Sacriprice eNovel: Chapter 27

THERE had been a battle of emotions in Iyun’s heart since she last saw the crown prince.

Iyun was almost certain the relationship between the prince and her couldn’t ever work out. She was, in fact, sure of that.

Yet when the young damsel stared into her lover’s eyes the last time they met, she’d seen a different thing in those eyeballs. She saw the flames of a sincere love in the prince’s eyes.

Iyun could tell Àlà loved her, even far more than she acknowledged. But then, the prince’s true feelings weren’t enough to win over the maiden’s unyielding heart.

So, since Iyun couldn’t help the battles in her thoughts, she found a sort of escape in sleeping all day.

The young maiden had dearly wished she wouldn’t see the prince anytime soon. At least, till she could still the troubled waters in her heart.


But before her impossible wish could leap to reach the skies, Iyun’s man was standing right before her eyes. In front of her humble abode.

The young beauty brushed her eyes with a splatter of water and who she saw was Àlà.

Iyun had just awoken from another long sleep that quiet evening. And she was still waking her mind to the present reality.

She tottered to the open front yard, where an earthen pot of water sat. Her drowsy eyes still closed, she opened the lid and scooped some water with a small calabash.

And then, she dipped her two hands into the fluid and splashed water on her face, brushing her sleepy eyes open with her two hands.

The sleepy girl parted her eyes open to behold the glory of the day. Only for her eyes to see the glory of Jaiye himself.

Here was her man the crown prince, standing in front of her. And with a charming smile on his handsome face.




Iyun thought it was an apparition at first. She made to brush her eyes again with water to get a clearer vision.

Àlà knew his heartthrob was dazed. And before Iyun could do anything, the gentle prince spoke.

‘It’s me, Àlà,’ he whispered.

Iyun stood dazed staring at the handsome gentleman in front of her. And right then, the prince’s retainer spoke. ‘Won’t you offer us a seat?’ snapped Shao. ‘What are you doing staring at us?’

The crown prince thought to save his lady some embarrassment. ‘She wasn’t staring at us,’ he quipped. ‘She was staring at me,’ he added, a chivalrous smile highlighting the corners of his lips.

Iyun pulled herself together and stammered in response. ‘Welcome, Your Highness,’ she curtsied.

The young woman had been ruminating over the prince as the days rolled by. But she’d never thought Àlà would appear right in front of her, in her humble home.

Soon after the three settled, the prince’s retainer excused himself.

Shao knew it was culturally necessary for him to go ahead and talk with the elders of the clan. As the stranger from Jaiye city had come to their humble hamlet to see their beautiful daughter.

Yet the young servant understood he wasn’t permitted to reveal the prince’s royal identity. And so, he was going to introduce Iyun’s admirer as only a gentleman from Jaiye.

It was the case in Jaiye kingdom that all Koje people knew their place and stayed there. And as a result, they wouldn’t even dare to question a Jaiye man with their own daughter. Even if he was harassing her.

And so, the elders of Iyun’s clan reasoned that the gentleman from Jaiye had paid them the utmost form of courtesy by sending Shao to inform them he was seeing their beautiful daughter.

‘Thank you for telling us this,’ the elders said to Shao. ‘And say thank you to the gentleman for us. He has looked kindly on our earth. May his sun shine in the skies.’




Shao decided to spend a good time with his people; while the lovebirds talked under the lemon tree, at the square in that little hamlet.

It was Àlà who had much to say.

‘Do you remember the first time we met, Iyun?’ he asked. ‘It was around that spot I met you,’ he said, pointing a finger at one of the humble huts in the distance.

‘The look on your face when you saw me today, was the same look I had when I first saw you that fateful evening. I was dazed when I saw you… your beauty is unearthly!’

Iyun looked down and coyly fondled her fingers. Àlà caught his lady’s coy look right before she bowed her gaze. The pretty, little damsel looked so cute and charming now. And her coyness made her prince’s heart flutter a bit.

Àlà stared at his beautiful girl awhile… to fully capture that one in a million moment. And to engrave her lovely gaze on the marble of his heart.

Iyun raised her head in the awkward lingering silence. Only for her to realise her man’s eyes had been on her all along. She felt caught. And felt coyer.

She thought to turn the conversation around and save herself more embarrassment. She pulled herself together and popped a question.

‘You could have sent for me; why did you come down here?’

Àlà’s response was instant. ‘I want your people to know you are mine,’ he breathed. ‘I want to register my face… so no one will come for you when I’m gone.’

‘Gone?’ quipped Iyun, a sudden curiosity in her voice.


‘Yes, my lady,’ replied the prince. ‘I will be gone for a while. I have an official assignment to carry out over distant lands and seas. I have only come today to take the memory of your beautiful face along with me.’

Iyun’s heart raced its beat in the moment. And she stifled a sigh under her breath.

Àlà went on in a forlorn parting strain, his husky voice laden with longing.

‘Tomorrow is the full moon day, and I go on a long journey come daybreak. By the blessed will of the Heavens, I will return to you again by the last quarter moon.

‘And till then, my parting words are these. I love you.’

He looked into Iyun’s intent eyes now, and his words were both gentle and solemn.

‘I dearly hope that someday you will fully trust me, and love me too. I hope that someday I will win your whole heart.

‘I hope that someday you will believe I’ll do anything to make you free. And make you mine, Iyun.

‘I hope. Nay, I believe!’

Iyun bowed her gaze at that instant and her eyes melted.

Àlà went on in a soft, impassioned strain.

‘Till I come back to you, please remember our story.

‘Rem’ber the walks that we made. The happy times we shared. The gazes we exchanged. And the pulses in our hearts that beat.

‘Rem’ber the rivers we cried. And the tears that we dried. The destiny that bring us together. And my flaming heart for you!’

He touched her hand gently.

‘Till I come back for you, my Iyun… please remember us,’ he finished.

Right then, a river of feelings welled up from the bowels of Iyun’s heart. And a stream of tears in her melting eyes.

Iyun bit hard her lower lip at that instant, in a desperate effort to fight back the tears. And she was barely able to hold down her feelings.

Now Iyun desperately wished she had loved the prince. Just as madly and as much as he’d loved her. She desperately wished so.




Àlà gently rose up to leave now, and he bade his lady farewell. But when he took a few steps away from his beautiful damsel, he couldn’t go any farther.

Iyun’s yearning heart rose up in that moment, and she got up to her feet, too. But she couldn’t lift a foot any closer to her man. And she wished there was no tomorrow.

Iyun couldn’t resist the forceful tears a moment longer. For before the gentle prince looked back at her, a few heavy drops had coursed down her sad, forlorn face. And she quickly wiped them with the back of her hands.

Àlà looked back at his priceless lily and finally waved her the last goodbye. But the priceless could only gaze at her man with a long, insatiable stare. And she just couldn’t bring herself to bid her only one this farewell.

Iyun bit down her lower lip and muttered to herself.

‘Please come back to me, please.’

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© 2020 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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