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#PENALTY WebNovel: Chapter 12

VESHADD put aside Beya’s phone tablet, where he was checking the fantastic pictures of him that the lovely young woman captured.

He sat up where he sat beside Beya in the comfy couch of his hotel suite.

‘I’ve got something else to tell you’, he said, ‘and I think it’s sort of more important than the pictures.’

Beya sat up. ‘Okay, I’m listening.’

VeShadd began. ‘I really appreciate the beautiful things you do. You’re so generous in being good to me. And I must tell you, I’ve never been this loved before!’

The sportsman paused, gave a little breath and went on in a moment.

‘I don’t want to be an ingrate, Beya. I want to pay you back for being so loving to me. I want us to date. I want you to be my girlfriend.

‘I want you to be more than my fan, more than any girl. I want to have you as mine.’

His eyes lingered on her for an understanding.

Beya didn’t believe VeShadd’s words.

‘Are you saying you want to pay me back for being your fan and the only way to pay me back is to make me your girlfriend?’

VeShadd nodded gently.

Beya was astonished. She shot a surprising look at the footballer.

‘I’m not doing all this to date you, no. I just admire you and love all you stand for. I only admire you and, truthfully, that’s all!’

VeShadd had a response ready. ‘Okay; if you say that, I believe you. But be my girlfriend, Beya.’

Beya couldn’t take the scenario anymore.

‘I’m really sorry I have to turn you down, VeShadd,’ she said. ‘I like you a lot, yes. But it’s nothing more than a sincere admiration and respect!

‘I admire you like a public figure and like a big brother; and I am so sure it’s not about being your girl. You are like a super big brother to me, honestly!’

VeShadd’s ego was bruised. He was getting angrier and fiercer by now.

He yelled out all of a sudden. ‘You scream my name every now and then. You practically stalk me to take my pictures.

‘You talk with me and laugh with me. I tell you things I can’t tell others… And yet I’m just a like friend or brother to you? Huh!?’

Beya wondered what’d gotten over VeShadd with the way he was getting aggressive over her response.

VeShadd spat on. ‘You just told me a while ago that I’m really so gorgeous. Are you playing with me, Beya? Huh?!’

Beya thought to clear the misunderstanding.


‘No, I’m not,’ she replied. ‘If you have feeling for me then we can say I’m playing with your feelings. But you and I know you don’t have any feelings for me.

‘I don’t have feelings for you too, VeShadd.

‘If I have feelings for you then I’d have been angry over the fact that the only reason you’ve got for wanting to date me was to pay me back for being your fan.

‘But then, I’m not angry – despite how insulting that statement sounds to me.

‘VeShadd, we don’t have feelings for each other and we don’t owe each other any feelings too.’

She paused and then finished in a moment.

‘Let me continue to be your fan and you continue to be my superman. That’s all I ask.’

VeShadd jumped to his feet in a boiling temper.

He was dazed at how calm and collected Beya was in rejecting him.

He felt disrobed and humiliated. He felt enraged for being refused by a fan girl.

His glorious ego was soiled by someone who seemed so ordinary. He felt so small and felt so angry.

He shouted down into Beya’s face.

‘Are you doing this because you think you are a part of my fame story? Are you doing this because you think you have me in your palm?

‘I have everything to be your man. What else do you need?

‘Do I have to sleep with you to show you I’m neither your friend nor your brother?


Beya was shocked at VeShadd’s words. She got up to her feet.

‘What is wrong with you, VeShadd?’ she queried; staring at him with an astonished look in her face.

‘Why will you sleep with me to prove a point to me. I guess you are stressed already. Let me be on my way.’

The young woman began packing her phone tablet and photo camera into her bag.

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‘You are running away now!’ VeShadd yelled. ‘Do I look like a monster that may eat you up? Huh?!’

Beya was silent as she rushed to pack her things into her bag.

The footballer couldn’t take it anymore as his anger boiled like hot volcanic lava.

VeShadd rushed to the door and bolted it up. ‘Do I look like a monster huh?!’ he snarled viciously.

Beya was terrified beyond words. She gasped in shock.

Instantly, some electrifying rage surged through VeShadd’s blood capillaries like a shock wave, as she wondered what the fan girl took him for?

VeShadd charged towards Beya, snarling with a malicious voice.

‘Ain’t I a man?! Hey, ain’t I a man to you?!’

Beya cowered frightfully and crouched low into a small bundle as she screamed hard.


VeShadd came on Beya’s little frame, forcefully carried her small bundle and threw her on his bed.

There was a fierce struggle between the two. And the more Beya struggled to free herself from VeShadd the more the footballer got angry.

He kept yelling into Beya’s face.

‘Who are you to refuse me, huh?! Hey, who are you to treat me as less man? Just who d’ you think you are?!’

As Tai VeShadd sadly had his way with the poor woman in a minute, the young man metamorphosed in Beya’s perception within a microsecond…

From a celestial star… to a lowly mortal… and to a degenerate beast.

Beya was torn with tears immediately afterwards. And she hurried to leave the haunting presence of the cursed beast.

VeShadd felt absolutely empty and unfulfilled. He felt like the loser after all.

‘You can’t leave me now,’ he yelled; his eyes moist with tears.

He rushed to grapple with Beya as she packed her things.

He blurted. ‘I’ve got everything together just a while ago and your presence here has ruined everything! You can’t leave me now, huh!’

Beya struggled to free herself from VeShadd’s tight grip.

And with all the force she could muster, she threw VeShadd off and the young man fell on the bed exhausted.

Beya rushed to the door to head out before VeShadd could get up.

But getting to the door, she anxiously fumbled with the lock – as her hands trembled on the door keys.

VeShadd rushed to get hold of a small exotic masterpiece ceramic vase that adorned the bedside bureau furniture.

The masterpiece in the executive hotel suite was an original design of an exotic limited edition.

Made with a dense mix of clay from both Kashmir Valley and Grand Canyon, and glazed superrich with Egyptian enamel glaze, the ceramic masterpiece came out a weighty, deluxe pottery vase.

VeShadd carried the small weighty vase and rushed to Beya at the door.

Beya turned back to see a furious VeShadd rushing up to her.


The young woman cowered in terror; leaning on the door and covering her face with both hands.

‘You can’t walk out on me!’ VeShadd screamed. ‘You can’t humiliate me and still walk out on me!’

Beya screamed as VeShadd came close to her.

The footballer couldn’t take the alarm and he smashed the pottery vase on her forehead.

Beya came slumping down to the ground.

And as she fell over, she got her side pierced by the sharp and pointed edge of a metallic palm tree sculpture sitting close to the door.

VeShadd’s eyes bulged out and he rushed to grab her.

But the young woman slumped down to the floor before the footballer could catch her; blood gushing out from her head and side.

VeShadd sat on the ground in the pool of Beya’s blood.

He glanced at his weapon on the floor. And he saw a crack in the inner stem wall of the dense, heavy ceramic vase.

He turned around and stared at the limp blood soaked body sprawled out on the floor in front of him.


He gasped in utter shock and dread.

‘Ah, Beya! Beya!’

But it was already too late. The deed had been done.

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