All For You | KT OLLA

Pores open and hairs rise

Minds calm and thoughts flow

Knees bow in marriage to earth

As eyelids fall like drapes of windows


Arms stretch open wide

Lips quiver in tongues unheard

And with the winds, and with the trees

My body sways in praise of Your Name

Atobitan, Atọbatan, Atọbatẹlẹ![i]


My voice will chant hymns

To Him who made all beings

With the waves of the oceans

My shouts will roar

With the song of birds

My praise will rise

My soul will worship You

From the depth of my being



I will fall with the rain

At Your feet, Aileka[iii]!

I will shine with the stars

And extol Your glory, Lord God!

I will flow with the springs

And run all around for You!

I will roar with the thunder

And dethrone earthly gods!


How I wish my praises

Can build You a mighty castle!

But You are far much bigger

Than anything I could ever give You!

And if my heart can tear through space

To reach Your giant ears in glory—

What more can I ask for, Adaye[iv]!


If my life is just a span

I will drop my tears in the oceans

That my tears will join the seas

And worship You beyond the span of life

And adore you beyond my days


If my breath is just a puff

I will breathe my breath into air

That my breath will join the winds

And praise You beyond the puff of life

And extol You when I’m long gone


If You carved all things for Your pleasure

I will join in the dynamics of nature

And please You with the ever changing seasons!

And praise You with a billion timeless wonders!


The dead cannot praise You, Akọkọ[v]!

The dead cannot praise You, Ipẹkun[vi]!


And we shall praise You, GOD

Till the end of our days!

© 2020 Kayode & Tola Olla
All Rights Reserved

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Glossary of Yorùbá words

[i] The Biggest, the Kingliest, the Sovereignty!

[ii] Owner of the Earth!

[iii] the Uncountable

[iv] Maker of the Universe

[v] the Prime

[vi] the End

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