#PENALTY WebNovel: Chapter 21

QUITALIA’s third match in the group stage of the World Cup was easily wrapped up with a draw against Croatia.

And that gave the national team one point for its third match and seven points in all for their group stage.

And against all odds, the Quitalian Desert Camels got qualified for the round of sixteen with seven commendable points.

It was enough needed motivation to get the boys out of the heartbreak they got from their captain and goalkeeper’s trending scandal.

The news scandal about Tai VeShadd had come as a rude shock to the football team – as the members were just getting to know about it at the same time as the rest of the world.

At first, it was shocking to VeShadd’s teammates hearing such a big scandal about the gentleman. But later it was a mixture of both trust and doubts in the team’s captain.

However, with the circumstantial evidence around VeShadd – like that of his repeated absence from trainings and attitudinal withdrawals, many of his teammates were soon concluding that the scandal could have some element of truth in it.

But no one in the team came close to asking the giant football legend.

Except for his friend right from football academy days… Staka the midfielder.

And who pleaded with him to focus only on the World Cup and try to forget his crime of sexual assault and violence.

A crime that put a nineteen-year-old lady in a state of coma up till that very time.

With the nonchalance of VeShadd’s teammates to his criminal act, the goalkeeper saw that no one really cared about him taking responsibility for his crime.

The awareness of that seemed to relieve the young man somehow.

But it was only a respite.


After the scandal flames were doused by the World Union, Beya’s parents were back to zero point in their quest for justice for their daughter.

The Jan’il couple were soon back to the pitiful state of powerlessness they found themselves in at the beginning of the fight…

Only this time around, it was worse than the start when it was possible to still have hope.

After the couple were forced to sign away the case at the beginning, Mr Jan’il’s heart was filled with regret.

The accomplished lawyer dearly wished there was something he could do to get justice for his own daughter. But he was rendered powerless.

The middle aged father considered what’d happened to him to be the worst act of injustice.

He’d reasoned that if the matter got leaked to the public, the entire nation along with the international community would join their voices in sympathy for the victim.

He knew all he needed was for the matter to get leaked and he’d eventually get the justice his daughter deserved.

So, when Kansi helped Barrister Jan’il to get the story published on the Megaphone news website, the latter didn’t stop giving his best to make the plan work out.

Barrister Jan’il had acted like Kansi instructed him to do just to gain public empathy. He’d done all he could do, alongside his wife.

But upon everything, within just seventy-two hours, the news story he’d thought would be a mountain too large to be submerged, was completely buried before their eyes.

Yet now that the frustrated father was just about getting out of the heartbreak, he got a text message from the notorious conglomerate, the World Union.

It was a terrible threat in a silent whisper.

If we can bury the story in just seventy-two hours, imagine how short it will take us to bury your daughter. Don’t dare make any ruckus with this matter again. It is your last warning.

The Jan’ils now felt absolutely powerless and small.

Kansi was with the couple at their home when Beya’s father got the message. And the shock written on Mr Jan’il’s face was vivid enough to give the text’s content away.

Kansi asked if it was another threat the man just got in the text message. And the latter could only nod.

Kansi offered to take a look at the text. And when he went through, he was shocked at the degree of threat the organisation would make to keep things buried.

He passed on the phone to Beya’s mother. And she was terribly scared with what she read.

Silence descended on the entire living room. The three adults had run and had hit the wall. They felt exhausted and defeated.

In a while, some thoughts ran through Kansi’s burdened mind. He thought to share what he was thinking with the couple.

The young man sat up and began.

‘You know I came here today with the thought of apologising to your family that I couldn’t be of much help in this trying time.

‘But then, an unconscious thought flashed through my mind while I was driving here. I didn’t know where that thought came from, really.

‘The thought was like I don’t need to apologise to you in the first place. Like, why was I thinking I can defend the defenseless? Why did I think I can help in the first place?

‘I thought my mind was mocking me. I thought it was trying to mock me for failing to help. So I blanked my mind to everything and drove on.

