SACRIPRICE WebNovel: Chapter 20

IYUN sat under the stars through the early hours of night.

Her eyes were heavy with sleep. But she couldn’t find sleep, as her heart was heavy too.

The young woman couldn’t escape being burdened by how she rejected Àlà earlier that day.

Everyone in the household had gone to sleep except only her, as she sat downcast on a small mass of rock in the back yard.

Iyun remembered clearly that the crown prince hadn’t ever lied about his identity. She eventually admitted he only didn’t make mention of it.

The young woman knew her accusations against Àlà wasn’t so justified. She admitted she only exaggerated things and overreacted.

But Iyun enjoyed her grievance in a way. It seemed harder now to face up to the reality of things.

And so, she’d afflict her dull eyes with the soothing pang of resentment. A resentment against the truth.

But then, Iyun had deeply fallen in love with the young man. Yet she thought she was only mad with him. But Iyun was madly in love. And she never knew it.

The beautiful lily only met Àlà twice now, but it seemed they’d been familiar since life began. And it was this familiar feeling that’d made the young maiden feel so comfortable around the stranger.

Iyun felt to make peace with this one friendly gentleman she’d found. But only after giving him some bit of hard time, too.

But just then, Àlà’s intimidating identity came back staring at the pretty maiden.

He is the crown prince of the kingdom. And I’m just a lowly Koje slave. Who am I to choose whether to forgive or give a hard time?

A drop of tear slowly trickled down the maiden’s eyes, and she brushed her face with the back of her hand.

The beautiful girl buried her head in-between her two knees as she tried to calm herself.

She remembered right then that the prince had been like an ordinary man with her… since the day they met. And it amazed her.

‘He’s got all the power and right but he never even used them over me,’ she whispered. ‘He came to me like a common man when he’s even the highest prince… ah Àlà, ah Àlà!’ she moaned softly.

In one small moment, a peaceful breath blew over her weary heart. The thought of Àlà’s sincerity and trueness poured into her mind as a reassurance for the morrow.

But then, the tranquility in Iyun’s soul was soon overrun by the worry that this was too beautiful to be true.

For it was like the daydream that a Koje slave could never even own.

Iyun was astonished and an icy chill gripped her fast thumping heart.

‘How can a crown prince love a lowly slave?’ she breathed with quivery lips. ‘How can I ever call the royal heir mine? How could this be true… how can this be happening?!’

The adorable sunk head in her laps and heaved a heavy sigh.

‘We will have to talk,’ she muttered breathlessly.


Iyun’s last words struck a chord in the crown prince’s heart, as he pondered on the morning encounter.

The words rolled back to his ears like an echo.

What say do I have in this, Your Highness? If you want a new servant girl, you can use your power, sire. I am the fool for desiring something out of my world!

Àlà was back in Jaiye city and he, too, couldn’t find sleep through those early hours of night. He lay restless on the elegantly furnished bed.

The princely bed had a frame made out of burnished oak wood and carved ivory designs.

Its mattress was made of a large rectangular bale of hay enclosed in a thick cotton coat, and with a changeable embroidered bed spread laid over it.

Àlà remembered Iyun’s words. Just then, he realised that the young maiden wouldn’t mind if he was simply a mere Jaiye citizen. That it was him being royalty that was too much for her to accept.

He muttered where he lay. ‘To Iyun, I am as high as the heavens. And she only feels as low as even the depths of the sea.’

He heaved a frustrated sigh now. For he realised that he’d just reached a wall.

Àlà sat up, suddenly determined to find a way. ‘There somehow has to be a margin where we can connect,’ he muttered.

He went on in a little bit; his low voice equally sombre and thoughtful.

‘But from a distance,’ he moaned, ‘the light blue heavens will bow down to kiss the deep blue sea.

‘And from a distance, the glorious rainbow above will stretch its arms wide to touch the earth beneath…’

He looked up now with a desperate, fiery glint in his wet eyes. He looked up, as though to the loftiest heights of heaven.

He gasped out aloud.

‘If Heavens can be earth, ah if the Heavens can be earth for once… oh please, hear me… man will no longer keep man at a distance!’ he groaned.


Iyun raised her head right then and saw herself fixed her eyes on the starry skies beyond.

And just then, a chunk of bright, luminous star came falling right down to earth from the glorious night skies above.

Iyun was dumbstruck at the breathtaking sight.

And she could only mouth a desperate wish to the Heavens right then.

Ah, if only! If only you can save me from myself!

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