about you to me through the years she raised me. She also told me you do not know of my existence and that I shouldn’t bother you.

And of course, I can assure you she doesn’t like you anymore, sir. And she doesn’t hate you either. She just respects you from afar.

However, I have wondered many times what it would be like having a father like every other kid when I was little. But mum told me I could be strong without a father; and that I have been.

At first I missed having a father; but later I wanted to boast of my success to my dad. Well, now I am sure I’ve well gotten over the father thing already.

But then, some weeks ago I started thinking from your perspective. You don’t even know I exist. I thought it would not be fair at all if by the end of the day you don’t even know you have a son somewhere.

Finally, as I wrote earlier that I have already gotten over the father thing, this might invariably be my first and last letter to you. I would not like to disrupt your peaceful home with my existence. But then, sir, if you like to write back, you are most welcome.

Thank you, sir.

Yours sincerely,

Jimi Jacobs Jnr.

Demi’s jaw dropped and she gasped in utter shock.

The letter fell off her hands. And she couldn’t believe her eyes with what she’d read. It was a nightmare in broad daylight.

It wasn’t a kind of thing anyone expects or prepares herself for. It was an out-of-the-blues shocker to her.

Demi picked up the letter again, straightened it out with both hands, and stared at the writer’s name. It was a mixed feeling for the first lady.

And she was totally at loss on what to do.

Should Demi tell her good husband who’d naturally like to know about his grownup son? Or should she discard the letter before he’d return from his vacation trip abroad.

Should she be happy for her husband who fancied the idea of having a child far more than she even did?

Or should she resent him for having a girlfriend in high school? Or, for fathering a child he himself didn’t know about?

Demi wondered what exactly she would claim she was resenting her husband for? The forty-three-year-old first lady was at an absolutely puzzling crossroads already.

She just burst into tears.


Jimi paced anxiously in his suite in the Hilton Hotels, London.

It had been eight days since he’d arrived with Dr Ojo. And the organisation both men had come to meet had been stalling an appointment with them since.

Both men had been booked an appointment before they left Kimberland.

But then, on arriving UK, their appointment had been delayed until a day the organization itself would invite them by a phone call in a matter of days.

A day or two had slowly rolled into eight days of waiting; with Dr Oye repeatedly going aside to give the organisation calls.

Jimi couldn’t take the long wait they’d been subjected to anymore. He was beginning to be very impatient and desperate to hear they’d been invited over.

He halted his pace and turned around to Oye. Oye was seated in a couch, leafing through a stack of paper documents.

Jimi called. ‘Can you put a call to Utopia again.

‘I understand we called them about an hour ago and they said they’d let us know when they’re ready for us. Can you at least tell them we’re still waiting, uh?’

Oye curtseyed with a slight bow. ‘All right, sir.’

Jimi was a little surprised the older man didn’t argue out his rash instruction.

Oye took his phone and turned out into the balcony; wearing a half smile as he turned his back.

But then, what Jimi was being corned into only started at the talk he had with Oye a few weeks earlier.

Behind closed doors.


After Professor Ojo had excused President Jacobs and Dr Oye a few weeks earlier, Jimi was eager to hear the economic solution Oye was ready to proffer.

He was seating at the edge of his seat. ‘So tell me, Dr Oye; what do you have in mind?’

Oye began in a low, calm voice.

‘Thank you, my President. I’ve gone through the plans and intended projects again; and as a good citizen, I’ll like you to have a fulfilling tenure. That’s the only purpose of going this far.

‘But then, I want to be sure this conversation isn’t official and that no part of this talk will be divulged to a third party, sir.’

Jimi could no longer bear the wait. He gave a quick response. ‘Don’t worry. This is only going to be between us.’

The forty-six-year-old president looked on with interest, as the older man resumed speaking.

Oye sat up. ‘There’s a financial and economic world organisation called The Utopia. It’s a cross-continental and multi-national body with headquarters in the UK.

‘Utopia gives financial aid and economic empowerment to political regimes and administrations through political leaders.

‘They can loan us whatever amount we need to run your administration. And their loan is without interest.’

