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SUNRISE and sunset every day soon turned several days into a full month.

It was late January 2018 and that long awaited day eventually came for Teo and other architects in Kakakhi City.

It was the day for the bidders’ designs for Kakakhi’s artificial nature’s park to be brought before the eyes of the people.

And the best design was to be decided by a small group of judges via a public contest.

The large Kakakhi City Hall was filled to capacity.

The event could have been a pure professional bid, where the contract would be awarded to the architectural firm with the best quotation.

But then, the mayor was insistent on having the best design for his maiden project in his office. And he knew the best quotation wouldn’t necessarily show the type of design he desired.

It wasn’t just a mere project for the politician. It was a way to inscribe his name in Kakakhi’s book of history.

Teo attended the bidding contest as a participant. His woman Foye and his staff member Tim accompanied him to the event.

Teo’s interview had already been aired on VCN TV channel. He’d also prepared well for today’s contest. He had decided to do his design presentation himself.

The young dreamer mounted the stage, composed himself and went ahead to present his innovative design with a detailed slide show.

When Teo was about to be overwhelmed by a nervous shrill, he stared at his woman sitting somewhere in the audience.

When the young man’s presentation eventually came to an end, the audience got up on its feet and lauded the innovative design with a thundering applause.

But then, a good presentation speech and slideshow seemed not to matter in deciding the winner of the contest.

The look on Architect Pius Benson, Principal Partner of Stone and Mortar Architectural Consult – the look in the man’s face did spell that out in every detail.

The big, fat man was also a participant in the bidding contest.

Stone and Mortar was a well-established company architectural in Kakakhi City.

The company had executed many big projects, not only in Kakakhi, but also in several other cities in Kimberland.

Teo knew since the beginning of the contest that he was up against the big guns in the industry.

When the young dreamer had visited the washroom earlier that morning, he’d overheard a conversation between two participants.

The men talked about Stone and Mortar. They were sure Pius Benson’s company was going to win the bidding contest.

The men stressed the fact that it wasn’t going to be about the innovativeness of the design after all; but all about Architect Benson’s top connections.

Teo knew the rumor was valid.

And with the arrogant smirk in Mr Benson’s face as Teo returned to his seat, only time could tell if the young dreamer’s hopes wouldn’t be submerged in the proud waves of reality.

But today only reminded the young man of that scary day in the University.

It was the day he had arrived at the furthest part of a dead-end road.


It was Teo’s last day of his final exam in the University. And the young boy was sure he would clear his papers in fantastic grades.

Teo was a top student in his class. And he’d always been a hard worker since he was little.

But then, the good boy was caught with a rough paper within his locker during an exam. At about fifteen minutes to the end of the paper.


The rough sheet contained workings that were roughly related to the examination course.

Teo didn’t know how the strange sheet of paper got there.

The boy was pretty sure he checked his locker before the exam commenced and he hadn’t taken notice of that implicating thing.

The handwriting on the piece of paper wasn’t his. But who would believe him in such a case as that?

The penalty for a candidate caught in any act of exam malpractice at the prestigious University of Kakakhi was outright expulsion.

The young dude had no defender to argue his case with the disciplinary committee.

Rumour had quickly spread among the students in Teo’s Department that the high flying final year student was a cheat.

There was absolutely no cleanser that could clean up the boy’s soiled reputation.

Teo’s mother admonished him to talk to God himself. She’d been praying to God for her son since the first day Teo told her about the case.

Now, she’d asked her son to tell it to God himself like a child talks to a father. She asked him to pray to his Heavenly Father to save him in that mess.

Teo had been a Christian all his life; but he hadn’t ever found a reason to look up to God for help.

The boy had always had things his own way and got things he wished for on a platter. He’d always prided in both his good fortune as well as his intelligence to pave ways for him.

The young boy knew he had reached a sky high wall. It was certainly the end of the road. Everything he prided in could only get him this far and never beyond here.

His years of studying for a degree program in architecture was soon to come to a futile end.

He couldn’t imagine leaving the University after years of study and with no record of study.

He needed GOD. He needed His almighty help.

Teo knelt down and talked to the Everlasting Father through His Blessed Son Jesus Christ.

‘Help me, Lord God!’ he cried. ‘Please, help me out, my Saviour!’

Soon enough, a doctorate student in the Department showed up and explained he studied in the examination venue the night before the exam.

He explained he was a lecturer at another college and he had used the working sheet to prepare for the class he’d be taking his students the day following.

He explained he didn’t know he left the paper behind in the locker.

The man showed his lecture notes to the disciplinary committee to confirm the similarity both in the handwriting as well as in the content. He also showed the committee his staff ID card.

The man apologised for the problem he’d caused by his own mistake.

And Teo’s expulsion was lifted soon after.

Teo was absolutely astonished. All the years of his hard work as an undergraduate would have gone down the drain if not for the saving grace of God.

He admitted that the end of his strength was only the beginning of the power of God.

Teo became devoted to God ever since. And from that day the young dude learnt to look up to God for help.


Teo returned to his seat in the midst of other participant of the bidding contest.

Since the day he submitted his tender and design, the young man had been praying and fasting for an outstanding success.

This time again, the ambitious young man was putting his total faith in God’s absolute omnipotence.

Knowing he was up against the reputable and famous architectural firms in the industry, Teo could only pray for a miracle.


He didn’t depend on logic and reality anymore. For reality itself was disheartening.

He looked up to God for what only He could do. He looked up to God for a miracle.

A seven-man judging panel had been formed for the contest by the mayor. The judges would decide on the winning design.

The great number of the event’s audience in the City Hall did make a great impression on the mayor.

Knowing how much applause he had received since he announced the contest, the mayor wasn’t ready to trade the people’s praises.

He wanted to win the people’s heart even more.

Excited about the impressive turnout, he’d earlier instructed the panel to make the judging process be more about the designs than about the architect or company who created them.

But that seemed not to suffice for the overjoyed mayor of Kakakhi.

Just now, an absolutely thrilled mayor picked up the microphone and announced he was going to empower the citizens to judge the best design for their park themselves.

He decided the members of the audience were going to participate in the decision and vote for their best design.

It was going to be the first time in Kakakhi’s modern history when such a professional decision would be put in the hands of the public.

The politician had a quick brief with the committee and got them acquiescing to his new mandate.

Teo wished he had brought all his four men staff members to at least increase his votes by three points. He had only come with Tim out of the four.

The vote was conducted. And the fraction of the voters that chose Teo’s innovative design led the others with incredibly wide margins.

Teo’s design had the highest number of votes. The young architect couldn’t believe what just happened.

It was like a daydream. It was larger than life.

It was… a miracle.

Teo’s eyes were damped with tears of joy. He was so happy he couldn’t contain it. He shed a tear and laughed at the very same time.

Winning the contest meant the young architect would also be awarded the exclusive supervision of the construction.

It was the biggest contract Teo would ever get since he became an architect.

His dreams were coming true much earlier than expected.

He caught Foye’s eyes in the far distance as she gazed at him with delight in the audience.

Foye winked at his cool, admirable gentleman.

Teo muttered with a smile. ‘Foye… we made it!’

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