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SACRIPRICE Web Streaming Rescheduled To Thrice A Week…

Our Cherished Readers,

We trust God’s been keeping you safe and healthy. And thank you for following our latest web fiction series Sacriprice, through daily releases of new chapters, or episodes. Thanks much!

However, we like to notify you of a posting reschedule we just couldn’t help. And at the same time let you understand why we’re constrained to do this.

As stated in the title line, we’re announcing to you our dear readers, that the episodial releases of our new novel on this website will be rescheduled to 3 times a week (i.e., 3 new chapter episodes per week). And starting from this midnight (Wed 18, 00:00 WAT).

From now, each new chapter episodes of the web fiction Sacriprice will be published on the website every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And at 00:00 hour of midnight.

This new structure is due to the full commencement of work in our workplace and in our business, after the unavoidable break due to the so-called 2020 saga.

And so, we wouldn’t be able to keep up with daily releases like we’d been consistent with since the 1st of November up till the 16th.

We enjoin you to look forward to our new streaming days with as much anticipation as you’ve always given all of our releases.

Thank you as you continue to read Sacriprice and share with friends and family.


With love from us,

Kayode & Tola Olla.


A cute duo of God inspired novelists and with other lives as lecturer and as businesswoman || Email:

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