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#PENALTY WebNovel: Chapter 14

BEYA’S surgeon wasn’t ready to divulge information to an enquiring VeShadd.

Tai VeShadd had been urging Dr Raiib to tell him about the sleeping Beya’s medical state but the chief surgeon hadn’t been yielding.

The silent Dr Raiib only responded every once in a while along the same line.

‘I’m sorry; I can’t tell you anything,’ he religiously maintained.

VeShadd said everything to convince the renowned middle aged surgeon and he was becoming frustrated and angry.

But the successful sportsman knew he’d got to hold down his anger, since he needed the chief surgeon to talk.

Well, since Tai VeShadd saw Beya in her coma state, the picture slide in his head had refused to change over from that of the unconscious beautiful young woman.

The footballer had been overwhelmed with guilt. VeShadd felt sorry for Beya and he wanted to take some responsibility for his crime.

Taking responsibility seemed to be the only way the young man could free his guilt burdened mind.

He’d come to pay another visit to the unconscious young woman in the hotel suite.


And he thought of transferring her to a standard hospital, where she could continue her treatment with more care.

When VeShadd met with Raiib to make enquiries about Beya’s condition, the task he’d thought would be simple was now becoming an ordeal.

The sportsman finally came to a conclusion of what to do.

‘If pleading, blackmail or even threatening this man with my status doesn’t work on him,’ he thought, ‘then I think I’ve got to use the plain truth!’

VeShadd’s nerves calmed in a moment. The young man wanted to sound sincere since everything he would be saying would be the truth.

He knelt down before the middle aged doctor and the latter was shocked at the sportsman’s awkward gesture.

Raiib was about to repeat his monotonous line when VeShadd interposed with an impassioned tone of voice.

‘I am the patient’s assaulter, Doctor!’ VeShadd began, as Raiib stopped to listen.

‘Beya created my fan club. But I misunderstood her and thought she liked me as a man.

‘I caused everything here, Doctor; it’s all my fault.

‘I raped Beya and even smashed her head with a vase; and she collapsed! I put Beya in that state!’

Tears formed in VeShadd’s eyes.


‘I know you must’ve been instructed by the chief coach to keep everything secret. But I really need your help.

‘I’ve come to my senses and I want to take responsibility for what I’ve done somehow.

‘I want to know how Beya is. I really want to know when she’ll come awake and just what I can do to make her recover soon. Please help me sir!’

VeShadd wiped the tears from his eyes with his hankie.

Dr Raiib was moved, seeing the tears in the sportsman’s eyes.

He raised VeShadd up to a seat. ‘Okay; I’ll tell you all you need to know. Have your seat first.’

Both VeShadd and Raiib sat down in a settee at the hotel room.

‘But before we begin,’ the medical doctor said, ‘I want to be sure this conversation is between you and me alone, and will remain so afterwards.’

He motioned to VeShadd. ‘Bring out your phone. I need to be sure you aren’t recording this.’

VeShadd didn’t hesitate to show him his phone and he laid the phone down on the table right in front of them.

Raiib was satisfied.

‘Anyway,’ he said, ‘as the perpetrator I know you won’t be recording this conversation. But I still have to be sure, you know.’

He clamped his hands together for a second.

‘I’m a fan of yours but I hope you aren’t cross with me for not talking earlier? You see, I’m just a pawn in this game of chess; you VeShadd are the real deal!’

Raiib let out a deep breath and sat up.

‘When I receive a call that evening I wasn’t surprised,’ he began. ‘I knew as one of the best neurosurgeons the country has got… I knew I’ve got eyes on me.

‘I was suddenly summoned on phone by the chief medical director of our teaching hospital. I was told to come prepared for an urgent and equally important surgery.

‘I rushed straight to the teaching hospital. Only to be flown by a chopper here.

‘And that’s along with the best medical team as well as our most functional ICU equipment.’

VeShadd heaved a sigh.

‘Well, let’s stop talking about me for now,’ Raiib said; waving the topic off with a brisk sweep of a hand.

The middle aged medical doctor reclined himself a little.


‘When I first saw the patient here,’ he resumed speaking, ‘I knew with the high level of attention and confidentiality we were given in treating the case… I knew it must have to do with assault from one of the national team players.

‘But I didn’t expect it was going to be the renowned Tai VeShadd. I didn’t expect it to be you.’

VeShadd swallowed and let out a quiet breath.

Raiib went on.

