#PENALTY WebNovel: Chapter 15

AS much as Kansi was interested in finding a news worthy tip, the young reporter’s heart was broken when he heard what’d happened to Beya.

The twenty-nine-year-old journalist couldn’t believe his big brother’s family was going through such a sorry situation at the moment.

Kansi was angry as much as he was pained. And he so wished there was really something he could do to save the sad situation.

If the Jan’ils were just a stranger to Kansi, covering the news would’ve been like a jackpot to him. But then, the young man saw himself as a part of the Jan’il family.

When Kansi was in high school, his widowed mother was duped of a really huge amount in her business.

Yet the fraudster had gone ahead to threatened her with her life and her son’s, when she kept accosting him.


Kansi’s mum was at the verge of bankruptcy in her once successful business and the young Kansi was depressed.

Remembering how he had lost his father to a heart attack when his father’s company went bankrupt, little Kansi was already scared of also losing his mum in the same manner.

Kansi knew he’d got to be strong for his mum. He knew he’d got to hold on to her by all means.

But then, the young lad wanted to cry out his worries in flowing tears.

Yet he was thoughtful enough to restrain himself from crying before his mum. Lest the poor woman break down completely.

Kansi got up one day and trudged towards the cloisters of huge sand dunes… at the outskirts of his desert town, Bantua.

He decided to go to the vast landscapes and cry out all his tears into the desert sands. Just so he wouldn’t melt his mother’s strong heart by his emotional outburst.

He got to the vast open desert. There he sunk to his knees and cried out his lungs and heart with uncontrollable tears.

A young Mr Jan’il was passing that way.

The young man had just become a lawyer and hadn’t taken up any case yet.

He became Kansi’s listening ear that day – and equally a shoulder to cry on.

The young Barrister Jan’il took on the case afterwards as a human rights lawyer. And he did win that case.

Ever since that day Mr Jan’il and Kansi had been really close as family. And Kansi grew up to take the barrister’s own family as his, too.

After Barrister Jan’il’s intervention in that chance meeting, Kansi desired to also become a lawyer like his hero and superman.

But then, Kansi’s academic performance wouldn’t get him to study law. So the young lad had settled for journalism in the University.

And he did grow up to become a journalist.

And now, the all grown news reporter was moved by the sorry case of Mr Jan’il’s only daughter.

He was ready to go to the farthest lengths to investigate everything about his ‘little sister,’ Beya.

Far more than for the sake of his long deserved promotion, Kansi wanted to do this for his own family.

He wanted to get absolute justice for Beya.


Kansi began his investigation.

He lurked around the Planetario Hotels for a few days and made friends with a few members of the hotel staff.

But then, making friends with the hotel staff didn’t prove efficient for the investigative journalist to get the information he needed about the case.

Kansi could tell that no information would be forthcoming with the reaction the staff members made whenever he brought up the case.

He observed that the hotel staff must’ve been threatened about divulging any information about the crime incident.

Not even Kansi’s solemn promise to keep any informant’s identity safe was enough to convince the staff members to zip open their lips on the incident.


Kansi seemed to have reached a dead end just as soon as he launched out.

It was frustrating for the journalist but the young man wasn’t going to give up regardless. He’d got to do everything he could to get justice for Beya.

Kansi decided to halt in the detour and approach the issue straight on. He chose to go through the national football team’s players themselves.

He decided to register himself at the executive hotel’s VIP gym. Just so he could meet up with any of the footballers whenever they’d be having some private workout.

Kansi spent a fortune to costume himself and even act up like a wealthy young man. And so, he got himself registered in the world class gym.

Registering at the VIP gym did cost a huge fortune, yes. But then, money mattered less to a determined Kansi.

The fierce lion would even empty his life savings just to get justice for his little Beya!


VeShadd hadn’t been attending training in preparation for the team’s last match at the group stage.

But the sportsman’s ban from training with the team had already been lifted.

VeShadd wasn’t able to make training with the team because he’d been down since he heard about Beya from Dr Raiib.

He was no longer worried about Beya but about the young lady’s parents.

‘How can they be threatened to sign off the issue at the expense of getting to see their daughter lying in coma?’ he wondered.

‘How can a father or mother be threatened with access to their own child. Just to protect me… a human being like him?!’


Several thoughts of concern poured through the sportsman’s mind. And he just couldn’t forgive himself for what he’d done.

He was sick of himself already – and of everything altogether.

He wondered why the world organisations would be so preoccupied about him.

He wondered why they’d want to protect an ambassador up to the extent of rubbing salt on the victim’s parent’s wounds.

VeShadd realised how much atrocities had been done just to cover up his crime. And he couldn’t bear the fact that he was the center of the whole thing.

It’d been a few days since VeShadd had been thinking around the hurt his crime had caused many people.

And he thought he’d got to come to a decision.

The burden of concealing his wrongdoing was becoming too heavy to bear. He’d just got to untie the knot, he reasoned.

VeShadd stood up from the couch he’d been sitting in at the hotel suite he was already sharing with Staka his friend.

He began to pace about in the room devoid of anyone.

‘I might crash if I continue to carry this burden,’ he said. ‘I’ve got to let go of myself.’

He stood still, with his arms akimbo and his back turned against the doorway.

‘Beya doesn’t deserve this type of treatment,’ he said.

The young man paused for a bit and then sighed.

‘I have to confess everything. I really have to confess everything!’

A voice suddenly so boomed loud at the doorway behind VeShadd.

‘What are you confessing?!’

VeShadd’s heart raced in shock as he turned his gaze back.

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