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IT was Christmas 2018 and Kimberland was in a festive mood.

On Boxing Day, the small tourist nation received an unexpected gift.

Dr Oye was back already from his private impromptu trip abroad. And the day after Christmas, Kimberland was announced as the host for the 2019 Olympic Games.

A gift the tourist nation herself never requested nor applied for.

President Jimi Jacobs was dazed. He didn’t bid to host the games. Games and sports were the least things on his mind.

And now, the world had decided to flood the small nation the following year for the ever grand Olympic Games.

Jimi wasn’t sure of what to do.

The offer to host the Olympics appeared too good to turn down. Yet, at one and the same time, the offer didn’t seem right. For Kimberland didn’t bid for it.

The issue was becoming rather too complicated for the president to handle. Jimi was indeed pressured.

Kimberians already thought it was the doing of their beloved president. Mr Jacob’s approval ratings had therefore improved.

Praises of President J. J. were on the lips of Kimberians at each and every gathering in the country.

How could Jimi Jacobs ever turn down the offer with all of these? Everything had pressured the Kimberland president to accept the decision of the host selection committee.

Jimi decided to call up Oye to seek his advice.

It was the first time the new Special Adviser to the President would be summoned to perform his official duty since he resumed his position a year earlier.

Dr Oye knew why he had been summoned by president just then; and he knew exactly what to do.

In the company of an aide who was requested to bring him, the fifty-seven-year-old mounted up the stairs from the basement to the third floor and walked through the long passage.

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt, Unsplash

On reaching the president’s office, the aide ushered the old man in.

President Jacobs welcomed Oye and pitched a question straight away, as though it hadn’t been a while since he had a meeting with the older man.

‘Tell me, Dr Oye,’ Jimi said; ‘what d’ you think of the Olympics?’

Oye took a deep breath before he replied.

‘The Olympics itself is a good thing,’ he said; ‘but we hosting the prestigious games is what I’m not sure is good, my President.’

The glint of interest in Jimi’s face disappeared just as soon as Oye spewed out his response.

The president wasn’t expecting that kind of answer from the old man.

He had thought keeping Oye in the basement in the past year would make him become so desperate about pleasing him. And Oye knew this quite well.

Yet here was the old man telling the president what he wouldn’t like to hear.

Jimi wondered why his Special Adviser would be against the Olympics coming to Africa’s Kimberland at all.

The president looked askance; glaring at his adviser. But he wanted to hear more; he wanted to know Oye’s particular reason.

He motioned for the man to speak on.

Dr Oye sat up. ‘I guess you should think beyond the Olympics, my President.

‘Your approval ratings may have increased. And it’s true it’s going to be the first time Kimberland will be given a worldwide attention since our independence almost a hundred years ago.

‘It’s also true Kimberland hosting the Olympics will make the second time the prestigious games event will be coming to Africa – after South Africa hosted it.

‘And I know quite well, too, that the mere fact that the landmark event gets to take place in your administration can etch your name in Kimberland’s Book of Heroes…’

Everything got at Jimi with an exponential effect. His dream had always been to have his name etched in the sands of time as the best leader Africa had ever known.

Jimi was agitated. ‘If you know all these,’ he interposed, ‘then, why are you dissuading us from hosting the Olympics, huh?’

Oye retorted. ‘It’s the weather, my President.’

Jimi couldn’t believe his ears. ‘Weather!’ he gasped. ‘You’re saying you’re objecting to us hosting the prestigious Olympics Games because of weather? I mean… Weather!’

Jimi’s glare was absolutely askance. ‘You know, you have to come clearer for me to really get you, Dr Oye!’


Oye went on with a calm. ‘Yes, it’s because of the weather, my President. You know the Olympics is scheduled for September through October next year 2019.

‘It’s the latter months of the raining season in sub-Saharan Africa then. And September rains are usually the heaviest in Kimberland, you know.

‘We may not really have a good weather during the Olympics. Plus, the fact that we probably are still not economically buoyant enough to host Olympics.’

