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THE Kakakhi Artificial Nature’s Park was a sight to behold when it was open in December 2018.

Teo had emptied his brains on the execution of the project. While he had worked hard on the park’s structural design, he’d worked even harder to bring the design to life.

The brilliant architect had supervised the construction from beginning to end.

Now Teo had got his long held dream realised. His dream of placing his city among Kimberland’s tourist destinations.

And the young man’s architectural firm had become widely known and reputable.


December 2018 was a fresh breath for Mia. And the beginning of a brand new life.

After the opening of the Kakakhi park, the young woman had to do another interview with Teo as the architect and supervisor of the project.

Mia had a pretty strong disagreement with Teo during the interview. It was a tense argument for Mia while Teo found it a talk to enlighten.

Every time Mia asked an interview question, the successful, young architect started his response with the words, ‘I give thanks to God.’

Mia found it so off for a TV interview. She reasoned the young man was sounding too religious and spoiling the professionalism she expected.

So, she challenged Teo to be professional.

‘Sir, can you be more real, more you… more professional. Instead of saying the religious cliché that only sounds pretentious.

‘It’s an interview to be broadcasted to millions of Kimberians, for crying out loud,’ she said.

Teo laughed a moment. ‘I think we need to talk, Miss Mia,’ he said.

‘Uh-huh,’ Mia retorted, ‘I’m listening to your explanation, Mr Teo.’

Teo sat up. ‘Do you think I’ve been faking giving my praises to God, Miss Mia?

‘I understand your work as a reporter and I know interesting stuff and controversies sell more. But I don’t think I should explain to you if this is just me or I’m faking it.’

Teo wasn’t going to stop there and Foye knew it. She had come around to give her man a boost.

Foye tried to calm Teo at first. But when she saw he wasn’t angry, the young woman sat back and enjoyed the conversation.

Teo paused a moment, searching Mia’s agitated eyes. And then, he went on in a bit.

‘I know that’s not your main point,’ he said. ‘Your real issue isn’t whether I’m faking being religious or not.

‘The real problem is that you don’t believe I got the contract solely because God helped me. God made me win and still you don’t believe that’s exactly the case.’

Teo leaned forward and looked into Mia’s eyes.

He finished his words.

‘Basically, you still feel somewhere in you that God is some sort of fiction, Miss Mia! You haven’t ever experienced Him like several many of us have!’


Mia was short of words. It seemed the young man nailed it. Mia wasn’t expecting the man to engage her in that sort of a discussion.

She wasn’t prepared for this but she had to put up a tussle. She wouldn’t just accept defeat with that rude dude of a year back.

She had what to counter Teo with at that instant.


The first family of Kimberland had eventually got to meet with Jimi’s love child.

A DNA test had confirmed that the young man was an offspring of President Jimi Jacobs.

To avoid the preying eyes of the press, Demi and Jimi had told the young man about the orphanages and made it their place of meeting.

When the couple usually went to the orphanage to meet with the young man and their other children, Jimi would make out time to spend with his biological son.

But after meeting with his son about a few times, the Kimberland president couldn’t find time anymore.

Only Demi began meeting Jimi Jacobs Junior.

When the president stopped making the meeting appointments with his son, Jimi Junior soon stopped coming around, too.

The young man had become a little awkward with the first lady.

And since he’d earlier assured the first family that his intention wasn’t to disrupt the couple’s home, he stopped making the appointments altogether.

And he tried to explain his situation to the first lady.

Although Demi wouldn’t mind meeting with the young man without her husband, she didn’t object to Jimi Junior’s idea.

She’d thought if the young man was awkward with her, then she should simply let things be.


Mia gathered up courage and spoke back at Teo.

‘What has my belief got to do with the interview. You repeating the same statement over and again was already becoming boring and monotonous. And, of course, it would reduce the…’

‘Viewers ratings,’ Teo interposed with a quiet voice. ‘It’s not just a mere statement. It’s the whole of me. It is what I am… It is my very testimony.’

Mia looked on a moment and chuckled. She had never met a man like this; she found him ridiculous outright.

Teo paused awhile and then resumed.

‘I think I’d be wasting my time explaining the weight of the statement rather than explaining the miracle that gave birth to it.’


Teo sat up. ‘Miss Mia, the Director of Stone and Mortar has never lost a bid—not to talk of a mere contest. Take that as one count.

‘Again, all the entire panel of judges to decide the winner were all his acquaintances. Make it two.

‘I knew my presentation and idea was innovative. But after my presentation that day, the look on the Stone and Mortar man’s face affirmed that we the other contestants were merely wasting our time. Make that three.

‘And why wouldn’t he look at like that. It is simply obvious and expected that this little kid in front of you is a novice; and which, of course, I am. And that’s four.

‘But, you know, I cried to God for help. And the miracle at the City Hall happened. Something that has never happened for as long we can all remember!

‘The mayor decided the audience should vote for their winners. That should’ve been a good news for me, right?’

Teo paused for a moment; and Mia was as attentive as a little child. Foye was surprised at the length her quiet man would go to explain the power of God.

Teo went on with a calm, composed speak.

‘But I was there with only my girlfriend and my secretary. Just imagine; I was there with only Foye and Tim. Just the three of us in the midst of two thousand strangers!

‘And then, without any word of campaign or advert, the people voted for me!

‘People that were only getting to know me within the project window. People that must’ve heard of me only then or a few weeks before on the TV.’

Teo leaned fully back in his seat. ‘Now tell me, was that what I can get to happen by myself?’

The young architect paused for a moment; and Mia heaved a thoughtful sigh.

Teo continued. ‘You’ve been to many architectural firms that participated in the bidding contest.

‘Now compare their companies to mine having only four staff members. Should such an award winning design come out from this budding firm?

‘It’s Jesus Christ. It’s God all the way!’

Mia was humbled. She was as still as a steel bar. Every word Teo uttered had sunk deep into the waters of her heart.

She began to see the contest from a new perspective. She decided to postpone the interview. She wanted to ruminate on Teo’s words.


Teo didn’t let the young reporter leave without handing her a Bible.

‘Have it for yourself, Miss Mia; and start with reading the Book of John to have a clearer perspective about the Truth.’

Mia studied the Gospel Book of John at home.

Before she had finished reading through, she’d perfectly understood why she needed to commit her life to God through His Son and Saviour of the sinful world, Jesus Christ.

Mia turned her life over to Jesus Christ and had a fresh new life.

Like an athlete in a pool, the young woman learnt to keep her head above the waters to breathe and her body in the waters to swim.

Mia’s flower had learnt to bloom within the thorns of the world. And fly against the storms like the eagle in the clouds. The young woman had stopped picking up her mother’s bullying calls.

She wasn’t fighting her mother. She only wanted to be happy and maintain her sanity.

Mia also found peace of mind in her place of work. And her newly found salvation erased the dark shade that had hovered over her.

She found an embrace and succour in Jesus Christ.

And rather than bury her mind in excessive work and films as an escape route out of her worries, the young woman now often submerged her spirit in praises.

Mia would sing along worship tracks in her bedroom when she was depressed.

And she wouldn’t know when her spirit would be lifted to the point that she could dance herself to sweat, turning over to high praises.

It was the drug she needed to keep herself high. Surrounding herself with God’s lively presence through an atmosphere of worship and praise.

The young woman still worked hard and watched lots of films. But then, they no longer served as the handkerchiefs to wipe her tears anymore.

Not anymore.

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