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PRESIDENT Jimi Jacobs, along with Oye, arrived back in Kimberland at midnight.

But then, since about one and half weeks Demi Jacobs had come across the letter from the president’s unknown son, there’d been a storm of questions raging in the first lady’s mind.

And only her husband could calm those anxious curiosities. And with valid answers worth a million dollars.

The moment Demi sighted her husband as he was being welcomed here at the Rock Castle, she wished she could run to him and pour out her questions into his ears.

There in the distance, Jimi was striding towards their official home in the company of an entourage. And he seemed to wear a weary half smile as he talked with the Vice President.

Demi watched from her glass window from within the presidential residence.

She wished Jimi knew what he’d caused already. She clenched her hands into a fist and bit down her lower lip.

The first lady had done enough waiting. Now she would talk to her husband at the earliest opportunity to.

Demi went down to officially receive the president at a large meet room, populated already by state house aides and secretaries.

She soon retired back into their living room to wait for him. She took off her dress and got into her nightgown; finally getting herself ready for bed.

It was after about another forty long minutes the president got into their living room. And he appeared quite exhausted already.

But Demi herself was exhausted from the hurting one and a half weeks’ silent waiting.

She wanted to talk to her husband just right then. But before she could utter something, Jimi beat her to it.

‘I know you have a lot to talk to me about,’ he said, taking off his coat and loosening his tie.

He went on in a second. ‘I’ve missed you too; but Demi, can I, at least, have some sleep before I catch up on everything? I’m very tired, you know.’

He turned into the bedroom, took off his shoes and clothes, took on a towel and turned into the bathroom for a cold shower.

Demi went into the bedroom and lay on the bed; her face towards the wall.

She would have to wait until daylight to ask Jimi what she wanted to know.

Jimi came into the bedroom and put on his pyjamas. He laid on the bed, facing the opposite wall.

And just before Jimi turned off the lights at the bedside switch, he glared at the wall clock.

It was about half past one already. He would be up at most by five thirty in the morning. He heaved a heavy sigh.

Demi swallowed hard in her dry throat; her eyes open all along.


Jimi closed his eyes in the dark. But before he eventually drifted to sleep, the event where he signed the contract with Utopia popped up in his mind.

In pictures as clear as crystal.


The day Jimi and Oye eventually met with the Chairman and CEO of The Utopia in London, the Kimberland President’s desperate search for an economic prosperity came to an end with a single contract.

The two men met with the man controlling the big vast Utopia.

Devlyn McCarthy.

Devlyn was a small man behind his executive desk. But the authority in his voice was itself intimidating.

Let alone the overwhelming feel the vastness of his empire stirred up in anyone who came into its seat of power.

Engraved over his head where he perched in his office were the bold words:


As though brandishing them as a menacing weapon, the man also had his first name interpreted below the Utopia appellation.

The words ran:

Devlyn “Fierce Courage” McCarthy: Chairman & CEO.

The small astute chairman welcomed the two men with a handshake and offered them a seat over his desk.

Devlyn didn’t give much room for the exchange of pleasantries. He simply went straight to business.

‘Gentlemen,’ he said in a bold, clear voice, ‘I’ve gone through your loan request and I can tell you we’re ready to partner with on the development of the country of Kimberland by offering you a good deal.’

Jimi had a gentle smile. ‘Oh, thank you.’

Devlyn went on. ‘Well, our major policy is secrecy, and I assume you know that already?’

Jimi nodded, accompanying the gesture with a ‘Yes, we do.’

The Utopia CEO took a set of printed documents, leafed through them a moment and handed them over to the Kimberland president.

‘Here are the documents,’ he said; ‘do append your signature on them so we could have the transaction right on.’

Jimi requested for some minutes to go through the documents and Devlyn explained he had another appointment in Asia and wouldn’t want to miss his flight.

Jimi decided to go through the documents in little time.

The CEO offered them a seat on the couch across his large executive office space. The men joined Devlyn again on the desk after Jimi had gone through the documents.

But the Kimberland president had a concern. There was a clause in the contract he wanted to clear his doubts on.

Jimi read out the line to the Utopia CEO.

‘If the loan is not repaid at the stipulated time agreed upon in this written contract, The Utopia shall have a legal claim to some 500 km2 expanse of land in the country Kimberland as fine and forfeit for the delay in the repayment of loan to The Utopia.’

President Jimi Jacobs asked Devlyn for a clarification; his look as much quizzical as it was curious.

Devlyn smiled and explained. ‘It’s nothing, President Jacobs.

‘And this is it: If the loan isn’t repaid at the stipulated time, any expanse of land Utopia chooses to use in your country would be taken.

‘The land deal is just there to remind you of the repayment and it serves as the price for a delay in the repayment of the loan.’

Devlyn reclined in his seat and went on in a bit.

‘To further put you at rest, President Jacobs, we crossed out the capital city and those industrial cities listed on the Repayment Section on page D-07.

‘We’ll never be choosing from those listed let come what may. And so, you can put your mind at rest, Mr President.’

The explanation was more than enough to calm the storm in Jimi’s heart. The Kimberland president had resolved in his heart it wouldn’t ever come to losing any part of his country to the lenders.

Jimi leaned back in his seat for a moment and had a second thought. He shut his eyes and heaved a deep sigh, while tussling with the pen between his fingers.

He dropped the pen and folded his arms across his chest. And soon, he decided to trust his wits and take the leap.

He was an economist who knew his onions after all. He knew what and what to do with the loan to be sure to repay before stipulated time.

President Jacobs parted his eyes open. He took up the pen sat up.

And next, he signed the Utopia contract.

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