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THE first lady didn’t need to hear from her husband firsthand to know a new trouble was brewing in the country.

Demi Jacobs just watched the news and heard that some financial organisation were stretching out a charitable hand to Kimberland to help rebuild the ruined Mountana City.

From the things the first lady knew of politics and politicking, she could tell something wasn’t right with the offer Utopia was making.

But then Demi didn’t know exactly what was wrong.

While she was still in the process of connecting the dots and arranging the puzzles of the astonishing events of the past few weeks, the clearer picture Demi had wanted to get came right in front of her.

Through the lens of her husband’s detail.

Jimi Jacobs went to his wife and told everything he had got to do with Utopia. He told Demi about the huge no-interest loan he got for his administration.

He told Demi how the rule of thumb was to keep all dealings with the financial organisation a thing of utmost confidentiality and secrecy.

And Jimi told his first lady how he had signed to the terms that allowed Utopia had had a grip on him.

And how that had escalated into the destruction of Mountana City.

Demi wasn’t as surprised with the details as her husband had expected her to be.

She had already been guessing Jimi’s administration must have taken a huge big loan to cover for the larger than life projects it had executed so far.

Besides, what could be more shocking for the first lady of Kimberland when the country had suddenly lost a whole city to a tragedy no one knows anything about.

Demi had also seen her agitated husband punched a tree until his fists bled, just days earlier.

Jimi’s details now were only like a confirmation of the first lady’s deductions.

Jimi concluded his long story, heaving a heavy sigh.

His last words had a worrisome mood.

‘Demi, if we let them in, they won’t stop at just acquiring Mountana. They’d go all the way to acquire the whole country, you know.’

Realising what Jimi had led the country into, the forty-three-year-old first lady knew Mountana was just the starting point for Utopia.

Being an economist herself, Demi was much aware of the fact that the acquisition of a company usually starts with purchasing a number of shares.

Or, simply forging some seemingly goodwill partnerships.

And it doesn’t just stop, until the company is fully acquired.

Utopia was not a company that acquired other companies. The organisation had a bigger appetite.

For it acquired not just companies. But countries.

Utopia’s plan with its dealings with Kimberland was to acquire the Southern African country.

The organisation had penetrated into Kimberland through the economy of the country.

And now, they’d proceed to take over Kimberland’s Mountana City to who knows where.

It was a serious problem and the first family knew it.

It wasn’t time to be accruing blame and Demi knew that already. Moreover, the first lady knew the weight of the guilt her husband carried was still so much heavy on him.

Demi decided to share in Jimi’s burden. She was determined to stand with her husband through the journey now.

Demi replied him. ‘I know, Jimi. I can predict where this acquisition game is headed. But we won’t sit down and fold our hands; and watch them take our country from us.

‘Yet we need to be really smart and calculative with the steps we take; so they don’t backfire.’

She sat up on the two seater sofa the couple were sitting in. ‘First of all, we need to buy ourselves some time so we can plan our next step well.’

Jimi looked on. He only cared more about listening to his wife.

He had always known Demi to be genius with ideas. And her high level intelligence since her early twenties was what attracted Jimi to her.

Some twenty something years before.

Demi went on. ‘Thank God we’ve confessed to God. God will definitely see us through.’

She paused for a bit and then an idea struck her mind.

‘Yeah… let’s have a press conference. Utopia has taken over the international media and is using the world’s media to pressure us into giving in to their offer.

‘So, make a press conference with our own media here. Make the press statement with a sincere expression like the one you have on you now.’

She finished her words. ‘I will write the words of your press release this time.’

Jimi nodded with a knowing smile.

He knew Utopia was in for a rude shock.


It was about five in the evening and Teo and Mia finally arrived at Mountana. In the Northern Province of Kimberland.

Teo parked the car at the city outskirts, far from the city ruins. And they walked cautiously into the debris of the ruins ahead.

They had walked for about forty-five minutes when they began to see much of ruins of the ex-city.

Teo had brought a drone with him and he flew the device over the city.

Mia and Teo picked up things on the ground as they matched along the ruins. And they examined the ruins in their hands closely.

After curious examination, the duo found their answer.

Mia had once been sent to an island in New Zealand where a volcano erupted, to cover the aftermath of the eruption for CVN.

Being a hardworking reporter, Mia had studied about dormant and active volcanos as well as volcanic eruptions before embarking on her work trip to New Zealand.

With the ash from the ruins of the burnt city spread out in Mia’s two palms in a careful study, the versed reporter could tell that the cause was not a volcanic eruption.

The specimen appeared in texture and physical composition exactly like ash from an explosion, rather than volcanic ash.

Moreover, if it the cause was an eruption, the duo couldn’t dare set feet on the core site right then. Because of the poisonous gases that would’ve saturated the atmosphere.

And if it were, the volcanic lava would still be discharging since the first day of eruption.

Yet another major observation Mia made was the fact that the city wasn’t almost buried in a mass of volcanic dusts as expected as the aftermath of an eruption.

The drone Teo flew over the city had covered the mountain where the assumed volcano was said to have erupted.

But Teo could see fresh and verdant greenery over and around the mountain.

It was unbelievable. An assumed volcanic eruption that had killed every living soul in the city couldn’t consume the green vegetation around it.

Teo and Mia were certain there was no volcanic eruption in Mountana as the news media had reported.

The duo was in agreement that it wasn’t an eruption that had turned the city of 800,000 souls into ruins and ashes.

It was something else which they had to find out at all cost.

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