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SACRIPRICE WebNovel: Chapter 24

JAKAN walked to his ready cart, his feet dragging slow.

He was heading back from the just concluded council meeting at the palace. The elderly priest was just exiting the seventh gate which led outside.

A few chiefs passed by the old man and greeted him goodbye. But Jakan was lost in his thought that he didn’t notice the nobles, let alone respond.

What Jakan feared had finally come. The old man had always known he would have to choose one of his two sons to succeed him in the office of the chief priest. But up till now, Jakan had been reluctant to make a choice.


It wasn’t that Jakan’s children were competing for the office, that it seemed so difficult for him to choose among his sons.

In fact, neither of his two sons had discussed anything concerning the office with their father before. Nor had Jakan discussed anything about his office with them.

The priest had always haboured some sort of displeasure about the office itself. He’d assumed the office only because he couldn’t refuse his father’s dying wish.

Now, Jakan had just learnt at the council meeting that the sons of the nobles would be sent as envoys to the kingdom’s allies. To deliver the invitation for the festival.

Jakan knew what this meant. It was like preparing the next generation for the administrative and political duties of the kingdom. It wasn’t about choosing any of his two sons at random for the mission. But it was more about choosing the very son that would succeed him.

The idea was very welcome by the other nobles at the council. It was a thing of joy for the chiefs that their sons would be involved in governance while they were still alive.

It was a thing of pride that their heirs would begin on the path of greatness right before their eyes.

But it was the negative for Jakan.


Old Jakan had tried to oppose the idea with the excuse that the lives of their heirs might just put at risk, if they were sent to other kingdoms.

But his excuse was instantly countered by the war chief.

‘Who isn’t a warrior among them all?’ thundered Ragun. ‘I trained all of them in the art of combat. None of those boys left the training grounds without sparring with me Ragun,’ he boasted.

‘In fact, the weakest of them will defeat the strongest warrior of any of our allies. The boys are no cowards!’ bellowed the war chief.

Upon Ragun ending his words, King Obade quickly added:

‘None of the boys would go on their own, remember. They are going as our envoys. They would go with an entourage of armed soldiers and eunuchs.

‘They aren’t going there to represent their kins or clans. They are going to yonder lands to represent the king and the great Kingdom of Jaiye. The emissaries would go with the honour worthy of our great kingdom.’

The monarch paused a little to let those words sink.

‘The crown prince would be going too,’ he resumed. ‘And so, there is no danger at all. Remember, we aren’t sending our heirs to the battleground. They are only going to deliver our message.’


Jakan remembered everything as he walked towards his cart, waiting for him at the cart park.

He sighed. Well, danger was never the problem from the start. The issue that had become a heavy burden on the old priest’s mind is selecting a successor between his two sons.

Jakan doted over his sons a lot. And he hated for any of the two to inherit his office. One that only necessitated slaughtering humans for sacrifice.

The elderly priest pondered the thought, as his heavy feet dragged nearer his cart.

How will I look at a son in the face, and tell him: ‘You will take after your father in slaughtering humans?’ How will I choose a killer among my own sons? Who among Fote and Firi will I tell to leave his good life and begin to slaughter slaves like fowls?

Just then, the old man’s thoughts were interrupted by his retainer’s voice, as the priest came beside his cart.

‘Welcome, my lord,’ the slave boy kowtowed.

Jakan only nodded and mounted his cart.

And he rode home with his heavy thoughts.

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