Jimi still couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

He’d always known the old man wasn’t a true friend of his administration.

But then, he couldn’t believe Oye would stoop so low, to the extent of making a lame weather excuse to discourage him from hosting the Olympics.

And only because of his dislike for him.

Oye’s discouraging excuse only made Jimi more determined to host the Olympics. He was resolute to do just what the old enemy had asked him to not do.

Jimi wasn’t too surprised at Oye’s negative response anyway. It was game for the president, in fact.

The Kimberland president had thought he was on top of his games. Jimi had taken Oye as a representation of his enemy and the country’s.

He’d wanted to know Oye’s mind on the Olympics so he could do just the opposite. And that was why he beckoned on the old snake for a talk in the first place.


He’d never still realised that the old serpent was no friend one can play games with.

For if the first woman had realised this in the Eden Garden, she would have avoided the foe like a bag of plague.


Oye was reclined in his seat in his own office.

He had given Jimi an offer he wouldn’t refuse.

Oye knew his opinion didn’t matter to the Kimberland president. He knew if he had supported hosting the Olympics, Jimi wouldn’t host it.

And if he was against hosting the Olympics, the president would definitely host it.

He knew all he had to do to get Jimi to do his bidding was to say the opposite. He could even get him to walk into a fire.

Jimi was caught in the trap he himself had set for Oye.

What was needed to complete Oye’s scheme now was for the president to do the opposite of what the old man suggested. For the president to choose to host the Olympics.

But he knew the final blow can’t be given without Jimi’s permission.

His own wish to enslave Jimi’s Kimberland couldn’t be fulfilled without Jimi allowing him.

Oye could only hope Jimi would accept to host the Olympics now.

The old man had made a trip outside the country a few weeks back. The sole goal of the fifty-seven-year-old was to find a way of stopping Jimi from paying back the Utopian loan.

He had secure the Olympic Games for Kimberland at the die minute of the host selection committee’s decision window.

The powerful strings of influence were pulled by Utopia itself. To aid Oye’s machination in Kimberland.

And for Utopia’s ultimate goal of conquest and dominance.

Thirteen years earlier, while Oye was still the minister of finance and economy, the president of the time had assigned in him with looking for mineral resources.

Oye had organised a large team of geologists to look into the ground across the country for untapped resources.

The team had found clusters of diamond ore that time.

But then, Oye dissolved the research team the instant the report was made to him. He paid the researchers a handsome reward and got them to sign an oath of secrecy.

The researchers didn’t hesitate to follow the then minister’s orders since they already assumed it was coming from the government.

Oye kept the information to himself and reported back to the then president that the research team couldn’t find anything.

No one knew about the case other than the researchers and Dr Oye. And Oye’s main motive was to own the city of diamonds.

And that city with priceless wealth lying hidden and untapped beneath its rocky hills…

That blessed, prosperous city was Mountana.

Oye knew he could not just do what a nation’s government does.

He needed power.

And if he would achieve such grand machinations and conspiracy, he needed backup from an incredibly powerful international body.

And that had led him to Utopia.

When Oye would eventually become an MVP Agent the moment he handed Kimberland’s Mountana to Utopia, the old man would be made Utopia’s Principality for the Kimberland Colony.

He would oversee the industrial mining of diamonds and the exportation.

From the sacked and rebuilt Mountana, the Utopia Empire would control Kimberland’s already enslaved economy, as well as the politics.

The Rock Castle in the capital Gardon City would sooner pass for a figurehead.

And the office of the Principality of the conquered nation in Mountana would wield absolute authority on behalf of Utopia.

He just needed the president to not reject the Olympics Games.

And he could predict that the fund saved up to repay the loan a year from then would be lavished on the Olympics. Making repayment before deadline difficult.

And then, he would simply own glittering wealth and power.


Oye swivelled himself around with an excited glee and burst into a fit of laughter.

But then, in his excitement the old man had quickly forgotten something.

That President J. J. was a competent economist, too.

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