‘Well, the CT scan we had on the patient’s brain showed a little internal bleeding. And we were able to stop it soon enough.

‘But she sustained another injury on her side below the diaphragm to the left. Thankfully, it was an area with little abdominal organs; and no internal organ was affected.’

Raiib looked into VeShadd’s eyes. ‘She must’ve been pierced at the side by some rough, pointed steel, right?’

VeShadd slowly nodded a yes.

‘Oh, pity!’ Raiib breathed; and VeShadd bowed his head.

‘She went comatose only because of the severe loss of blood at the side.

‘And it is good news that the other injury on her head from the assault wasn’t the cause of the severe bleeding…

‘So, I’m sure she’ll be perfectly fine. We hope she’d wake up sooner than later.

VeShadd was curious. ‘When exactly, Doctor?’

‘Oh, that we can’t say!’ Raiib replied. ‘We’ll have to keep watching her – her vital signs and all.’

VeShadd moved a little closer. ‘But is there anything at all we can do to get her to wake up soon enough?’

Raiib paused for a bit; giving a hesitant hum.

‘Well, we can medically stimulate her brain,’ he spoke eventually. ‘And while doing so, we have the music tracks she enjoys listening to, played in her hearing.

‘Or else have her favourite stories or poems read to her by a voice she’ll love to hear.’

VeShadd looked down and scrambled the floor with a foot.


‘But, you see,’ Raiib continued, ‘the brain stimulation is still a relatively new therapy.

‘Only a very few tertiary hospitals in the country have the equipment to support that sort of therapy. It hasn’t been formally accepted in many corners of conventional practice.

‘In an ideal situation where the World Union isn’t involved in this case, you can spend all your money to get the young lady the best treatment.

‘But, you see, with the eagle eyes of the World Union on this, your hands are tied, Mr VeShadd!’

The footballer was surprised.

‘The World Union!’ he wondered. ‘You mean the World Union itself is behind this case, or something?’

Dr Raiib was shocked at VeShadd’s expression.

‘What do you mean, Mr VeShadd?’ he queried, bewildered.

‘You mean you don’t know all these while that the whole situation is being managed by the powerful World Union?’ he asked.

‘Goodness me, you must be quite a naïve gentleman!’ Raiib laughed aloud.

VeShadd was confused and hadn’t made a sense of the situation.

He absolutely never knew that the World Union – comprising of organisations he was an ambassador for – had swept into action ever since the day of assault to cover up the mess.

VeShadd never knew all along.

The guilt burdened sportsman only tiptoed out of his mess without looking back.

It feels easy for the Everyman to shove a blame. And it felt easy for Tai VeShadd to shove responsibility.

The young man did rather chose to close his eyes to how exactly the mess he’d created would be taken care of.

Or whether it was to take care of itself, the youngster cared less.

Dr Raiib gasped in shock. ‘You don’t know a thing!

‘Hey, a hotel suite was turned into an operating room overnight! With the best intensive care equipment hurriedly provided.

‘Pressmen were stopped from accessing what could be the most controversial news of this year!

‘Yet you didn’t know a thing, sir!

‘I, being one of the best surgeon in the country, was called as early as daybreak to operate an assaulted person. And right here at the crime scene, for that matter!

‘Yet you didn’t know it is the powerful ones behind this drama!

‘Gosh, they made the patient’s parents sign off making a court case. They threatened them with their daughter!

‘They sealed my lips as well as my team members’ with intimidating money! They even made us sign a document of confidence!

‘And all of this epic drama was just to protect one single person… Tai VeShadd!

‘At first, I thought the girl was gang rapped by the team. I didn’t know it was just the team’s goalkeeper!

‘And you still don’t know the unbeatable world giants backs you up!’

VeShadd dissolved into a viscous fluid.

He dropped to the bare floor; seated with legs sprawled out.

The twenty-year-old couldn’t hide the monstrous shock.

That the powerful organisations of the entire planet would rather go down the pits of hell to cover up his wicked crime, was the most abominable thing that had befallen the young model ambassador!

A sudden cold shiver came upon VeShadd and he trembled like a kid.


Raiib finished his words.

‘Man, you’ve got the entire world behind you. You don’t ever need to do anything to redeem you and at the same time you can’t even do a thing to redeem you.

‘The best you can do for yourself and the poor patient is to give the World Union just whatever they want from you!’

‘That’s my candid advice. And that’s what every other sensible person will tell you!’

VeShadd heaved a heavy sigh.

And a tear slowly trickled down the young man’s face.

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