About the Upcoming Novel, SACRIPRICE


Read the Captivating Synopsis of the Upcoming Free Thriller 🔽

The white horses sacrificed yearly at the Festival of Earth Purity in Jaiye Kingdom are no longer sufficient.

And the prosperous Jaiye people will do anything to keep and protect their entire stables. Even if they have to make a strange verdict costing the lives of their outpost township at Koje.

But the verdict is eventually made even without the helpless Koje community knowing a thing.

And then, there ensues the entire heroic saga of some daring love with a dire price.

Sacriprice is an epic story of costly love, with all the tensions and the thrills. And its pack of suspense and emotion will raise your heart and warm it too.

[ OUT & FREE ]

1ST NOV, 2020



1ST NOV, 2020


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