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IT was Friday, the 27th of December, in the year 2019.

Teo was ready to propose marriage to Foye.

The young, successful architect had bought a few plots of land in the bustling Kakakhi City since he started trotting the paths of financial success.

Teo had completed building his own house. The type he believed Foye would love to live in.

The young man’s plan was to build his house first and then propose a lovely walk together into the future to the beautiful, elegant Foye.

Now that Teo had just completed his house, the New Year eve was meant to be the gentleman’s big day.

He had put everything together for the beautiful weekend he’d been waiting for since ages.

Unawares of Teo’s plans, Foye had something else slated for the weekend up until the New Year.

She was going to spend the last days of the year until the second day of the New Year at Open Arms Orphanage.

The young woman had come to bid Teo goodbye before she embarked on her journey.

Open Arms Orphange in Mountana City was where Foye was raised.

Now she couldn’t understand why Teo would raise an eyebrow over the fact that she was going to spend the New Year eve with her core family.

Foye had spent the early years of her life in the orphanage at Mountana.

And after her secondary school education, Foye had left the orphanage to live an independent life with the help of the matron.

She came to Kakakhi to pursue a degree. The orphanage paid her tuition fees in Kakakhi while she took care of her everyday needs.

It was in the process of fending for herself that the young lady came to start her fast successful business.

The orphanage was Foye’s home and the orphans her only family.

The young, beautiful was upset now. Her silence was loud enough to spell out her anger.

The fire of argument between Teo and Foye had been on for about ten minutes. Surprisingly, Teo was the first to emit the flame of anger that afternoon.

Teo became upset at Foye’s sudden plans that might handicap his big surprise package.

He didn’t want his girlfriend to go on the trip. But then, he couldn’t tell his lady his own plans. The young man had to make up a lot of excuses to mask his real reason.

Teo wasn’t ready to let go of his woman. And Foye wasn’t ready to take it either.

Foye stopped short. ‘Tell me, Teo, are you by any chance looking down on my background?’ she quipped.

She paused a second. ‘What am I even asking? It’s not like there’s something to look down on. My family is the richest and largest of its kind in Kimberland!’

Teo couldn’t help but laugh aloud. It was Foye’s habit to boast of the size of the orphanage where she was raised.

When Foye usually made a reference to the size of her family, Teo would laugh.

The young man found it funny that someone in the 21st century would boast of a family’s size as if it was a trophy.

Teo could smile now. ‘Thank God you know there’s nothing to look down on, Foye,’ he said. ‘I just want you to pay more attention to me like you pay to your large family.’

Teo took a few steps towards the young woman. ‘You call your siblings every other day,’ he continued. ‘And I know I’ve been busier with work these few years.

‘But now, I want us to spend time together into the New Year.’

Foye retorted. ‘Well, thank God you realise your work has kept us apart. Let’s have the vacation when I come back from Mountana. Prepare a large feast for your queen!’

Foye backed the frustrated young man, retreated a few steps and halted.

She turned around; wrapped one of her left arm around her belly, pinned her right elbow on it and tapped her chin with her forefinger.

‘I’ve pardoned you but I won’t declare you not guilty. Not until you apologise here and now for laughing at the size of my family.’

‘Okay,’ Teo smiled. He braced himself up for the formal apology.

He went on with an earnest, repentant tone of voice.

‘Your honour, I do hereby apologise for laughing at the big size of the largest family in Kimberland!’

Foye laughed.

Teo smiled and his voice took on a softer, calmer tone. ‘But honestly, I’m sorry, dear.’

Foye smiled. ‘Thou art forgiven, son of man.’

Teo chuckled. He squinted at Foye. ‘I think I should meet with your family, too. Let’s travel to Mountana together.’

Foye gasped. ‘Really?!’

‘Of course yes. I will need to ask them for your hand in marriage eventually. I’m going to be a part of your large family soon, you know.’

Foye nodded at him and smiled.


As the fated midnight of 30th December approached with the speed of a galloping horse, the president thought to spend the last few days of 2019 with his family.

His wife, his adopted children in Gardon City and his new found biological son.

President Jimi Jacobs knew he wouldn’t be able to pay back the Utopian loan by the 30th of December and he might have to lose a portion of Kimberland to Utopia.

His heart was flown about in the winds of worry. He wanted to be with his family through the brewing storm and find sufficient solace in their company.

Rather than for the purpose of festive celebrations, he wanted to spend time with his family to get through the enormous stress and tension.

President Jacobs called Jimi Junior on phone so he could join the whole family at one of the orphanages in Gardon. For the weekend and through the New Year festivities.

But the young man would not be making it. He told his father the President that he had plans through that period in the city of Mountana.

President Jacobs cancelled his entire vacation plan with his family altogether.

He thought he had to wade through these storms alone. Without family or people.

But he was wrong on this one, at least.

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