#PENALTY WebNovel: Chapter 10

IT had been three days since Beya Jan’il’s parents had been at the Planetario Hotels, tending to their unconscious daughter hospitalized in Suite 701.

The hotel room was Tai VeShadd’s, and which he recently vacated since the crime incident.

The nineteen-year-old Beya lay in coma on the king sized hotel bed; a broad strip of bandage wound around her little head.

At the head of the patient’s head stood a huge surgical lighting equipment, which appeared to have been used during an emergency brain surgery given Beya immediately after the crime incident.

Beside the operating lights stood an unused medical ventilator, that appeared to have been used and done with at the time of the emergency procedure.

The mighty World Union itself had successfully turned a crime scene into a cover-up surgery…

An executive hotel room into an exclusive hospital room…

And a victimized person into a vegetative patient.


Barrister and Engineer Jan’il had both been made to sign documents involving an oath of secrecy, in exchange for access to their hopelessly sleeping daughter.

They were coerced by the powerful World Union into signing the agreement that they weren’t going to sue or blow up the issue in any way at all.

Yet, the anxious, desperate parents had got to sign the documents of coercion without blinking. Just so they could see their poor teenage child and be by her side.

Mrs Jan’il, a civil engineer, had been by the sickbed, nursing her daughter while crying day in, day out.

Her husband had also been anxious and restless since they came to stay by their only daughter.

Barrister Jan’il was a renowned and accomplished human rights lawyer in Quitalia.

But he couldn’t believe that while the rights of his only daughter was being trampled on mercilessly, he was entirely powerless both as a good father and as a lawyer who had never lost a case.

All the barrister could do was to sign the issue away even before it ever became a case.

It was the wisest decision to make as a father. The only choice he could make to save his only daughter.

It was a total shame to his career as a human rights lawyer and to his position as a father.

His family was being shattered into potsherds before his very own eyes and his hands were tied that he couldn’t do anything about it.

That night as he sat back in a couch in the executive hotel suite, he became absolutely frustrated with the status quo.

The man watched his wife as she cried her eyes out.

And for the first time, he remembered how fragile his wife’s mental health was. For she battled clinical depression.


Beya’s mum could crash down into a crisis if she kept crying all day. Mr Jan’il couldn’t afford to lose his precious wife at the same time.

Mr Jan’il picked himself up and walked to his wife’s side.

‘Darling,’ he called in a soft voice, turning to his wife. ‘You know Beya is a strong girl, right? She’ll absolutely get through this…

‘Let’s be strong for her too, darling. She’s only taking a nap from everything stressful and she’ll wake up soon enough, dear. Believe me!

‘We can only take care of Beya when we ourselves aren’t breaking down, you know. Beya won’t like to see you have a crisis at such a critical time as this, uh?

‘So, my dear, you need to freshen up first, eat good food and rest a little. That way, we’ll be coming back with a clearer head to nurse our precious daughter back to life!’

Mr Jan’il finished with a nod. ‘I can assure you that!’

Mrs Jan’il broke into tears at those touching words of encouragement. Her husband gave her a roll of tissue to dab her tears and he patted her on the back.

After a moment, the couple waved their daughter a see-you-soon bye.


Tai VeShadd turned the last corner as he approached Suite 701.

He saw the couple leaving the suite, lightly closing the door behind them.

He quickly judged the adults to be Beya’s parents.

The young dude halted in his pace at once, tuned his back on the two adults, placed his phone to his ear and acted as though he was receiving a call.

He let the parents pass by without making himself noticeable.

And when the two had gone out of sight, VeShadd walked stealthily to the hotel room and closed the door behind him.

His eyes bulged out when he saw Beya still unconscious. He was dazed as he saw his concealed crime embodied right before him.

VeShadd walked closer and stood by the bedside, staring at Beya’s helpless frame.

He was lost of words. He didn’t know what to do or say.

VeShadd bowed himself to touch the sleeping soul and called with a trembling, sober voice.

‘Beya! Beya!’

When Beya couldn’t reply a word, the situation dawned on the young, accomplished sportsman.

He staggered a few steps back; his mouth gaping wide with shock.

He held a hand to the wall to stabilise himself. And then, he sat on a seat by the bedside as tears formed in his eyes.

‘I’m really sorry, Beya,’ he began in a low, trembling voice. ‘I’m terribly sorry I did this to you!

‘You really just liked me unreservedly but I foolishly thought I can pay you back for doting on me.

‘I thought I should pay you back, but all I could think of to appreciate you with was something so cheap and selfish.

‘I don’t know why you picked me of many superstars. I don’t know why you’d create the fan club and gave a dark, unsociable life a colourful light.

‘All I can do in life is play football. But you suddenly appeared and gave me dreams of love and friendship. I began to smile thanks to you, Beya!

‘So, I thought I should hold on to you at all cost. I thought I should repay you for giving my life some real brightness.

‘I thought I should love you. I thought I should date you. I thought I should have you.’

He looked at Beya, shook his head in sorrow and sighed.

He went on in a moment. ‘I wanted to treat you like a woman for how you adored me.

‘The feelings weren’t just there so I put in more effort. But I only ended up hurting you!

‘Ah, I’m so sorry for everything, Beya! I’m sorry for misinterpreting your admiration for me as you wanting me whole!

‘I’m sorry for getting the wrong idea about it eventually, and thinking you can only be craving to have me with that sort of liking!

‘I thought you must really find me irresistible. Ah, I must have been sick to have that kind of thought!’

He paused to swallow and went on in a bit.

‘I’d thought dating you was the good thing I could do to appreciate you. But when you knew my intention and turned me down, I felt so really small!

‘I felt humiliated and ashamed. But rather than apologise, I got really, really angry.

‘Ah I’m so sorry for being a monster, Beya! I’m so terribly sorry for hurting you!’

Tears rolled down VeShadd’s face.

The feeling of guilt enveloped the young dude and the only way he could let it out was to let the tears roll.

He gazed at Beya for a while. And he could see a stream of tear roll down the corner of her eyes, and down her temple.

He took out his hankie, leaned closer to the sleeping beauty and wiped her subconscious tears.

‘Aw… so sorry, Beya,’ he whispered, ruefully. ‘I’m really so sorry!’

While VeShadd gazed at his number one fan’s closed, lifeless eyes, his own mind travelled down the memory pathway.

To the incident that happened that fateful night of the crime.

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