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TEO knew he had a lot to explain to Mia.

But of all the things he’d got to explain, the girlfriend issue which occupied the first place on Mia’s priority list, was the very least on Teo’s mind.

Mia was silent. She knew what to ask first, but she wanted to hear Teo answer on his own volition.

She only stared at the young dude with expectant eyes.

Teo spoke up. ‘My full name is Teo Jimi Jacobs. President Jimi Jacobs is my father.’

The young man paused for a while. He knew the next thing he should address was about him referring to Mia as his girlfriend.

He thought of what to say for a little bit and then he blabbed around the issue.

‘It’s… it’s not like I want you to be my girlfriend right now, or something.

‘You know I… I just lost Foye and it sounds inappropriate to be already attracted to… I mean… it’s not like you…you erm… it’s not like that you aren’t beautiful…’

Teo realised he was sounding so stupid already.

He didn’t want to go on. The more he blabbered the more obvious it was that he was already smitten by the charming girl.

He thought hard and found another excuse. His face lit up in a second.

‘Yes, now I get it!’ he exclaimed, snapping his fingers.

‘Telling my father you’re my girlfriend is the only way he as the president can trust you enough to talk to us freely, regarding what we want to know.’

He warmed up to the young beautiful with a bright smile. ‘What do you think?’

But Mia had caught Teo already, and she could tell he’d absolutely fallen for her.

She decided to ignore it, though.

And she pretended to believe the young man’s last excuse.


Teo arrived with Mia at the meeting point in Gardon City. It was one of President Jacob’s adopted orphanages.

Teo and Mia didn’t have to wait long before Jimi arrived with his wife.

When the four had settled to talk, Teo was the first to open the discussion.

‘Do you know why I’m angry with you, sir?’ he queried.

Jimi thought for a little bit before he spoke up. ‘I’m not sure if it’s what I’m thinking,’ he replied, ‘but I think it’s because I haven’t been available for you all the while.’

Teo retorted. ‘Thank God you got that right!’

The young man went on.

‘At first, I assumed you were busy with state work. But then, even that state work you claimed you were busy with, failed!

‘About 800,000 lives were lost in Mountana – and my very girlfriend was there too!

‘I was planning to propose marriage to her when she’d returned. But she died in the Mountana tragedy!’

Jimi swallowed hard.

He understood Teo was angry; but he wasn’t expecting him to be that rude. He wasn’t comfortable with the manner Teo spoke. Yet he wasn’t in a position to be angry.

Jimi could understand why Teo was so angry with him. He had just lost his girlfriend.

‘I’m sorry about your loss, son; I am really sorry,’ he said.

Teo was quiet for a while. He checked the expression on his father’s face to see if he was sincere or not.

While the two men talked, Demi and Mia only sat and watched the reunion between father and son.

Mia had offered to excuse them when the two men began talking but Teo had denied her polite offer. He’d said there was nothing to hide.

Teo resumed talking after noting that his father felt enough remorse for his loss.

And now, he could dare to get him to reveal why the residents of Mountana died.

‘Well, thank you, sir,’ he said. ‘But that’s not the condolence your son needs. I want to know why Mountana residents died.

‘I want to know why my heartbeat, my Foye – why she died. I was going to ask her to marry me after years of dating, for crying out loud!

‘She’d been praying and waiting for that day to come, huh! But it never came! I’ve even built our house to propose a life journey with it!

‘So, I really want to know, Dad. Why did the people of Mountana died under your watch as the president?!’

Jimi heaved a heavy sigh and bowed his head.

He was touched and he trembled at how far reaching the Mountana tragedy was for his own son.

He wondered how much the tragic loss would mean to other millions of Kimberians.

Jimi raised his head after a while and spoke. ‘It’s a long story, son; and I will tell you everything,’ he said.

‘But before I continue,’ he added, ‘who is the young lady with you?’

Jimi reasoned that if Teo could know he was the president son all the while and he didn’t make a ruckus with his identity by informing the ever so inquisitive media; then, Teo truly knew the essence of family.

He admitted, too, that Teo was mature enough to handle more far-reaching secrets.

But the young woman Teo brought along was what the president wasn’t prepared for; with what he wanted to tell his son.

If Teo’s girlfriend died in Mountana; then, who is the lady he came with?

Teo knew his father could trust him but not the stranger with him. He thought for a while before he answered his father’s question.

‘She is a friend,’ Teo replied. ‘Don’t tell me you are being skeptical about her presence,’ he added.

He went on in a bit. ‘We already discussed family issues with her here. She knows you are my father already too. Now we are on to state issues and you are being skeptical?’

The president was rather caught off-guard. ‘No, that’s not,’ he replied; ‘I just want to be sure you don’t mind her being here,’ he said with a tinge of diplomacy in his words.

Teo’s lips curled up in a little smile. ‘Okay. Now that you’re sure, Dad; can you now tell me why the people of Mountana – including my girlfriend – died?’

