Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 4

EMMA George-Wallace was gentle but never dumb.

And she was the secret spy on a South Africa-based business magnate.

Yet that business tycoon Emma spied on was her own father. The European George Wallace.

And yes Emma’s humble trade now was failing in Seychelles. No it hadn’t even stood up at any time before.

Nothing the young immigrant sold in her retail business ever made her hit jackpot.

And it was hurting down to the marrows.

But even then, to go for a huge wholesale business, and be surer to make it right up… it only required an intimidating capital Emma couldn’t afford in any way. It wasn’t anything she could help at all.

On that gold streets of Crosswalk Avenue line an ostentatious row of big wholesale and retail businesses.

Yet to the left and right of someone’s store or warehouse would regally sit a line of faster competitors. Competitors who knew how to do business… the way business asked to be done and undone.

Emma knew that way so well. She knew the smell of cash and gold like nobody else. Even the scent of wealth unearthed from some private vault beneath one’s home.

Emma knew the feel of being drunken with money, till someone feels too sick to stand in fact.

She knew it all too well.

But the young woman also knew of the unimaginable stench and skeletons of that system. As well as the hidden secret that makes money the hardest of all addictions.

The Seychellen immigrant was her father’s fondest lovechild.

She emerged from a steaming hot affair. An affair between Rosie Palmer – an Afrikaner singer-performer… and George Wallace, the European businessman resident in South Africa.

But Emma’s mother died in the ugly battles and scandals that stemmed from her father’s betrayal to his wife of fifteen years.

And it wasn’t too long after Rosie Palmer was secretly assassinated, that Madam Wallace left her husband for good. She just couldn’t stand the sight of him any longer.

For it haunted her with images stained with the splash of power and blood.

Emma’s father business was an intercontinental freight cooperation in the crude oil industry. And it operated off the Cape of Good Coast, on the coastal waters of South Africa.

Growing up then, Emma had dealt around cash flow as an insider. And in the money making system she could easily differentiate the several many camouflages from the few authentic.

Emma was gentle but never dumb. And she was the quiet observer of her father’s maze-like business paths.

And Mr Wallace only knew that too late.

Just before Emma left home and everything Wallace.

Just before she left her power family for another life in the Seychelles islands…

A little off the mass of the African continent on the eastern waters.

◙ ◙ ◙

Emma was fleeing again. Like the great escape from her family in South Africa years earlier.

For the young girl had found something that her prominent family’s wealth and power couldn’t afford her.

Emma had found a lasting wealth of joy, peace and life in Jesus Christ.

And now that her friend Abby was offering a gift that could entrap her back into that corrupted yesterday… Emma was fleeing again.

Still in the cab in which she was racing away from her stores, the 24-year-old trader returned from her memories now.

And she found that track she’d been listening to now on a strain that struck a tender chord down to her deepest soul.

It was still Headley and Lattimore’s Love will find a way. And it was just another part on the soft, mellow duet.

Emma’s eyes melted and moistened up, as she silently followed the music.

…I was so afraid

Now I realise

Love is never wrong

And so it never dies


There’s a perfect world

Shining in your eyes

And if only they could feel it too

The happiness

I feel with you

They’ll know

Love will find a way…

The young woman sat up right then. And she called to the cab driver.

‘Don’t head down to Churchill Street anymore,’ she said. ‘Take me to Old Victoria Estate, please.’

The driver nodded. In a moment he turned towards a corner street heading down that side of town.

Emma took out her phone now, turned it on and called Jerry. And her voice was all too weak and low when her man picked up.

Emma was the first speak.

‘Darling…’ she called and paused a second. ‘Are your arms big enough for me to crash into tonight?’

Jerry couldn’t hold it. ‘Hey baby, are you okay? Is anything the matter? Where exactly are you now?’

‘I’m heading down to your place already,’ replied Emma. ‘I tell you I’ll crash into pieces with the way my head is spinning now!’

‘Okay tell me plainly,’ Jerry breathed. ‘What exactly is the matter?’ he asked again.

But Emma could only sigh under the weight of everything tonight.

‘I don’t know!’ she gasped. ‘I wish I can find the words!’ she moaned.

Still Jerry could find it in Emma’s frail whisper. Much more than what she could have uttered.

‘I know baby,’ he breathed. ‘My shoulder is always yours to cry on.’

And by the time Emma dropped the call, it was the last lines of the repeated chorus playing.

…Everywhere we go

I’m home

If we are there together

Like dark

Turning into day

Somehow we’ll come through

Now that I’ve found you

Love will find a way


I know

Love will find a


Now Emma could rest up now. She had found a way out of the deep quagmire.

For in Jerry, Emma knew she had found a home.

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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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