#PENALTY WebNovel: Chapter 11

THE night of the crime incident, Beya had followed after Quitalia’s national team as their bus headed back to the Planetario Hotels.

It was after the opening match of the ongoing World Cup hosted in Quitalia…

And in which the successful Tai VeShadd caught the world’s glorious attention again – with a fantabulous, record breaking goal.

Beya followed behind to take closer shots of VeShadd.

She was going to share the exclusive photos to the other fans at VeShadd’s fan club which she created.

When the footballers eventually arrived at the five-star hotel, Beya rushed up close to the them as they jumped down from the huge bus and walked into the hotel.

The energetic girl captured the animated moment in several shots, with the peculiar gleeful smiles in Tai VeShadd’s face.

As the footballers went out of sight, the nineteen-year-old girl sat down on a seat pavement outside the hotel skyscraper and scrolled through the pictures on her camera.

She gazed at VeShadd’s celestial smile she was able to capture. And she felt so great and fulfilled.

She dearly wished to show this peculiar pictures to VeShadd himself, but it was already about a few minutes past eleven that night.

She looked around and noted how fully lit up and lively everywhere was.

The executive hotel knew no night at all, she assured herself.

For she desperately needed to show his idol how she’d captured those gorgeous smiles of victory.

She thought to try, and she brought out her phone.

She texted VeShadd.

I really got your best shot today. Just now when you were entering the hotel.

You had a great big smile in the shots I took like you’ve never had before! I guess the winning goal you scored must’ve been thrilling for you.

 Big congrats to you!

VeShadd saw the text immediately it was sent. He was so curious to see what the pictures looked like.

A call came in on Beya’s phone immediately.

And it was VeShadd.

Credits: Storyblocks

Beya didn’t know when she jumped on her feet. She was absolutely delighted that the ace footballer called back.

‘Hello!’ she whispered.

‘Hey,’ VeShadd called, ‘are you still around the hotel premises?’

Beya excitedly hummed a yes. ‘Uh-oh.’

‘Can I take a look at the pictures. I like to pick the ones you’ll be sharing this time around.’

‘Okay,’ Beya retorted.

‘Meanwhile,’ VeShadd continued, ‘there’s a party just starting here but I won’t be staying.

‘I’ll go leave the keys to my suite at the reception now and inform them you’ll come for it in about five minutes. You can make it, right?’

‘Uh-oh,’ Beya hummed.

VeShadd went on. ‘You’ll just wait for me in the room for a bit while I just show my face at the party.’

He finished. ‘I won’t take long in join you at all. So we can talk while I check through the pictures.’

Beya replied. ‘That’s okay.’

Soon enough, Beya got the keys at the reception and waited for VeShadd in his hotel room.

The twenty-year-old ace footballer eventually arrived after quite a while.

‘I’m so sorry I’m late,’ he said as he walked into the hotel room.

‘I thought it won’t be good if I don’t appear at the party at all,’ he explained. ‘So I stayed for a bit till we clinked our wine glasses. I hope you didn’t wait for so long.’

Beya got up to receive him.

‘I just arrived actually,’ she said, trying not to make VeShadd feel bad about keeping her waiting.

‘In any case,’ she added with a smile as she spun herself around, ‘I’ve been spending time since I came in, exploring the executive suite occupied by the world’s best goalkeeper!’

‘Oh come on!’ VeShadd chuckled, brushing her arm with a hand.

Beya went on with a thrill in her voice.

‘And now I’m thinking of being a footballer myself,’ she joked. ‘Just if this sort of hotel room will be part of my fringe benefits!

VeShadd burst into laughter. And Beya joined laughing.

‘Oh my,’ VeShadd chuckled, ‘you always bring out that laughing side of me, honestly!’

‘Oh, that reminds me,’ he quipped as he took a seat a settee; ‘you brought the pictures in which I really smiled, right?’

‘Yep,’ Beya retorted as she sat beside him and took out her phone tablet. ‘I’ll show you now.’

‘You see,’ VeShadd interposed, ‘ever since I started my career, the sports media have never been able to capture my smile.

‘Even when I celebrate scoring a rare goal as a goalkeeper, they still don’t capture me smiling at all! I guess they aren’t as good as you, Beya.’

Beya smiled. ‘No, they’re good. They only couldn’t capture your smile simply because you hardly ever smile.’

VeShadd chuckled. ‘Oh, it’s that so?’

‘Uh-oh,’ Beya hummed.

‘Anyway,’ VeShadd interposed, ‘I’ll still congratulate you for the milestone you achieved, Beya.’

VeShadd stretched a hand to her. ‘So, congratulations for being able to capture the most expensive smile in the world!’ he gleamed.

Beya met VeShadd’s stretched hand with her tablet instead.

‘Why not take a look at the pictures first, uh? You can take the time and check them out one after another.’

VeShadd took the tablet from Beya and started scrolling through the pictures.

The sportsman was absolutely impressed. ‘Wow,’ he gasped, the pictures are so gorgeous!’

‘Yeah, ’cause the man in them is so, so gorgeous,’ Beya quipped with a beautiful smile.

VeShadd glanced at her and caught her enchanting smile. ‘Thanks for capturing these for me, Beya.’

Beya nodded. And then she asked, ‘So, which of the pictures do you like me to post for your fan club?’

VeShadd bowed his head and scrolled through the pictures again. ‘Mm, let me see!’ he muttered.

In a bit, the sportsman tossed the device on the table.

‘Are you through with them already?’ Beya queried.

‘Oh no, I’m not,’ VeShadd replied. ‘I’ve got something else to tell you and I think it’s sort of more important than the pictures.’

Beya sat up. ‘Okay, I’m listening,’ she said.

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Copyright © 2020 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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