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THERE were huge billows of fume rising in President Jimi Jacob’s heart.

But the fume was not of anger or rage. The fume billows were rather of sorrows that wouldn’t be doused with many streams of tears.

Kimberland’s Mountana City was dead. The prosperous tourist destination was gone – and entirely buried in both bomb blast flames and cremating inferno.

World leaders sent their condolences to the tourist Southern African country. Solemn sermons were rendered by clergymen in commemoration of the victims of the tragedy.

Mourning candles were lit and carried in a solemn march as an act of remembrance for the departed souls of the 30th December tragedy.

And gloomy time slowly rode out its chariot. But the president wouldn’t just be comforted.

Kimberland had lost Mountana City. But Jimi Jacobs had lost both a city and a newfound son.

The President had been trying to reach his one and only son on phone since after the tragic incident; but the line hadn’t gone through for a moment.

Jimi Jacobs Junior had informed his father the President that he was spending the last few days of December 2019 until the New Year in Mountana City.

And that had been within period of the tragedy.

The president was sad and shattered. He couldn’t hold back his emotion on the day of the mass burial. He cried like a little kid.

For he’d never had a son with the first lady for more than twenty years already.

Together with the first lady, he had adopted two orphanages in the capital Gardon City. All because of his unquenchable desire to have someone he may call his child.

IVF and surrogacy hadn’t been successful to get the loving couple their own children over the years, too. And it appeared as though prayers were not being answered.

Well, not until he got a letter from a son he never knew existed.

A son from the teenage fling with his high school sweetheart and first love. Ninna Robinson.

A son he never knew existed. Jimi Jacobs Junior.

Now that the president lost his newfound son, he would mourn him for a lifetime.


Teo Jimi Jacobs had planned to travel with Foye his woman to Mountana, and spend the last few days of December 2019 through the New Year festivities with her in that city.

The young architect Teo J. Jacobs was President Jimi Jacob’s newfound son; and he had always liked to be called by his first name Teo.

President Jimi Jacobs had used the occasion of Teo emerging as the winner of architectural bidding contest to organise a Presidential dinner with him so he could meet with his son.

Done under the guise of the president dining with the winner of the bidding contest for the Kakakhi Park, the sneaky eyes of the media covering the public sessions couldn’t see through the charade.

The first couple had so met with President Jacob’s newfound son.

And it was why Teo was nervous that day; for he was going to meet with his father for the first time.

The striking resemblance in voice and mannerism between the president and Teo had gone to prove the duo father and son. Much less when a DNA test taken thereafter had a 99.99% result.

But joy, they say, do have a slender frame that breaks too soon.

For Jimi Jacob’s joy of reunion with Teo, his biological son, was too soon cut short.

Or, so it seemed.


Like a miracle had singled Teo out as the winner of the design contest; and like a saving grace had rescued him from being expelled in his final year at the University… just like before, Providence again had saved the young man from the Mountana tragedy.

But this time, Teo’s heart was shattered.

For his heartthrob Foye died.

Teo had received a phone call just when he was about to embark on his trip with Foye to Mountana.

The person calling had informed him of a fire outbreak in the church hostel. The church hostel was inhabited by displaced children.

Teo couldn’t take the fact that the already displaced people would again be displaced by a fire outbreak.

In a moment of frankness and sincerity with himself, he admitted his going to Mountana with his woman was eventually going to be because of a self-centered motive.

He wasn’t going to the orphanage there at Mountana because he really wanted to visit them at all.

He was only following his woman there because she wouldn’t want to stay with him through the last few days of December till the New Year festivities.

He had wanted to propose marriage to Foye during this time. Yet it wasn’t going to be during the Mountana trip or at the orphanage there.

He had therefore rescheduled the marriage proposal to the time they would have returned from Mountana.

But now, Teo didn’t feel like travelling to Mountana with Foye anymore, with what he just heard about the church hostel.

He had thought it was more important to help the fire victims in his home church than go to Mountana with Foye.

Especially because he didn’t feel quite justified with the self-centred motive behind his travel.

Foye had wished Teo would go with her but she understood that the church needed her man now than she herself did.

Precisely as clay is in the hands of a potter, so is man in the hands of his Maker. For what clay wrestles with his potter; querying, ‘Why did you make me so?’

And as God’s ways are past finding out and He Himself absolutely unquestionable, Foye travelled alone to Mountana.

And there she slept that fateful night.

A quiet eternal sleep.

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An Earnest Prayer From Me

I pray that the Lord God in His gracious love and kindness will keep and preserve You and all yours safe and sound in body and soul – throughout and beyond the present COVID19 pandemic and other global unrests.

I pray that He will also look down from Heaven in His infinite mercy and forgive our sins and unrighteousness. And heal our world, our nations, our peoples, our families – and, indeed, every single one of us!

And that we will live in peace and in harmony and in reverence of Him throughout our entire lives.

In Jesus Most Precious Name!


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