Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 2

THE charming cyclist glanced back at Abby. ‘Call me Romeo for now,’ he whispered in a husky voice.

But this Romeo’s name was only Ken. Simply Ken.

Abby chuckled at the teasing joke in the name Ken asked her to call him. She decided on enjoying this dude’s naughtiness and indulge him pretty much.

She offered him a hand now. ‘I’m Abby,’ she whispered. ‘Nice meeting you.’

Ken’s eyes melted into a little smile beneath the helmet frame as he shook her hand. ‘And where do I take you tonight, Miss Charming?’ he cooed.

A chuckle escaped Abby’s lips that instant. ‘C’mon you’re too funny!’ the girl snapped and went a little sterner right after.

‘I’m heading to Crosswalk… Crosswalk Avenue,’ she said. ‘Precisely at the convenience stores there. And really can it be right now? Please…!

Ken couldn’t help but glance back again at Abby, and with a stunned look in his bloodshot eyes.

Here was the moving train heading towards the railway crossing with a bulldozing speed. And its blaring horns were bursting the eardrums already.

Ken’s lips mumbled an instant hesitation. ‘You mean… right now?’

Abby nodded calmly and held her hands together.

‘And can we go faster than fast… please?!’ she whispered.

Right then Ken raced his engine in a big wild rumble.

And with a roaring speed of a black panther the two dashed across the rail track on the back of that iron beast. Just before the train ran across the tracks here.

Suddenly the heavy clouds broke and poured down a relentless torrent of rain. It was 7:45 pm.

◙ ◙ ◙

Emma hastily turned off the lights in her supermarket. She came out with her handbag, ensured she’d picked her things and then pulled down the rollercoaster gates shut.

And as she turned to face the street in that Crosswalk Avenue, the rain started pouring down and hard.

Credits: Andre Benz, Unsplash

The smart and pretty 24-year-old hadn’t closed her store because of the night, or because of the rain either. It was just a quarter to 8 and she usually closed for the day at 10:30 pm.

Also Emma’s supermart was pretty spacious and secure enough for her to hibernate in, till the rain ceased and business continued as usual.

More so home was just a distance away over a few streets ahead.

No the young lady wasn’t closing her store because it was night, or because it was raining. Emma was running away only because of a call she got from a friend not too long from then.

And that caller was Abby.

Now that Emma turned about to leave the store, the downpour came. And it was the daunting first rains already.

But the average-heighted bundle of cuteness wore her soft wooly hair in a neat medium cropped Afro.

And so she was confident her hairdo wouldn’t be ruined like the synthetic make, when she chose to head home by all means.

Emma stood in the street, flagging down every taxi cab that raced past. And by the time she could find an empty cab to board home, she was drenched to her skin.

But the driver was gentlemanly enough to offer Emma a broad towel to dab herself with. And a coat too, to help keep warm.

Credits: Chiang Henry, Unsplash

Safe in the cab now and heading home, Emma’s quiet mind went back to the call that got her running. The call she got from Abby.

Yet Emma’s thoughts didn’t rest on the incident of the call itself. But rather on the caller… and the great bond they shared.

For Abby had been Emma’s bestie right from college days.

And Emma could only wonder how they ever got here…

From those beautiful old times years back.

◙ ◙ ◙

Abby had always been that lively, lovely thing. Especially to her bestie, Emma.

Abby was the sparkle everywhere people gather. And Emma was the lucky one to have her in her circle.

Abby and Emma were an adorable lock and key set. A comely pair of opposites that attracts so well.

And just everyone admired the duo’s beautiful combination.

The two met in the first year in college, just a few weeks into their first semester.

Abby was the first to stretched a hand of friendship to a quiet and lonely Emma. She’d found Emma’s calmness so charming and cute. And Emma felt grateful to have the charismatic Abby as friend.

The likeable sort soon named their pair ‘E & A.’ It was Abby who came up with the idea.

In the course of their very first semester, Abby so wanted to explore just every facility on campus. Plus, engage in almost every extracurricular activity she could find.

And she wanted to do all these along with her new friend Emma.

But the gentler Emma couldn’t handle all of that energy, along with the fast pace of the racing cheetah.

She somehow liked Abby’s many ideas. But then it was something too fast for Emma.

Emma began to withdraw. She was yet to get it settled in her mind that she was now in college. She was just getting familiar with the utterly different environment. And here was her friend asking her to explore everything in a jiffy.

Emma was pulling out. But Abby didn’t push her friend any further on things, and she decided to explore campus life herself.

One of those days during her campus adventure – and when she went on a swimming spree at the college pool… Abby met a copy of her.

A new friend who resembled her in likes and interests.

Her name was Prisca.

Abby was quick to bring in Prisca to join her E & A circle. And she simply named the new formed trio PEA.

It was the clique of the smartest, prettiest girls on campus. As the girls liked to describe themselves.

In no time Prisca, Emma and Abby became great friends.

Like sisters from the same womb.

Until one fated day. One day when a certain Jerry landed in their circle.

And the adorable Pea began to split apart.

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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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