Sacriprice eNovel: Chapter 37

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ZENAS the Niger rode back from the distant land of memory, as he finally arrived at Jaiye’s grand Temple of the High Heavens.

The young man marvelled at the chance meeting with the crown prince of his own nation back in the Israelite city of Beersheba. And at how the fateful encounter had eventually got him to lead Àlà to Jesus Christ.

As Zenas approached the temple on horseback, he sighted a man’s figure on the temple’s rooftop.

If a man can dare to mount the rooftop tonight, the man must be someone on a defiant mission, Zenas told himself. And it can only be the crown prince Àlà, he thought.

And the daring young man was indeed Àlà.

Prince Àlà quietly replaced the last slab he had lifted off the brick roof to climb down into the innermost chamber of sacrifice, in the grand temple hall.

Àlà breathed a quiet sigh of relief.

He had just accomplished the first task in his daring mission. He’d slain the sacred rooster in that innermost temple court. The rooster whose crow was to announce the time to offer his beautiful lady as sacrifice.

And when two priests on guard caught him in that sacrilegious deed and charged towards the masked young prince, the latter cleared them off his path.

Àlà seized the advancing sentries with his bare hands, swirled them around spiral spin and hewn them down with one deft blow on the nape. The hit was a big smash that made the two collapse in a brief loss of consciousness.

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Àlà raised himself on the rooftop now. He turned towards the part of the roof that covered the middle courts, where Iyun would have been held captive by a horde of Jaiye priests.

Just then the young man sighted Zenas arriving through the dimly path at the backside of the temple.

Zenas didn’t take the path of the main entrance too. Just like the prince, the evangelist had also followed rear path.

Àlà waved to his friend. He pulled off the cloth used to mask his face and broadly waved to Zenas with the piece. Zenas was quick to sight the prince. And he slowed down his horse.

Àlà knew how dangerous and deadly his own mission was. His mission to save his woman Iyun. And he wasn’t going to endanger Zenas’ life, who the young prince believed had a greater course than his. And so he motioned for Zenas to lay low somewhere at the rear gates.

And with that the defiant prince of Jaiye crouched down himself. And he crawled towards the part of the roof that covered the middle courts.

To rescue his woman now.


Jakan the chief priest rushed down from the middle courts into the innermost chamber of sacrifice.

Along with the rest of the house, the elderly priest had heard some heightened shrieks of alarm from the sacred fowl just after it crowed. And he’d wondered what could be happening down there in that hallowed chamber.

On getting to the chamber doors, Jakan found them flung wide open and left unguarded. He was shocked. The old man leapt in straightaway. And right there lay the two guards lying motionless on the cold floor.

As the old man turned around towards the most sacred Altar of Slaughter in that innermost courts, he was suddenly overcome with a rude shock at what he saw.

The sacred rooster had been brutally slaughtered right on top of the holy altar.

Jakan couldn’t help the loud big yell.

‘Aargh… Sacrilege! Abomination…!! Abomination!!’ he cried.

The chief priest leapt out of the sacred chamber right then. And he rushed back to the middle courts.


Zenas quietly walked his horse to a small bush near the rear gate. And he made the horse sit while he hid himself somewhere close, where he could lay low to watch.

The missionary wished he could simply step inside the temple and stop the sacrifice tonight. He wished he could go right inside and preach Christ to his people.

And so the young man said a quiet prayer.

‘Lord Jesus, if only You can shine Your light on my people!’ he groaned. ‘If only You can show them the Way to God!

‘Let it please You to send me, Lord! Let it please You to use me!’ he prayed.


The mystery was becoming too much to contain now.

Jakan called out to his auxiliary priests as he stormed into the middle court hall. He passed an urgent order right away.

‘Search everywhere in this temple hall!’ yelled the old priest. ‘There is a breach! Catch the infiltrator right now. Catch him alive and bring him up here!’

The horde of young priests stormed out of the priestly courts and spread across the vast ancient temple hall.

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Yet in all the several many seasons Jakan had spent as the spiritual head of Jaiye kingdom, the old man had never experienced the littlest interruption during the sacred rituals.

Not even when the offering that the High Heavens demanded was the people’s precious white horses.

Jakan’s mind raced to and fro as he wondered about what the infiltrator stood to gain by interrupting the holy rites.

Just then a sudden idea struck the chief priest’s puzzled mind. It was like the arrival of a rainstorm.

‘The infiltrator has come to rescue the slave girl!’ he exclaimed.

He paused on a second thought.

‘But that seems ridiculous, doesn’t it?’ he pondered. ‘What man in his right senses will risk his life to rescue a mere slave? A mere slave…?! No only an insane man would do that!’ he said.

Jakan pushed the idea aside with a small wave of the hand. But then he still wouldn’t want to take chances.

By this time though one of the young priests was already back to inform the chief priest that early, that they couldn’t find any infiltrator.

But before the youngster could give the hasty report, Jakan could tell what he was about to say and he couldn’t afford to waste a single moment.

He shouted at the young priest. ‘Keep searching for him, young man! The intruder is somewhere around! Get going will you!’

At once the young priest hastened away and Jakan returned to his thoughts.

‘But wait a moment… someone who could overpower two sturdy priests even before they could raise an alarm is not a mere man,’ he reasoned. ‘That person must be a man of war,’ he said.

‘The priests I’ve sent out can’t catch this man. They will be powerless against him,’ he admitted.

And so the chief priest turned around and called one of the priests closer by.

‘You! Go out there and call me the armed guards securing the temple!’ he ordered.

The young man was surprised, as arms were not allowed into the sacred temple. The priest stammered in response. ‘Armed… armed guards, sir?!’

Jakan could tell obviously what made the man so surprised. And so he took the pain to explain.

‘Yes son,’ replied Jakan. ‘Arms and weapons are not allowed in the innermost courts where the sacred altar of slaughter is.

‘But every other place in the temple can allow the use of arms if a need calls for it. Just as a desperate need calls now!

The young priest nodded gently.

Jakan couldn’t wait any longer. He spoke up. ‘Now that you understand, go right now and get me the armed guards,’ he commanded.

And the younger man took off immediately.

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Just then it occurred to the old priest that the outside could be left unguarded and the infiltrator could easily escape. He called on another priest close by and gave him an instruction for the devotees in the outer court arena.

‘Tell the devotees outside to surround the temple from the outer walls,’ he said. ‘Tell them to guard the holy temple in supplications to the High Heavens.’

The priest hastened out. And Jakan gazed at their sacrificial offering.

Iyun was right there. Bound, gagged and closely guarded.

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