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SACRIPRICE WebNovel: Chapter 11

KOJE bristled with rustic hues in the afterglow of a setting sun. As the prince and his servant walked down the mountainous outpost.

The crown prince had come to Koje in a disguised clothing appearance. So he could secretly observe recent activities of the subjects here. As well as their facilities and all.

Prince Àlà’s royal cart had parked at the gates of the outpost community when he came to Koje at noon. And the prince had toured through the township with Shao on foot.

The sun was setting already and it was time to head home. It was time to head back to the glorious Jaiye city.

But Jaiye was no homeland for the palace retainer Shao. Here was Shao’s home and he hadn’t got an opportunity to meet his own people.

The bliss that came with stepping on Koje’s soil was fast fading for Shao; as the two touring men descended a hilly path and planned heading back to Jaiye city.

While the sun and the birds went down to their separate abodes, a servant boy as Shao couldn’t claim a visit to his own haven.

Not when his master was on a noble tour. Nor when the setting sun, too, was saying no.

Shao raised his downcast gaze. And there in the far distance he could make sight of his clan’s little hamlet. Alive and kicking.

And no, that sight of home. It struck him with a magnetic longing. One which raced his forlorn heart a thousand steps there.

Shao shook his head; a husky grunt escaping his throat.

Prince Àlà glanced at the younger man. Then glanced at where Shao’s gaze was set. ‘Is that home?’ asked the prince.

Shao could only nod with a grunt. He dared not talk now or else he would break down. The forlorn son of Koje only looked away.

‘How about visiting home?’ Àlà asked in a soft voice. ‘How about us heading there before returning to Jaiye?’

The prince looked intently into Shao’s melting eyes. ‘You don’t know when next you’ll get to see your family, you know.’

Shao gazed right up at the prince. He lost all words to say thank you.

He only looked and gazed. And his moist eyes spoke more than he could utter.


A glorious Àlà sat like a common man under the shade of a lemon tree. In the small hamlet of Shao’s humble clan.

The royal heir had decided to wait outside for his servant, as the latter briefly went into one of the mud houses to see his family.

Prince Àlà was careful not to appear as royal as he was so as not to be recognised by the subjects. Before his secret tour there in Koje came to an end.

So he sat like a humble little lamb; tossing a comely pebble of stone in his hands – as he quietly watched a world utterly different from his.

Shao had been inside with his family for quite a while already. And the noble prince had begun to be agitated. For the day was fast dusking into night.

Àlà was losing his cool by now. He furiously tossed the pebble like it was the unforgivable offender.

The prince wished to storm into that little house in front of him and drag out Shao by the earlobe.

Àlà was almost certain he was going to do just that. Irrespective of what anybody would think or say.

As the crown prince bowed his head in a worried thought, he started to hear a door rack furiously in a bid to be forced open. Somewhere in the distance before him.

Head sunken still, he scoffed within him. Now you know how to struggle with the exit door!

The struggle became more ferocious. Àlà raised his head to see what sort of kid was disturbing his peaceful quiet.

He saw that the sound rather came from an adjacent house to Shao’s family’s… in that same hamlet.

Àlà squinted his eyes in the gathering gloom. To make sense of why a person may be pushing an entrance door open from within the house… and without success.

It didn’t take long before the young prince saw that the wooden main door had been latched with a wooden crossbar from outside. Probably by a playful little kid.

He laughed. ‘Why will a householder even make his entrance door have a crossbar lock on the outside? What sense is in that?’ he wondered.

Everyone knew that Koje’s lifestyle had a striking difference from the Jaiye life. And that Koje’s reasoning was a parallel line to that of the people of Jaiye. They probably could never meet.

Àlà stood up and stretched his tired body.

‘Well, that’s just what the householder wants probably,’ he yawned. ‘And that’s enough sense on its own,’ he concluded; as he made for the latched door ahead of him.


Àlà got to the entrance door. He took away the wooden bar used to cross it on the outside.

He swung the door open and held it ajar. And a ravishingly charming queen of beauty stepped out in a balanced, mesmerising gait.

The damsel’s fairest silken skin glowed softly with the mellow hue of a golden sunset.

And her draping braids reaching down her sloped spine, swung gracefully… as her slender shoulders rocked to her gentle saunter.

The young beauty halted for a bit. She turned herself around.

And those alluring eyes of hers fell on this gentleman here. Who still held the door wide open for the exquisite masterpiece of creation.

Àlà’s jaws dropped at the instant.

He gasped under his breath. ‘Good Heavens… what beauty on earth can beat this?!’

Àlà was absolutely enchanted, smitten… and in love.

The girl muttered. ‘They don’t even know what Dreamland is! How can they be elders when they can’t explain so many things?’

It was only then that the young prince knew it wasn’t even him that the damsel’s eyes fell on in the first place.

Yet it seemed those pretty little eyes hasn’t even figured that the gentleman was standing there; absolutely enamoured by the charm in them.

The young damsel seemed to have been irked by some elders in the house. Elders who couldn’t even tell her what she’d like to know, Àlà thought.

The beautiful girl followed her words with a long hiss. And it just sounded so cute and adorable to the smitten lover.

With that, she sprinted forward and doubled up in an angry haste.

Àlà was at loss on what to do. His heart yearned after the priceless lily. And he wouldn’t mind dabbing his reputation with mire to get this adorable flower.

Yet night was almost meeting Àlà in another man’s town. Home was still a far distance even with riding.

But then, Àlà decided not to care.

He’d found something that mattered to him beyond life and death.

He had found… well, he didn’t even know what to call it. For the charming prince had never felt this way before.


And as the maiden’s figure faded into the gathering gloom ahead, Àlà heard Shao’s unmistaken voice.

‘Hey, Iyun! Iyun!’ Shao called aloud.

And then, the crown prince could sight the girl turn around in the distance. And he saw Shao running after her.

Prince Àlà heaved a sigh of relief that he didn’t lose sight of the young beauty eventually.

And he doubled up in steps towards them.

Nay, towards Iyun.

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