Jimi adjusted in his seat. ‘Without interest! That’s amazing!’ he gasped.

Oye gave a slight smile. ‘Yes, my President.’ He went on. ‘They are a good Samaritan organisation and lends their support to nations.

‘The only requirement you need to win their favour is secrecy. That’s the main reason I spoke against your transparency idea.’

Jimi sat back in his seat. He let out a breath of concern and then spoke in a moment. ‘Well, if they’re so good, why do they keep their transaction stuff a secret then?’

Oye looked on for a while, and then his face brightened up with a sudden idea.

‘My President sir, I once questioned that too when I first came across them. And then, I later got their wonderful answer.

‘“It’s out of humility and goodness,” they explained. “What citizens would love to know that the blooming economy they experience is due to a big debt?” they asked me.

‘They said, “The Utopia solely works for world leaders whose dreams of an economic and political utopia could have been handicapped by drought of funds.”’

Jimi reclined fully back in his seat. He breathed. ‘Hmm, I see!’

The older man was eager to ensure the president didn’t later back out after already learning about the plan. He wanted the president’s desperation fiercer.

Oye decided to blur the ray of hope he’d given Jimi a little.

He cleared his throat lightly. ‘Erm, that reminds me, sir—I forgot to tell you of a little complication that we may probably encounter.’

He paused for a bit as Jimi raised an eyebrow; looking askance.

Oye went on. ‘Utopia examines and chooses the nation’s leaders they invest in. We don’t get to get the huge no-interest loan from them just because we want to.’


Jimi was trying to think and at the same time talk to the man before him.

He thought for a while and then questioned Oye. ‘What are the criteria we must meet up with, then? What do we have to do to court their favour?’

Oye was ready with the answer. ‘I’ll take it upon myself to establish contact with them’, he said, ‘and ensure to the very end that we are chosen sir. Don’t worry, sir.’

He quickly added, ‘Erm sir, should I begin establishing contact with Utopia immediately; or should I wait for you to finish with things you have in your hands at the moment?’

Jimi’s reply was pretty instant. ‘No, let’s start immediately, Dr Oye. We don’t have any other option and Utopia seems to be the only route we can take to financial paradise.

‘Besides, you said we have to win their favour. Let’s start immediately. And update me on how things go.’

Dr Oye let out a quiet breath. ‘All right, my President; I will.’

The secret talk had gone absolutely well for Oye.

Now, he could call Utopia to fix them with an appointment at their headquarters in the United Kingdom.


Dr Oye was the one who advised Utopia to delay the appointment. Since eight days he’d arrived UK with President Jacobs.

Utopia, too, had cooperated with Oye to corner the President of Kimberland into a point of desperation.

But then, Oye’s goal was beyond here. He simply wanted to be the most powerful man in Kimberland.

He’d served a number of presidents. And now, he thought it was high time a president—no, Kimberland itself—served him.

He simply wanted to stir the hands that stirred the wheel of the whole nation. And he wouldn’t ever stop.

Not until he got to drive Kimberland like a huge iron horse.

Yes, Oye was bent on making the good president desperate enough to the point he’d never question the trickery of what he would be offered.

And now, it seemed the old man had successfully cornered the people’s President J. J. into the only thing needed to win Utopia’s sly favour.

Simply… Desperation.

For the monster Utopia fed off human’s desperation in their ambitions.

Human’s insatiable lust for fame. For riches. For power.

And with people’s unquenchable desperations, the devilish Utopia continued to enlarge its monstrous worldwide empire.

Utopia counted on several agents on its pyramidal hierarchical structure to get the desperate ones subject their dreams under her.

And without the victims knowing they had walked their dreams right into Hades.

Thanks to Utopia’s clever demons the likes of Oye. Agents of Hades too dangerous to ever attempt a reasonable negotiation with.

Oye had excused himself into the balcony in the hotel suite. He sent a text to Utopia to call off the delay when he’d be calling back in a moment.

He waited for a bit and then called.

He went back to the president and notified him an appointment was eventually fixed for about an hours’ time.

And Jimi heaved a sigh of relief.

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