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THE first citizen of Kimberland, along with his first lady, had only five days left. Until Utopia’s seven-day ultimatum.

Five days to plan a counter attack on Utopia.

Or, to simply concede defeat and welcome the multinational organisation to take over the ex-city of Mountana.

Jimi and Demi Jacobs had buried themselves in classified official documents for the past twelve hours.

The first couple were searching through the printed confidential documents for a breakthrough discovery in the dead-end situation their enquiry had led to.

Jimi decided that they take a long break. And the couple chose to rest at their private flower garden at the villa in the Rock Castle.

At the sequestered little garden, Jimi spoke about his son Jimi Jacobs Junior. For the first time in a long time.

‘You see,’ he began, ‘I didn’t tell you this because I’ve been overwhelmed by the weight of everything happening these days.

‘I called my son Jimi a day to the Mountana disaster. I wanted to meet with him, but he declined. He said he had some things to do at Mountana.

‘I guess he died along with the city residents. I’ve been hopefully trying to reach him ever since. His number goes through but no one picks up.’

Demi gasped with shock and covered her gaping mouth with a hand.

‘What do you mean?’ she quizzed. ‘Are you saying Jimi Junior is dead? This can’t be!’ A teardrop appeared in the corner of her left eye.

Jimi held his wife and warmly squeezed her hand.

‘I’m sorry I’m just telling you,’ he went on. ‘That was why I cried so much at the mass funeral on the first day of the year.’

He paused to swallow. ‘I couldn’t believe I found my one and only son, only to lose him to my greed and ambition!’ he moaned.

Jimi’s voice trembled as he spoke; and warm tears welled up in his eyes.

‘Utopia has taken so much from me, Demi. No, it’s not Utopia; I’m the very one at fault. I have murdered my own son with my bare hands.’

The couple held each other’s hands as they cried.

It was indeed a trying time for the first family.

And they themselves were all they’d got.


Teo had been intentionally ignoring President Jimi Jacobs’ calls since the Mountana incident.

Photo Credit: Storyblocks

At first, Teo Jimi Jacobs didn’t pick the calls because he just couldn’t. He was sick and was mourning his girlfriend.

But when his health was getting better and he could attend to his phone calls, he deliberately ignored his father’s calls.

Teo needed somebody to blame for Foye’s tragic death; and President Jacobs was the perfect target for the blame game.

Teo could pretend he didn’t resent the fact that he hadn’t got a father in his life all along.

He could pretend he was all right with the fact that his father hadn’t known he existed then.

And he could also say he was okay with the fact that his father was not always available to meet afterwards, because of his busy schedule.

But then, being hasty to blame his father for Foye’s death only attested to the fact that the young man had resented him all along.

Teo bore a deep hurt within his heart. He bore a huge grudge against the father who had never been there for him.

He disliked himself for seeking his father out, in fact.

And he couldn’t forgive himself appearing unnecessarily needy to a father that wasn’t worth looking for.

Even so, Teo knew the only one to unravel the mystery behind the Mountana incident was his father. President Jimi Jacobs.

Teo hated the fact that he would desperately need the man he loved to continue hating.

But he was desperate to find out why his Foye died.

It was now a battle between desperation and hatred in the battlefield of the young man’s emotions.

And only time could tell which one would win.


Jimi and Demi returned to their enquiry through the files of classified documents.

Photo Credit: AbsolutVision, Unsplash

In no time, Jimi came across a file that seemed to have the answer for their curious investigations.

The classified document file contained the report for a certain expedition search.

The search was for new mineral resources all around the country during a certain past president’s term.

Oye appeared smart enough to bury the answer deep within the crust of time.

The research team that combed through the entire Kimberland had discovered huge deposits of diamond.

Beneath the rocky mountains of Mountana City.

And they reported back to Oye, the then Minister of Economy and Finance.

While Oye gave out a huge compensation to the expedition team, he made them sign an oath of to ‘keep the result with utmost confidentiality.’

And what the cunning gamer meant was for the research team to simply keep their findings a ‘secret.’ In the slyest sense of the word.

But then, what Oye didn’t know was that there could be a question for every answer as much as there is an answer for every question.

And a question would even unearth a buried answer in order to query it.

Jimi saw the file in which the order was given to Oye by the past president to find new the mineral resources in Kimberland.

By studying through the documents, Jimi could tell Oye eventually found something. Even though the cunning old man stated nothing was found in the entire country.

Jimi heaved a sigh of relief. He decided at the instant to get to the root of the issue and find out more.

He put calls through to the necessary quarters.

The next day, group of miners and archeologists gathered at the ruined Mountana City on President Jacob’s order.

They would find out what lay beneath the ground of the ex-city.

And soon enough, Oye’s secret was uncovered.

For the team found diamond ore beneath Mountana’s pleasant highlands.

Photo Art: “Kenden” || Credits: David Edwards, ArtStation

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