#PENALTY WebNovel: Chapter 20

QUITALIA 2018 was becoming more fun for spectators.

Even the underdogs were fast climbing up the ladder. And the crowns on kingly heads were being shaken by the winds of change.

That particular World Cup revealed a handful of skilled football players. The tournament’s revelation consisted of exceptional talents and teams; and with mind blowing tactics.

It was a tournament with epic action and dramatic emotions. It was one of a kind.

Among the underdogs that came to a glorious limelight in the 2018 Cup was the host team. The Desert Camels of Quitalia.

The team was already entertaining the world of sports with great dribbling tactics and quite some rounds of epic goals.

The national team from the North African country had so earned the trust of spectators at the stadiums as well as viewers at home all around the world.

More football fans placed bets on Quitalia in each match the football team played. Ever since Tai VeShadd’s staggering goal at the opening match.

Bets were not only placed on the team but on the wonder boy himself. Just like the World Union itself was betting its power on the ace footballer’s career at the moment.

But then, the scandalous storm Kansi had stirred up was enough to shake up the blossoming tree of VeShadd’s career.

The news outbreak aroused a lot of suspicion about the sportsman in the heart of Veshadd’s fans.

Many of his fans, in fact, crossed over the crossroad onto the path of detesting the renowned footballer.

And like the value of a company depreciates when stocks plummet, Tai VeShadd’s worth as a superstar had already begun to cascade down the hill of glory.

VeShadd had been more than just a sportsman. In his career, the young dude had built for himself a glorious castle in the social circle.

He was a celebrity in his own right. More decorated than several many renowned music stars and accomplished actors.

And his legendary success had been established by the interest of titans who still stood firmly behind him.

But then, with the gradual decay of the superstar’s worth, VeShadd might begin to mean too little to the big names that were once standing solidly behind him.

The big conglomerate of world organisations might, in fact, suffer loss if VeShadd’s value continued to drop and they still chose to own him.

The World Union’s Karen Liu had said after all, that their powerful conglomerate wouldn’t bark an empty shell.

If Tai VeShadd continued to go down, the World Union might leave the sportsman soon.

But then, VeShadd was still of some value for his games at the World Cup. And the entire world still had their keen interest in him.

For the World Cup spectators and home viewers had become even more curious about how he’d perform…

And with great expectations that the wonder boy could turn things around from the World Cup pitch.

And so, the World Union had a rethink and decided to linger in hope with the sportsman.

The powerful giant resolved to save the golden boy of Quitalia by every means possible before he went further down.

With the World Union’s resolve, the news scandal about VeShadd wouldn’t be enough to shake up his blossoming tree.

So, Karen Liu ordered her personal assistant to think of a first aid to give the critical situation; while her team of young delegates found a way of completely burying the sportsman’s scandal.

And the first aid the World Union came up with, was to turn news facts to mere rumours.

To make reporters some petty hungry newspersons who would do anything for getting sales for their media company. Even if it’d got to do with ruining an innocent footballer’s career.

So, the World Union paid several hundreds of unemployed youths to discreetly posts witty comments countering every remark against Tai VeShadd on the Internet.

Gradually, the pro-VeShadd comments doused the fire of rage in the hearts of sports fans.

But then, the petty scheme wasn’t enough to douse the flame in the hearts of non-sports-lovers.

And those ones couldn’t just be sidelined.

For it was that sort of people who’d take a sudden interest in football once every four years.

It was the sort of people who are a growing dreaded set of fiery talkers and fighters.

And they gloriously sport their badge: Social Media Activists.

They outnumber those football fans who would followed an accomplished goalkeeper to the very ends of the earth.

And by every means, the World Union wanted to win over them.


There was a thorough search for a news piece weighty enough to instantly drown Tai VeShadd’s scandal into a pool of forgetting.

But the news pieces available weren’t enough to cover up a sports scandal. More especially during an ongoing World Cup.

Just when it seemed the World Union had hit the wall, Karen Liu came up with an out of the box solution.

She simply instructed her elite team to go fictional. She wanted her team to create a news piece, since they couldn’t find one.

The team set down to work straight away.

The members listed a few sensitive world issues and scribbled them on the board.

Sensitive issues that got people all around the world irked up in no time and start talking on a spree.

Sensitive topics like gender issues, rape, nepotism, and racism.

After some minutes of deliberation, the team agreed on making use of Racism.

The members then created an intriguing plot centred on racism.

And Ms Liu made the villains of the conspiracy theory to be her political and business competitors, rivals and frenemies.

The league of monster characters consisted of a few powerful presidents of nations. And as well as presidents of multinational business corporations all around the world.

The article was sent to big international news media companies all around the world – and which Karen Liu as well as the World Union have in the palm of their hands.

For Ms Liu, a libel suit even from world presidents was the very least thing to be afraid of.

For the lioness herself had even the highest powers-that-be under her control.

The articles were published. And in the shortest breath, the scandal was absolutely put six feet underground…

And covered up by a giant heap of Karen Liu’s conspiracy theory.

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