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JIMI Jacobs had loads of regret, following the tragedy that hit Mountana City.

The sorrows within the president’s heart was not only because of the assumed loss of his son in the tragedy; or because of the loss of thousands of other lives.

Jimi’s tears didn’t only bear grief for the lost souls; but it also bore deep regret for his past action.

Jimi had earlier blamed Utopia. But now, he blamed himself for dining with that devil.

Shifting blames seems to be man’s ingrained nature when it comes to exponential public consequence resulting from an action.

But then, the blame game wouldn’t appear an escape byway when one harbours a haunting secret in his heart.

Especially when the secret could be the reason for mass tragedy.

If secrecy was the prime principle by which Utopia conducted its businesses, and President Jacobs had so far abode by this principle; then, it appears only logical that the Kimberland president had a hand in the tragedy that just hit his nation.

Jimi was a committed Christian. He wished so dearly he hadn’t eaten with the Devil; regardless of how long his own spoon was.

The secret of the deal with Utopia was now beginning to weigh Jimi’s heart down. And it had already become much too heavy to bear.

The president’s athletic build had been from his habits.

The middle aged man would take a long walk when he was stressed. He would run when he was angry. And he would swim when he was sad.

But the feeling of regret was what the he was yet to develop a habit for.

The first lady expected her husband to go for a swim till he’d shed all tears in the swimming pool. She was prepared to stay by and just watch him swim his sadness away.

Demi was concerned for her loving husband and she had taken a walk around the presidential villa of the Rock Castle to find him.

She’d taken it upon herself to locate him without asking any of the state house aides. And there she found her husband at their private flower garden.

Demi found Jimi boxing a tree with his bare fists; with blood oozing from between his swollen fingers.

She was utterly shocked and dumbfounded.

She rushed down to her poor man and hugged him from the back.

She couldn’t help the tears. ‘Ah, Jimi! Jimi! Jimi!’ she cried.

Jimi was tired himself. He turned his head and glanced back at his wife. His eyes were red and moist with tears.

The president submitted himself into his wife’s arms.

And he cried at her bosom.


All of Dr Oye’s plans had so far fallen in place.

Utopia had cleared the land of diamond ores Oye had selected for the monstrous financial and political organisation.

All Oye had to do now was occupy Mountana for the Utopia empire.

But then, he wouldn’t just go to the ruined city that had its 800,000 residents destroyed overnight. And go ahead to occupy the land to mine diamonds for Utopia.

As much as the old man wanted to occupy Mountana for diamonds, he didn’t want to stay in the forefront now.

He knew the Kimberians are so edgy at the moment.

One thing that could spark up the flame of rage in Kimberians was someone doing anything silly with the burnt city at the time.

Especially doing anything with a commercial intent.

Oye admitted his intention would be too obvious if he went ahead to make onsite preparations for Utopia’s mining.

He admitted Kimberians would easily suspect he was behind the mysterious destruction of Mountana City.

Yet the old man hadn’t got enough time to wait for Kimberland to complete their endless mourning.

He’d had an eye on Mountana’s diamond for ages; and his dream was just being hatched.

The fifty-nine-year-old couldn’t wait to hold his glittering giant dream in his aging hands.

He thought for so long on what to do, where he sat in his office at Kimberland’s Rock Castle.

An idea struck his mind.

Utopia had to finish the work it started.

Oye picked up his phone and put a call through to Devlyn McCathy, the CEO.


Kimberland’s first couple sat together on the grass in the flower garden as the president wept in the arms of his wife.

Demi laid his husband’s head over her heart and patted him on the back.

She knew Jimi’s outburst of pent-up emotions were beyond the obvious. And she knew she had to wait for him to tell her what the problem was.

Demi was the first person to speak.

‘When I was a girl,’ she began, ‘I got scared a lot; and I’d scream for dad, cos dad was my first hero.

‘I cried a lot anytime I was hurt; and it was mum that patted me till I felt better.’

She paused a second and gazed down at her husband.

‘But then, I met you my own man. And you took on the role of two people in my life.

‘You’ve been so strong for me and have so cared for me all these years we’ve spent together.’

She paused to swallow.

‘You know, I used to envy our unborn children when we first got wedded. I envied the fact that they’ll have a perfect dad.

‘But when we can’t have children after several years we’ve been together, I felt so sad. It was sad that I’d be the only one that gets to see what a wonderful man you are.

‘But then, you came surprising me with your good, fatherly heart. You suggested we adopted two orphanages. You made us parents to dozens of children.

‘My husband, you really don’t know how that alone fulfills me!’

A slight grunt escaped Jimi’s throat as he raised his head and sat right up; his countenance having a brighter lift already.

Demi went on. ‘And just when I thought I’d seen all of you, you decided to be a father to all of Kimberland. You decided to take the entire nation in your care.’

She gazed at him. ‘You’ve been such a wonderful man, my love. And you still are!’

Demi’s words were like a soothing balm to Jimi’s aching heart. The tender words were taking his pains away as they rubbed on him.

‘Ah, thank you!’ he grunted.

Demi slid her hands into his.

She went on. ‘We’ve been through thick and thin. Walking through a hurt is only bearable when there’s someone who shares the pain with you.

‘I know your tears are more than what I can see, darling. I’ve watched you in the past few years change into a man I don’t really know.

‘But I’ve been selfish; thinking only about myself alone. Lamenting that you’re keeping a secret from me.

‘I only care about you to my own advantage. I’ve only wanted you to open up to me because of me. Not because of you.

‘I never thought of what pain you could be going through, bearing the burden all by yourself.

‘I’ve really been selfish in my concern. And I am sorry, darling.’

Jimi only looked on.

Demi resumed.

‘Seeing you this way has made me see the heavy burden you carry alone in your heart and I realise my selfishness in worrying about the hurt you’re hiding from me.

‘I realise I should rather have encouraged you to tell it to God. I should have been really worried about you in person and not about just how it concerns me.’

Jimi heaved a sigh and Demi held his hands in hers with a firmer grip.

She went on.

‘My husband, I won’t force you to tell me the reason for your hurt. What does it matter if you tell me, when I can’t get rid of it myself?

‘I will tell you to tell it to the One who can entirely get rid of it. You don’t have to tell me anything, darling. Let’s just tell everything to God.

‘Let’s lay it down at His feet right now and right here.’

Jimi heaved a heavy sigh, slid off his hands from Demi’s grip and buried his head in his palms.

He raised his head and spoke; his weary voice trembling like a hurting child.

‘How do I face God’, he said, ‘when I can’t even muster the courage to face you and tell you the things I’ve done?

‘Demi, I’ve wasted thousands of humans lives! I’m not the man you used to know.

‘I have so sinned beyond redemption. I’m not even worthy to stand before the Almighty God; let alone asking Him for forgiveness.’

Demi turned to him.

‘No, darling,’ she objected. ‘I know you know this; but I will remind you of it. Our God is a loving and gracious Father and He will forgive us. God will forgive you, my dear.

‘Let’s just confess it to Him. Let’s tell God everything. Wouldn’t it be right to be disciplined by God than be punished by the Devil?

‘You know we didn’t get here in a day. A lot of steps got us to this junction of sinfulness. If we delay further in seeking God’s forgiveness, things will get even worse.

‘Jimi, God is a loving God. He will definitely forgive us if we sincerely repent of our sins.’

Jimi knelt down and his wife joined him. And the first couple began to say a prayer of confession and repentance.

Tears trickled down the face of the Kimberland president as he laid his burdens down at the feet of the Lord in prayer.

And the Utopia evil didn’t know its grip on Jimi Jacobs was slipping off already.

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