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IT was a chilly Thursday morning. Teo had buried himself in his work since a few days.

The young man had made a home of his little studio. He wouldn’t go home to rest or really freshen up. And he’d only kept his body together with ordered fast food.

All the sacrifices the ambitious architect was making was towards designing an impressive plan for Kakakhi’s artificial nature’s park.

He’d worked all night in his studio. And just about an hour earlier, he’d lay himself down to sleep on the couch in the office space.

Teo’s cell phone buzzed within his jean trouser pocket. He dipped his hands into his pocket where he laid.

The young man took out his phone and brought it close to his face, parting his eyes a little open.

He yawned broadly as he peered at the unfamiliar number.

Teo didn’t bother raising himself up. He brushed his eyes with the back of his hands as he picked up the call.

The voice that spoke from the other side was a slender female one. ‘Hello, good afternoon. Am I on to Forewalls Architectural Company?’

Teo managed to pull out a grunt. ‘Yes you are.’

The caller went on.

‘Well, I’m Mia; and I am calling from VCN. We’ll like to have an interview with you as one of the contesting bidders for Kakakhi’s artificial nature’s park.’

Mia was assigned to conduct an interview with every architectural firm that’d indicated interest in participating in the design bid and contest.

She was also assigned a cameraman to join in her team of two on the interview project.

The first thing the young successful reporter did was to visit the office of the Mayor of Kakakhi. There she proposed VCN’s intention to cover the bidding contest.

She stated the media’s objective as providing adequate information to the public; and so, ensuring a holistic participation and feedback.

Her proposal was well received by the mayor and he assured VCN of his office’s cooperation with the media coverage.

Mia was given a list of the architectural firms participating in the bid.

Teo glared at the wall clock at that instant. ‘Do you know what time it is, Ms Mia? It’s just 8 o’ clock. My firm resumes work by nine…’

He paused to swallow, and then finished his words with a cutting tone. ‘So, thank you and bye!’

Teo dropped the call and turned off his phone. He was desperate for a nap. He couldn’t believe someone would call him by that time.

Teo wasn’t an early bird. When he wasn’t busy with work, the earliest the young man went to bed was midnight.

And every minute before nine o’clock in the morning was rather too early to discuss work for the young man.

Now, having to work sleeplessly through the night had made the young architect slid into an edgy mood.

And innocent Mia had just borne the brunt of Teo’s mood.

Mia was shocked, where she sat in her workplace. She’d made calls to other architectural firm only a few days before.


And she’d just even called to remind them of the interview and to book an appointment with the directors of those firms.

Teo’s firm was the last on Mia’s list. The young woman couldn’t understand how someone could be so rude and brash with words.

She sat back, folded her arms across her chest and wondered with amazement. And then, she clapped her hands a few times and laughed at the drama.

‘Imagine this jerk of a man telling me eight o’clock is too early ’cause his company resumes work by nine? Seriously!

‘Why did the pompous fool pick up my call then?!’

She followed her words with a hiss.

Mia had planned to start the interview with Teo’s architectural firm first. It was the closest to her workplace anyway.

But now she’d have to alter her plans.


It was well past two in the afternoon. Mia was just taking lunch with her cameraman, after already making recording appointments with three of the firms on her list.

The two media persons found a nearby restaurant and ordered themselves a meal.

Mia went through her list; holding the paper in her left hand and helping herself with her snacks in her right.

The agile reporter picked out her pen and circled out the three firms they’d made interviews with already. She went on to tick off the ones she would be interviewing the following day.

She beckoned at the cameraman to hand her the camera; and she took a second look at the footages.

She felt satisfied with the takes.

Mia asked her two-man team to call it off for the day. As people weren’t usually in their best performance in the sun heat that formed a character of tropical afternoons.

But then, Mia remembered that rude guy of eight o’clock. She wanted to visit his firm before she called off the day’s work.

She wouldn’t want him to delay her at all; and so, she’d got to get through this time around to fix a recording appointment.

Mia and her cameraman would drop by at Teo’s company on their way back to their workplace.

The two-man team boarded a BRT bus through the busy beltway of Kakakhi City.

They eventually arrived at the Galaxies Tower. A dazzling skyscraper accommodating hundreds of city offices.

Mia and her cameraman came off the last BRT at the Galaxies Bus Stop. And they walked down into the huge, tall structure.

Mia brought out her notepad and checked through to see where she entered the exact office number.

She sighted it and it was just the third floor they were headed.

Mia and her cameraman took the lift to the third floor. They came off the lift and headed towards Room 3-45.

Occupied by Teo’s firm. The Forewalls Architectural Company.

Contrary to Mia’s assumption that everyone in the company would be rude, Tim gave the two journalists a warm welcome; offering them a seat.

Mia explained the purpose of the visit.

Tim knew the kind of man his boss was. Teo hardly talked to his staff and had scarcely even got as much open about his work as the interview would require him to.

Tim knew it’d be pretty difficult to have an interview with his boss about the bidding contest. But then, the young technologist offered to pass the information across to him.

After a few minutes Tim had gone in to meet Teo in his office, he returned with a long face.

Mia knew it was no good news the young dude brought with him.

Tim spoke. ‘As much as the Director wants to have the interview with you, he still likes to take a few days to think about it – due to some official reasons…

‘Well, we’ll let you know what he eventually decides.’

Mia could see that the young dude was only being polite. She was now sure the rude man she spoke to on the phone earlier that day was the boss.

Mia decided to drop her complimentary card.

She also left with them a copy of the letter of permit she got from the mayor’s office. The permit simply endorsed her media company’s coverage of the bidding contest.

The mayor had stated in the permit that the participating firms should cooperate with VCN so as to ensure a transparent and well reported contest.

But then, Teo had been reluctant outright.

It was now on Tim to convince his boss to step his leg into the public stream.

Tim knew convincing the quiet and yet stubborn man would be as difficult as taming a lion.

But he’d got to do that taming anyway.

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