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THAT cold, hazy morning, Teo leaned against a wall in his studio room.

He gazed at his design projected on the opposite wall in 3D pictures; his gorgeous visage even more lit by an accomplished, gentle smile.

He’d invited Foye to come around, to be the first person that would see the completed work.

And her ever supporting girlfriend had promised to stop by on the way to her stores to see the work.

Teo still remembered the genesis of his innovative design.

And that genesis was simply Foye.

It was the moment Foye wished that nature and structures get to marry someday.

It was the day Foye last visited Teo’s studio.

Following the fruitless work picnic that the young architect went on with his staff members. In order to find creative design ideas.

Photo Credit: Joshua Ness, Unsplash


That day Foye visited, the young lady had picked up the sketches Teo’s staff made to replicate the picnic natural scenery.

She had found among the sketches one picturing Teo sitting on a rock that protuded out from the river.

Foye observed the sun’s reflection on Teo that day.

‘How did you cope with the sun heat?’ she asked him, tapping at the sketch paper. ‘Now I’m no longer regretting I wasn’t at your picnic!’

Teo smiled. ‘I told you it was total work and stress for us!’

But Foye didn’t stop talking. ‘Gosh, even nature won’t save us from itself!’ she blurted.

She called her man’s attention to what she observed.

‘Look, in spite of how beautiful that scenery is, the hot sun or heavy rainfall won’t allow someone to have a nice time with nature here in the tropical region of the world.

‘And despite how comfortable the homes we build are, the fresh breath of nature won’t come into the confines of our four walls!’

She let out a frustrated gasp. ‘Really, I wish structures and nature can marry themselves. Really!’

That was the spark that ignited the flame in Teo’s creative faculty that day. The young man jumped up to his feet at the words her woman’s uttered last.

It was eureka for the young ambitious architect. He found it at last.

‘Yeah,’ he exclaimed with incredible excitement, ‘structures and nature can marry! Thank you! Thank you!’

Teo scribbled down the thoughts that day.

What occurred to him in Foye’s chatter was the possibility of having homely shade and nature’s freshness combined in an outdoor scenery.

He’d finally got what exactly to do with the design towards Kakakhi’s artificial nature’s park.

After Foye left, the young man picked up a pencil, sat down in a couch and made a rough sketch of the idea on his sketch pad.

He re-sketched the picnic scenery – the scenery of the Yemija River. He went ahead to sketched out a house structure in the scenery.

He knew a living residence couldn’t be in the park. That would be like designing a garden for a house, he thought.

He heaved a sigh and tore out the page he’d been drawing on.

He stood up from the couch where he’d been sitting, tore out a clean page from the sketch pad and pinned it down on a drawing board in the small studio space.

The young architect walked back to his seat again and stared at the words he had scribbled down when Foye was around.

Just as soon, he ran back to the drawing board and began drawing out a new sketch.

He started by drawing out one thing at a time from the drawn illustrations of the last picnic.

Teo sketched out the river first, and then replaced the vegetation at the bank of the river with a grass lawn.

He sketched out the sun and then drew a bench at the bank of the river.

Just then, the young man knew he’d met with a wall again. He stood upright and walked around the room space, thinking hard.

His goal was to make a sketch of an artificial nature’s park that offered comfort, shade from the sun and rainfall.

And which at the same time availed visitors of the abundant freshness in nature.

But here in his sketch, there was no shelter to protect visitors that came to enjoy the park’s beauty.

Teo remembered what’d brought up the idea of shelter in the first place. Foye had pointed out that Teo was beaten by the sun while he sat on the rock.

Just then, Teo remembered he was sitting on a rock. He reckoned it was more nature-oriented replacing a sitting bench with rocks.

Teo went back to his drawing board and erased the bench with a pencil eraser. He then sketched out little lumps of rock marking out the landscape in strategic locations.

The young man stood upright and stared at the rocks awhile.

Instantly, a flash of inspiration struck his mind.

‘Mm! I can make the rock both the shelter as well as the bench,’ he mused. ‘I can make caves out of the rocks!’

He paused a second; standing with hands akimbo.

He laughed out loud. ‘A tourist cave of the 21st century man!’

Teo bowed himself over the drawing board again and erased the little rocks.

In their stead, he sketched out huge heaps of cave structures in geometric shapes and with strategic sunlight inlets.

Teo planned that his ‘Tourist Caves of the 21st Century Man’ in Kakakhi’s Artificial Nature’s Park would be constructed with the rammed earth technology.

A 21st century wall construction technology developed entirely from the ancient earth and clay building mechanism.

And that was it for Teo. He sprinted up, clenched his fist and yelled out a loud shout of great discovery.

He found it, yes: eureka.

Now the rest of the intricate structural design was going to be a piece of cake.

For his lovely Foye had inspired something out of him.


Foye was standing right before her ever quiet man; looking dazed.

She’d just arrived at Teo’s office that early morning on his impromptu invite.

Today, Foye was greeted with a different side of Teo that she hadn’t met before.

Teo had welcomed the beautiful young woman with the warmest smile she’d ever seen him give.

The man was so excited about his new design that he went on smiling and talking on a spree. And Foye could only give a gentle smile at his quiet man’s dramatic excitement this time.

The young woman got herself a seat and interposed. ‘Ok-ay, Mr Teo… may I now see the genius design your lordship has come up with?’

Foye thought her question would draw Teo out of the pool of excitement or draw the pool out of him, at least.

But then, to the young woman’s amazement, the question was even the factor that made her man completely overwhelmed and submerged beyond possible rescue.

Teo looked around and found a necktie. He went to Foye and offered to blindfold her.

Foye couldn’t contain her sweet amazement. Something that could make her Teo this restless in excitement had to be really fantastic.

She burst into chuckles of laughter as Teo blindfolded her, held her hands and led her to his partitioned studio space.

Teo stood her woman in front of the screen projection of the 3D structural plan; and then, he lifted off the blindfold.

Foye’s eyes parted open to the sight of the grand design and she gasped out in utter surprise.

‘AH!! This is… This is… Big!!’

Teo leaned on a wall behind his lady, crossed his arms across his chest and smiled gently. He knew how impressed Foye was.

Foye turned around to find him and rushed up to him. ‘Ah, my Teo! You are a genius, darling! You are so genius. I love you!’

She pulled him forward and wrapped her arms around him. ‘This is just so wow! So, so awesome! I love you, my Teo!’


Foye rushed up to the design again and gazed at it with a beautiful smile on her face. She was so impressed by her man and every gesture could tell the obvious.

Teo stepped close to her and wrapped his strong, muscular arms around her from behind.

Foye looked up at him at him and flashed a sweet smile.

She whispered. ‘I heard VCN came to your office to fix an interview for the contest. I heard you didn’t really want to be interviewed.’

She looked ahead and gently rocked herself in his arms. ‘You should take the exclusive, my Teo. I want you to shine. I want you to win.’

Teo stilled her and looked down on her with an askance gaze. ‘Er… who told you about it?’

Foye laid her head in his chest as her man wrapped his arms around her. ‘Does that matter? Just promise me you’ll go through with the media interview.’

Teo chuckled. ‘I think I know who told you. It’s Tim, isn’t it?’

Foye turned around abruptly and held his hands in hers. ‘Forget who told me, my Teo. Just promise me you’ll take the interview. Please!’

Teo parted his lips in a little smile. ‘Okay, I promise.’

Foye warmed up to him. ‘Oh really?!’

The young woman was delighted his man would soon be gracing the screen. The screen of one of the biggest TV stations in the country.

Teo held her shoulders warmly. ‘I will; trust me.’ he whispered.

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