‘But just a while ago when we got that threat, the thoughts came back. But this time around, I was too weak to fight back.

‘I just sat still and allowed the thoughts flow, even if it was mocking me. And just then, I remembered a story mother told me when I was little…’

Kansi’s listeners were attentive; curious to know where the young man was going.

Kansi went on.

‘Mother told me of a young couple who went on a date in a public park. The husband wanted to get an ice cream for his wife; and so he left her to get it just nearby.

‘On the man’s way back, he saw some thugs approached his wife. Before he could do anything, the thugs hit his wife, pushed her down to the ground and tried to snatch away her bag.

‘The woman held onto her bag all through the time the thugs assaulted her. She was already down on the ground

‘When the woman’s husband saw this, he threw down the ice cream and chased after the thugs. Meanwhile, he ran past his wife.

‘After about a minute or two, the man came back to his wife and was full of regret that he couldn’t catch up with those thugs and beat them to stupor.

‘So, Mr Husband apologised to his darling wife that he couldn’t catch those thugs for her. And that apology was said to a wife that was still on the ground wounded!’

Kansi’s listeners were amazed and sat up to hear more.

‘What type of love do we call that?’ Mrs Jan’il interposed.

She went on immediately.

‘First thing first – he should’ve cared for his wife’s state, and then go after the thugs if he could! That’s called being thoughtful, you know! That’s real care.’

‘After all,’ she added, ‘what’s so good about avenging someone’s spouse when it doesn’t matter to you how and where she’s hurting?’

Mr Jan’il had something to add.

He interposed. ‘And to imagine he was only sorry he couldn’t catch the thugs while his wife was still lying wounded on the ground!’

Kansi gave a mild smile and resumed speaking.

‘Mother told me the story when she was duped of a really huge amount. I was bent on getting justice for us and getting her money back.

‘And then, mother told me that man will only fight for the money lost, but God will fight for us. With man, it is just for the ego; but with God it is for the love.

‘She told me the idols of vengeance all around the world only avenge the oppressed without ever caring about the oppressed themselves.

‘For them, it a matter of pride; but God does it because He’s in love with us.

‘Mother said: “God will certainly avenge us, but he will take care of our hurt first of all.”’

Kansi’s listeners nodded in absolute agreement.

The young man continued. ‘I felt I should apologise to your family because getting you justice was like a debt to pay for me.

‘Beya is still in coma; and even if my plans had worked out, it still couldn’t have woken Beya up.

‘I should have encouraged us to depend on God’s omnipotence in winning the case; and not to depend on my futile strength that’s for the sake of repaying a debt.

‘Now I knew the words I heard in my heart on my way here wasn’t my thoughts. It was the Holy Spirit reminding me that scripture truth, that “by strength no man can prevail.”’

‘I’m sorry I jumped into the case for my own ego, big bro. I’m sorry for that, big sis.

‘I’m sorry I wanted to do this to prove I can come through for your family, big bro. Like you took up our case when mother was duped years ago.

‘I didn’t realise it was God Himself who used a stranger like you for our rescue then. I’m really sorry, sir and ma’am.’

‘Oh don’t be, Kansi,’ Mrs Jan’il interposed. ‘We’re equally learning something good from everything, you know. Thank you for all you’ve done.’

‘We actually appreciate everything,’ Mr Jan’il put in; ‘you’re a good man. Thank you.’

Kansi nodded in acknowledgement.

‘Let’s pray to God, big bro,’ he said. ‘Let’s hand this over to Him, big sis. And let’s allow Him do the fighting this time around. Like He did for the Israelites at the Red Sea.

‘God told the oppressed people of Israel that the Egyptians they saw that night, they’d look back and see them no more. And that much He did for them.

‘So, let’s hand over the fight to the One who has never lost a battle.

And we’ll be amazed at God will break us through our dead end.’

The three adults knelt down in prayer.

And they turned over the case called Impossible to the One called Almighty.

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