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PRESIDENT Jacobs was the first to wake later that morning. And he sat limply at the edge of the bed.

He turned himself around and stared at his wife fast asleep beside him; her back turned on her husband.

It was about 6 am. The president had got up late due to the stress of his overnight flight back to Kimberland.

Jimi watched his wife sleep so deep and he could tell she’d been stressed out putting up with the media insinuations and all.

He’d read the news online and had also heard about it from the Rock Castle when he was away.

But he didn’t feel a need to check on Demi with a personal call through his long vacation.

Jimi knew there were apologies and explanations to make to his wife about his sudden trip abroad.

But what the Kimberland president didn’t know was that there were more sensitive things calling for his attention in the home.

Jimi stood up and gently walked over to Demi’s side of the bed. He leaned on the wall facing her and observed her as she breathed softly.

He took note of a dried stream of tear on her face and just learnt his lovely wife had cried herself to sleep.

He must’ve really hurt her one way or the other, he mused.


Jimi remembered their journey together of twenty-something years.

The storms they had braced. The waters they had waded through.

Demi was a fragile woman beneath an iron coat. Only her husband knew her vulnerable self.

And this was her being sad and lonely here when he was just by her side.

Jimi felt so sorry. He felt so sorry he’d hurt her this much.

He gently moved near and crouched down beside her. He didn’t want to disrupt her sleep.

He stared at her lovely sleeping eyes a moment and wondered how those beautiful eyes ever deserved to shed a tear.

His eyes became moist with tears. He reached a hand to touch her face.

And that gentle touch woke the sleeping first lady.


After a long sleepless night, Teo finished the grand design that had taken away his sleep in the past few days.

He was so excited that he dialled Foye as early as 6 am. He keenly wanted his heartthrob to see the new design right now. Just on her way to work.

Foye was a businesswoman. The young lady ran a chain of convenient stores in Kakakhi City.

She was successful in managing her business already. As it had grown from one little store on a street in Kakakhi to a few numbers in the city.

Foye’s goal was to grow until her business was in every major shopping malls across Kimberland.

Foye agreed to stop by at Teo’s office, while heading to her workplace.

In the meanwhile, Tim had already hinted Foye about Teo’s disinterest in participating in the VCN’s interview of the bidders.

He’d also implored the young woman to help persuade Teo to do the interview.

Foye was therefore planning already to meet with her man later today and discuss the issue of the interview. And here was Teo calling to meet already.

Now, beyond persuading Teo, Foye was more eager to see Teo’s new design he was so excited to show her that morning.

The young woman was ready to set out on the road when Teo’s call came in.

As soon as she dropped the call, Foye ignited her car and headed to her man’s office first.


Demi Jacobs came awake at the touch of her husband’s hand on her cheek.

‘Oh I woke you!’ Jimi said softly. ‘I’m sorry.’

Demi gently pulled herself up; her husband offering to help her up and she gently refused him.

‘No; I’m okay,’ she said quietly.

She reclined her back on a pillow laid against the dashboard.

Jimi sat down beside her at the edge of the bed. He whispered. ‘Good morning, my beautiful.’

Demi didn’t reply with a good morning. She only muttered. ‘Did you get some sleep?’

‘A little,’ Jimi said. ‘How about you? Did you sleep well?’

Demi only pulled out a slight grunt from her throat.


The first lady was quiet awhile; musing on whether to ask her husband about his trip first. Or to simply head at the pressing issue in her heart.

Jimi was silent, too. He didn’t want to be ahead of his worried wife. He didn’t want to deny her of the right to ask the many questions in her head.

Demi decided to say the things in her mind just however it flowed out.

‘I want to ask you many questions, Jimi,’ she began in a soft voice. ‘I want to ask about your trip with that man Oye and why you seem so distant nowadays.’

She paused for a second or two and continued. ‘It’s like you’re keeping a secret from me and I wanted to ask what the secret is.

‘But then, something else came up and it became more urgent than every other thing bothering me.

‘I’ve thought about it a million times. It may seem good news for you but it’s mixed feelings I have about it, Jimi.’

Demi paused and adjusted herself. She looked on her husband as he also pinned his gaze on her, listening intently.

‘When you were away,’ Demi went on calmly. ‘I was going through the letters sent to us by our children. And among the letter, I found a letter from your biological son.

‘His name is Jimi Jacobs.’

Demi paused to watch her husband react.

Jimi was absolutely lost. ‘Demi… Son? Biological son? What are you saying? Which son? You know I don’t have a son… you know that!

‘We don’t have any other children apart from the ones at the orphanages. What is it you are saying, Demi?’

Demi reached her hand to the cabinet and opened it with a key. She brought out the letter she had neatly kept in it and handed it over to her husband.

Jimi brushed through the letter in a moment. And then, he calmed himself down to read through again.

He was shocked. He couldn’t believe what he read. He knew this was probably not a joke. Because he remembered Ninna Robinson.

He held the letter in his hand with a weak, limp grip. And he glared at his wife with the lines of his face spelling out utter astonishment.

He stuttered. ‘Er… Demi… I promise I sincerely don’t know about this boy! It’s been a very long time, you know!

‘What I had with Ninna was just a fling. I didn’t get to see her again after we left school. Demi, believe me that…’

Demi interposed quietly. ‘I know you don’t know about him and I know you didn’t do it to hurt me, Jimi. But then, I don’t know why I still feel hurt!’

A tear slowly trickled down her face in the moment. Jimi’s heart shuddered; and he just stared.

Demi went on.

‘When you went away with Oye – someone I severally warned you to be careful of –I thought the state work was already taking you away from me, and felt comfort in the fact that it wasn’t another woman that was getting your exclusive attention.

‘But then, I read this letter and it’s like my world’s crumbling right in front of me. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to handle this.’

Jimi rolled out a tissue from the cabinet and gave his wife.

She went on, as she dabbed her tears with the tissue. ‘I understand the boy isn’t trying to ruin our home. It’s right for him to meet you as much as it’s right for you to know you have a son.’

She paused for a second. ‘But I still hurt!’ she sniffed.

Jimi held her hand in his and gently squeezed it to calm her.

Demi only broke down into tears and Jimi was there to catch her. He laid her head to his chest and hugged her so tight.

‘I’m sorry, dear,’ he muttered softly. ‘I am really sorry.’

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