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IT was mixed reactions for the people of Kimberland when international news media aired Utopia’s press release to rebuild the ruined Mountana City.

It was only weeks after the Mountana tragedy.

And the powerful organisation was already offering to rebuild the city of the previous Olympic Games host nation, entirely free of charge.

Kimberians didn’t know if to rejoice at the offer. Or else to linger long in their grief for the 800,000 dead residents, and leave the once lively city in ruins.

It had been a few weeks since Teo was stuck in grief for his girlfriend.

Mia had joined hands with Tim, Teo’s secretary, in caring for Teo. And the successful thirty-year-old architect was gradually recovering.

But then, the news of the organisation’s offer to immediately rebuild Mountana did hit the sick young man with a boomerang effect, where he lay in couch in his living room.

The news had done more than the medications administered to Teo for the past few weeks could have done to get him on his feet.

Teo jumped to his feet and turned off the TV.

His sudden reaction alerted Mia who was busy with her phone, going through her timelines on social media.

The young journalist had come to pay a visit to Teo that morning.

She was soon to leave; but she wanted to hand over Teo’s care to Tim before she would leave.

And so, the young lady had decided to wait for Tim to arrive.

Mia was alerted when the sick young dude sprang up all of a sudden. She stared at him. She couldn’t believe Teo was on his feet already.

The young lady was concerned that Teo wasn’t all right, at first. But she watched his demeanour closely and she could tell at once he was really fine.

Teo walked into his bedroom in sprints and came out again dressed up to go out already.

He walked over to the dining table and picked up his car keys.

Teo walked across into the living room and put a few things in a handbag.

Mia was surprised and curious. ‘Where are you heading to?’ she queried. ‘Are you okay? Are you already feeling well, or something?’

Teo halted in his steps. ‘I’m fine,’ he said in a low, determined voice. ‘I just need to get somewhere.’

Mia knew at the moment that there was nothing she could do to stop Teo from doing whatever he intended to do.

And she also knew the young man wouldn’t tell her where he was heading to.

She thought for a moment and decided to follow him so she could ensure he was completely fine as he claimed.

‘All right,’ Mia replied. ‘Can you please drop me on your way?’ she requested.

Teo waved a hand to signal he agreed.

The two turned out of the house and Teo bolted the doors locked.

Teo hopped towards his SUV and Mia doubled up her steps behind him.

The young man held his car door ajar at the driver’s side. And he was about getting in when he spoke across to Mia standing on the other side of the car.

‘I hope you don’t mind sitting at the back seat, Miss Mia,’ he said.

Mia understood perfectly. She understood Teo couldn’t bear to have another woman sit in front beside him while he drove because of Foye.

She agreed with a mild smile.

Both guys hopped into the SUV and Teo drove out into the streets.

Mia knew that if she had told Teo she wanted to go with him to see where he was headed, he wouldn’t have agreed to let her monitor him.

And that was why the smart young woman had asked Teo to drop her off on the way.

The twenty-eight-year-old sat in the back seat; and much too soon, Teo had forgotten there was a lady at his back seats.

The young man sat rooted behind the steering and clamped the wheels with firm hands, as his destination occupied his mind and focus.

Before Mountana’s rebuilding would commence and all evidences about the disaster would be buried, Teo needed to know how Foye died there.

And Mia wanted to know where Teo was headed.


After the outburst of emotion and the prayers of confession Jimi had with his wife, the Kimberland president was gradually recovering from the painful sorrow and regret he bore.

Photo Credit: Daniel Roe, Unsplash

President Jimi Jacobs was yet to fully recover. And when he heard the press release from Utopia, it made him crumble down to his knees.

Utopia was really coming to stay in his country.

It was really conquering Kimberland’s Mountana City.

Jimi knew it was time to take action. But he didn’t know exactly what action he should take.

But one thing he was sure of was the fact that he would never allow the Utopia empire take a portion of his country.

Regardless of the secret deal he had with that monstrous devil, and which resulted in the destruction of Mountana, along with all its 800,000 residents – regardless of all, Jimi Jacobs was determined to see the end of evil’s legal hold on him.

After a long thought, Jimi decided to get his first lady involved.

He needed to come even more open and not hide behind himself.

He needed to tell Demi every little thing.


After about an hour drive, Teo had left Kakakhi and was on the highways that connected the city of Kakakhi to the neighboring Yemija District.

Mia gave a deliberate cough at the back seat.

And only now the young architect remembered that there was someone else in his car.

Teo pulled over immediately. He halted and turned off the ignition.

He glanced back at Mia; a set of frown curves making his forehead.

He queried. ‘Why didn’t you tell me to drop you off in Kakakhi?’

Mia knew Teo was agitated realising he hadn’t dropped her off. She also knew Teo wouldn’t drop her off in the middle of nowhere.

She decided to explain to him.

‘I’m sorry. I was surprised you suddenly sprang up from rest and headed out. I was curious to see where you were going.’

Teo interposed her. ‘Yeah…! Because you don’t trust I was completely fine, right?’

Mia retorted. ‘Yes.’

Teo turned forwards and sighed. He paused a little, held the wheel with a firm grip and swallowed hard.

He felt really angry.

Teo knew how Mia had been taking care of him and he understood that the young lady was concerned about him. Yet he couldn’t help being angry with her.

He didn’t want to be rude to her; yet he wanted to be so stern.

Teo was still looking for the words to express himself when Mia spoke up.

‘I guess we are going to… Mountana.’

She leaned a little forward to pick an inaudible reaction from Teo.

She went on. ‘You’re still not in perfect shape; so please let me drive. I’m really sorry. I wanted to trust that you are completely fine but I just couldn’t.’

Teo was quiet but he was angrier. And it seemed Mia’s apology was a fuel to the flame of his irritation.

He was about to blurt out angry words when Mia spoke again.

‘I’m really sorry for involving myself. But as a reporter, I also think the rebuilding offer is too early.

‘It’s not that I’m a fan of antiquity or ruins; but at least I believe we should get to know if the cause of the Mountana tragedy was really a volcanic eruption, as the news have it – which I’m beginning to doubt – or whether it’s manmade. And if it is manmade…’

Teo interposed. ‘We need to know who that devil is!’ he blurted out in a fit of rage.

Knowing Mia shared the same goal with him on the Mountana issue Teo’s spirit was lifted already.

Mia looked at him and smiled to herself.

Teo glanced back at her. ‘You can drive, uh? And you have your permit?’

Mia was taken aback. ‘Huh…? Oh, yes.’

Teo turned on the ignition and rolled out the car engine. ‘Well, it’s not like I’m tired. I just want you to drive since this trip is going to be an extension of work for you.’

He didn’t want to sound weak to Mia. He had only hidden his tiredness behind the excuse.

But Mia knew Teo was too tired to drive. She just smiled and was grateful the stubborn dude suggested sitting back and rest in the first place.

She didn’t know how to tell him to rest and let her drive.

Teo stepped out of the car as well as Mia. And the two exchanged seats.

Teo reclined his head against the head rest in the back seat.

He blared. ‘Let’s go find what those devils hid in Mountana, Miss Mia!’

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