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TEO was in the middle of helping the displaced children in his church when he heard the sad news of the Mountana tragedy.

He dialled Foye immediately; but the call didn’t go through at all.

Teo kept on trying to call his woman for days and asked Tim, his right hand man in his company, to call her for him. But they both couldn’t reach Foye on phone.

Teo was shocked to his bones. The reality dawned on him with a frightened shudder.

Foye was dead.

The stark reality was too hard to swallow.

He gazed into space and muttered. ‘Foye!’

And it was the last word the shocked young man spoke.

It had been about a week since Teo crumbled under the weight of the shocking news. The young man wouldn’t shed a tear or say a word.

He just lay still in a couch in his living room, staring absentmindedly at the plain white asbestos. And he hardly even ate anything solid.

Tim was his boss’ caregiver during the whole time. Tim wished his boss would at least cry and get rid of the boxed up emotions.

But tears weren’t sufficient to express the sorrows that filled up Teo’s heavy heart.

Tim was afraid for his boss already. The young architectural didn’t know what to do for Teo.

He had only known Foye as Teo’s family. And now that his boss’ woman was gone, he didn’t know who to call.

Tim was on his way back from a convenient store down the street to get some snacks for his boss when he incidentally met Mia.

Mia recognised the young man as Teo’s secretary and waved at him.

Tim didn’t wait to exchange pleasantries when he ran to the young woman.

His talk was a little hurried. ‘Can you please help us? My boss is… I don’t know what to do. He won’t talk or eat much. I really don’t know how to explain everything…’

Mia calmed the young man down. And asked him to come a little clearer so she could understand him.

But Tim, who had always been an Aaron or mouthpiece for the usually reserved Teo, couldn’t bring his own thoughts into words this time.

Mia knew something was seriously wrong.

She offered to follow the young dude to wherever he was going.

And off they went to Teo’s home.


Mia saw the mighty Teo lying weak and gaunt in a couch in his living room. And staring at nothing in particular.

She turned to Tim, looking surprised. ‘What happened to Mr Teo?’ she asked.

Tim threw his hands up and they only fell back limply.

‘Sister Foye is dead,’ he said. ‘Was a victim of the Mountana tragedy!’

Mia staggered where she stood. ‘What?!’ she gasped.

Tim moaned. ‘I wish Boss will just eat a little. We can’t afford to lose him too. It’d be too much, huh!’

Mia knew it wasn’t the time to stall things any further, with Teo being like this.

She turned to Tim again. ‘Does he sleep?’

Tim had the response ready. ‘He hadn’t slept in five days!’ He signalled the number at Mia with his fingers.

Mia knew what to do at the instance.

She knew they had to get Teo sedated. But then, she also knew getting Teo admitted into a regular hospital could worsen his depressive state of mind.

Especially with him seeing sickly and moody people around him.

Mia picked up her phone and put a call through to a home call doctor.

Education was of a great importance in Kimberland and, as such, the country had produced numerous medical doctors than they could employ in the hospitals.

The government had then approved a bill that allowed unemployed doctors to go into homes and treat patients.

Mia put a call through to one of those home call doctors and in no time the doctor arrived.

Teo was placed on a drips and thereafter sedated.

Mia had once stood at the shore of a vast sea of clinical depression, owing to the pressure to get herself an eligible man mounted on her by her mother.

She had learnt about the saving grace and power of God when she read the Gospel of John from the Bible Teo had given her.

Mia had also read about depression from the Internet.

She knew Teo would be stuck in grief for the loss of his girlfriend for so long, particularly if the décor and furniture arrangement of his living room had the same look.

The intelligent lady decided to help the young architect heal up by redesigning and rearranging his living room.

Mia worked with Tim and gave the living room a lift with a brighter, lighter touch of interior design.

It turned out to lift Teo’s spirits. And the young architect was able to escape a looming state of clinical depression; as he gradually healed up as the days went by.

Teo was the one who rescued Mia when the gloomy clouds of depression hovered over her.

And now, Mia had saved Teo from sinking into an endless abyss of gloom.

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