Jimi looked to his wife and she held his hand and nudged him on.

Jimi decided to go on and talk about everything. He decided that Utopia’s secrets would no longer remain a secret.

Utopia’s strengths seemed to him to lodge in the secrecy of its deals. Jimi was henceforward going to come open about every dark secret involving him with Utopia.

And dare even the consequences.

Jimi told his son everything. From his ambition to be the best leader to the desperation that led him to take a loan from Utopia.

Jimi explained the deal with Utopia and how Mountana was ruined. And how he connected the diamond issue in Mountana with the tragedy.

And how no one knew about the diamond before except his Special Adviser.

Jimi was so desperate for a turnaround that he confessed every evil deed and every dark secret.

The middle aged man concluded his account with the issue of seven-day ultimatum to allow Utopia into Mountana for a rebuild of the city.

And he showed Teo the email Utopia sent him.

By the time Jimi was concluding his story, his eyes were already filled with tears.

Teo’s mountain of anger had crumbled into a vast ocean, with the sincerity in his father’s words.

He knew everything was Jimi’s fault. His ambition. His desperation for fame and glory. His constant negotiation with evil. Everything.

But then, seeing how remorse his father felt already, there was no need pointing out the flaw.

Teo stood up and paced about a few times.

He wasn’t going to criticise his father. Rather he was thinking of a way out for the man he was angry with a while ago.

Mia had come for an exclusive but the truth behind the Mountana story she’d just heard from the president was more than she could take.

It was some grand, epic conspiracy than what she was used to hearing. It was a 21st century territory conquest she had never heard of as a news reporter.

She was dazed and dumbfounded.

Teo reasoned that, with Utopia’s seven-day ultimatum, more cities could be turned to ruins if the president didn’t do their bid.

And if the president did as he was ordered, it’d be a great loss for the country and injustice for the sleeping souls of Mountana.

Teo was just done thinking. He came back to his seat and spoke at length.

He began. ‘Dad, a few years ago during your campaign, there was an emphasis on the fact that you are a Christian.

‘Even people from other religion casted their votes for you, with the trust that a follower of Christ is always righteous.

‘Kimberians trusted Christ in you and casted their hopes on you to lead them well.’

He paused a moment and went on.

‘I am not going to blame nor judge you, Dad. I’m sure you know your faults already. What I will advise you to do is to go back to the basis. Back to who you were.’

Jimi nodded with a quiet sigh.

Teo continued. ‘You have to confess to the whole nation, Dad. You have sinned against Heaven and against them – just like the prodigal son told his father.

‘I’m glad you’ve confessed to God and your wife. But you haven’t found a way out of the quagmire only because you haven’t reconciled with the people you traded for glory.’

Jimi heaved a sigh.

Teo went on. ‘And that’s why the Bible says, “He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.” That’s Proverbs chapter 28 and verse 13.’

Teo sat up. ‘You see,’ he continued, ‘like the Lord Jesus said, you can’t have a plank in your eyes and try to remove a speck in another person’s eyes.

‘That means that you can’t effectively expose Utopia’s evil to the world, if you yourself aren’t ready to confess your misdeed that started everything!’

Jimi acquiesced with a slight grunt. He knew his son was absolutely right.

Teo spoke on.

‘As for that binding contract with that monstrous devil organisation, God Himself has said something about your deliverance, Dad. We only have to prayerfully claim it.’

Jimi was eager to know what it was.

Teo brought out a pocket Bible from his handbag and leafed through its pages. ‘I’m reading from Isaiah chapter 49 and verses 24 through 25,’ he said.

Teo went on. ‘It reads, Dad: “Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive delivered?

‘“But thus says the LORD: ‘Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away; and the prey of the terrible be delivered; for I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will save your children.’”’

Both Jimi and Demi let out a deep breath. ‘Thank God!’ they muttered.

They were both grateful for such a great promise.

‘More so, Dad,’ Teo went on, ‘God’s word says in Isaiah 28 and verse 18 that the “covenant with death shall be annulled”, and the “agreement with hades will not stand.”’

Jimi continued to listen quietly to his son speak.

‘Dad,’ Teo went on, ‘when you pray fervently, confess your deal with Utopia and expose them, that monster organisation will lose its grip on you.

‘Utopia has killed the people of Mountana already, there’s no reason why we should allow that devil to lay further claim on Mountana City.

‘But if you continue to hide your sin, you will continue to be Utopia’s legal slave. Because along with your sins, you will be hiding theirs too!’

Teo sat up. ‘Mum once told me the story of grandma’s duck when I was boy.

‘I was always defensive and lied whenever I was questioned about my stealing meat in the pot of soup.

‘So, mum told me the story one night. And that ended my defensive habit.’

Teo paused for a moment, looked into his father’s keen eyes and began to tell the story.

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