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TEO’S desperation to find out the truth behind Foye’s death eventually won against his spite for his father.

Mia was frustrated at their powerlessness and at their inability to access vital information about the Mountana incidence.

She wished so much she knew the one with the highest authority in the country.

She wished she could request some sort of classified file with the very information the team of two needed.

The young lady was pacing up Teo’s living room. She paused once in a while to take a look at the white board where they’d scribbled their points.

Stopping a moment, she wondered aloud. ‘What is it about the land of Mountana?’

She picked herself up again and continued pacing about.

Teo sat quietly on a couch, staring at his phone in his hands.

The young man eventually decided to give his father a call. At the very least, he wanted to hear the Mountana case from the horse’s mouth.

He stared on for a while; his mind occupied with the thoughts on what he’d say to his father to get the information he wanted.

Suddenly, Mia exclaimed. ‘Oh my God!’ And it was the young woman’s sudden exclamation that brought back Teo’s attention.

Teo glanced up immediately and was only now reminded that Mia had been with him all along.

He returned his attention to his phone and had his fingers frivolously fumbled with the device.

Mia spoke up. ‘I just wish I know the first man in the country! It’d be a piece of cake getting access to the most classified information!’

‘You think so too?’ Teo quipped.

Mia retorted. ‘Of course, I do. Isn’t it an obvious fact?’

Teo was now sure he could go ahead to call his father.

He turned to Mia again. ‘Okay, Miss Mia; please let’s settle down for a while. I think it’s time we call President Jimi Jacobs now.’

Mia stared at Teo with quizzical eyes. It seemed he wasn’t joking around.

But she couldn’t make sense of what she just heard.

Call the President of Kimberland, or what?

Photo Credit: Daniel Roe, Unsplash


What Oye had kept secret about Mountana had been uncovered by Jimi Jacobs.

The president of Kimberland had now got a defense weapon; but he didn’t yet know how exactly to swing the shield.

It was now crystal clear to both Jimi and Demi Jacobs that their Special Adviser to the President on budget and economic matters was a part of Utopia.

That Oye had planned the grand conspiracy from the very beginning. And was actualising his devious machinations within the framework of Utopia’s mission.

Jimi paced about thinking all day. Now he’d got just three days left until Utopia’s seven-day ultimatum elapsed.

Demi knew they could win against Utopia with all the evidences they’d gathered so far.

But she, too, wasn’t sure of how to use the evidences against Utopia without Jimi and her getting hurt.

It struck her hard that the only way to use all the evidences they’d gathered against Utopia to give a fatal blow was for they themselves to come open to all and sundry about the Utopia loan.

It was a secret loan that had become a binding legal covenant; with a forfeit of land as its price for non-compliance.

It was a secret contract that had afterwards claimed, not just land, but the entire people of the land in gruesome cold blood murder.

Photo Credit: Zoonar/A.ivanov

It was a covenant of death that could not be appealed to any court on planet Earth.

For the evil genius that wrought that inhuman deed even held sway over the listening ears of any human court.

The Kimberland first lady reasoned that confessing about the secret Utopia loan itself, as much as it’d shock and incapacitate Utopia, wouldn’t go without hurting she and her husband, too.

The first family weren’t ready to take the risk. They wanted an easier way out.

While the couple were still in search of a better way to beat Utopia, Jimi’s phone rang.

And it was Teo his son calling.

Jimi was surprised when he saw the caller’s identity. He’d assumed Teo was dead. But now he was even confused.

But he was curious to know who the caller was. He wanted to confirm if it was really his son. And he dearly wished it was his son.

Jimi picked up the call and waited for caller to speak first.

‘Hello, it me Teo Jimi Jacobs,’ the voice resounded from the other end.

The president’s heart leaped hearing Teo’s voice. He was delighted to know his son was alive.

The older man interposed in a trembling voice. ‘Jimi, how are you? How are you, really? I’ve been trying to reach you. I’m…I’m…’

Teo cut in with a smirk. ‘Huh, you thought I was dead?’

Mia was with Teo while he made the call.

And the young lady was absolutely confused.

She was just getting over the bewilderment that Teo was going to call the president of Kimberland. Now, this too.

‘Teo Jimi Jacobs,’ she wondered quietly.

Mia had only known Teo with his first name and she’d never bothered about his full name.

But now, she was learning he even shared a name with the country’s president. And the call conversation was rather so informal.

Mia looked at Teo in askance, while the young man was busy talking on phone.

‘Could it be… that this man is somehow the president’s son?’ she thought for a while, marking Teo’s gestures.

‘Oh… that must be it!’ she admitted frankly.

The discovery was overwhelming for Mia.

She was slowly digesting it while another thought hit her.

And this time around, it wasn’t about Teo and President Jimi Jacobs. But about her.


Jimi could tell his son was angry.

Teo had many reasons to be angry; and Jimi wasn’t sure which of the reasons his son was angry about.

He wanted to see Teo and before he could suggest the idea of meeting, Teo beat him to it.

‘I’m sure we have a lot to talk about,’ Teo said, his voice a little stern.

Jimi decided to be silent and listen to his angry son.

Teo went on. ‘Let’s meet where we used to. This evening. I’ll take the subway.’

Jimi made an acquiescing grunt.

‘I will be coming with my girlfriend,’ Teo added; ‘I believe you don’t mind.’

Mia was stunned at Teo’s last statement. Her belly tightened up and her heart leapt within its cavity.

What was that? Girlfriend? Was Teo asking her out, or something? She was dead sure she heard the young dude correctly.

At the other end, Jimi knew Teo wasn’t asking for his approval.

The girlfriend idea seemed out of context but Jimi was prepared to receive any verdict passed on him by his angry son.

He didn’t question the idea. He just wanted to see the son he’d thought was dead. He wanted to see him happy, even if his dear son wanted to bring along his significant other.

Jimi didn’t need to tell his wife about the conversation he’d just had with Teo. The call was on speaker and Demi heard everything.

And at the other end, Mia was waiting for Teo’s explanation.

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