#PENALTY WebNovel: Chapter 8

THE much anticipated day for Quitalia’s second match eventually came.

In the ongoing 2018 World Cup at the North African Quitalia.

The evening match was played in Damaji. Quitalia’s second biggest city after the capital Mailora.

It was a match against the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

And it was expected to be a long, tough match for Quitalia’s Desert Camels playing against West African Nigeria. That very same nation called the Giant of Africa.

It was the first time ever that the Desert Camels would be pitched against the country’s Super Eagles in a football match.

The eleven-man lineup of the Quitalian national team held their hand over their heart, as they solemnly chanted their national anthem.

While the media’s camera view glossed over the long wall of the eleven sportsmen, it stayed its focus on Tai VeShadd…

The man who always did what no other footballer could do.

VeShadd’s face was blank and his expression plain.

The twenty-year-old sportsman was able to mask his worries and guilt with an inscrutable face.

No matter how long it took to gaze at the young dude, no one would be able to tell what battle was going on within his skull.

The Nigerian team also took their national anthem. And then, the match kicked off.

Nigeria had a formation of 4:3:3 formed by her foreign coach.

Quitalia had a crazy formation of 2:3:5.

Quitalia’s formation was suggested by the team’s exceptional captain and goalkeeper, Tai VeShadd.

And it was approved by the coach. For he trusted VeShadd and the two defenders to do an incredible work in guarding their post.

It didn’t take too long for the Desert Camels to realise that the Nigerian Super Eagles weren’t at the World Cup to ultimately win the trophy.

Credits: Robert Bye, Unsplash

A draught of passion, fervor and drive seemed all too obvious in the manner in which the expatriate studded team played.

The Super Eagles played the match with some sort of apathy and dispiritedness like some sort of mercenaries.

It was just the 5th minute of the 1st half when the Desert Camel’s best striker landed a surprising goal in Nigeria’s net.

Quitalia’s jubilation was surprisingly brief for such an early goal; as the players took back their formation to resume playing.

Nigeria was trying to warm up when Quitalia landed another goal at the 21st minute.

It was Quitalia’s best striker again.

Before Nigeria could recover from the rude shock, Quitalia’s second best striker won yet another goal at the 37th minute of the games.

The first half of the terrific match soon ended with a 3:0 score.

Yet the Desert Camels weren’t contented.

The beginning of the 2nd half of the match saw Nigeria making an early replacement for one of its strikers.

The new Super Eagles striker came in with a fervor of a hooting train or a bulldozer that had lost all control.

And by the 50th minute, he’d created an energetic goal for the Super Eagles.

Quitalia’s Coach Alhi was the greedy type and one who would never be contented with little.

He couldn’t take Super Eagles getting back at the Desert Camels at all.

And so, he changed one of his defenders at the 60th minute while, at the same time, Nigeria changed another of his strikers.

The last minute of the entire match soon came and had a foul recorded within Nigeria’s Box 18.

In a moment, Quitalia’s goalkeeper VeShadd joined the players in the interior.

And Staka played the penalty kick but missed; as the rolling ball hit the top left corner of the goal post and skidded backwards into the pitch.

VeShadd stopped the ball and fired an angry shot into Nigeria’s net.

It was a fantastic last minute goal.

The incredible match ended with Quitalia beating Nigeria with a 4:1 goal score.

And the Super Eagles of Nigeria became small little sparrows… in the eyes of the Desert Camels of Quitalia.


VeShadd’s goal was the conviction Coach Alhi needed.

He’d been worried the ace footballer wouldn’t be able to deliver anymore for the World Cup since the crime incident after the opening match about a week earlier.

For a moment, VeShadd was submerged in the thrill of the sports that he forgot the worries.

But then, as he got back to the dressing room after the match, the young dude reluctantly picked up the worries and guilt again.

The curtain had fallen. The light was out and the play was over. The goals were delivered and the match was done with.

For it was a momentary break from the guilt and the gloom for the young sportsman.

Now VeShadd had to put off his act for the time being and get back to reality.

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Copyright © 2020 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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