Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 5

THE rain was still pouring hard. And Abby reluctantly admitted she’d reached a dead end.

There was definitely no way for the motorcyclist and her to continue under the heavy downpour.

The rain tonight didn’t feel like a downpour of water over Abby. It rather felt like that of frustration and regret.

Abby was drenched to her skin, along with Ken the cyclist. But Abby was drenched down to her soul, too.

The young lady couldn’t bear the many obstacles now. ‘Let’s stop for the rain here,’ she told Ken as they approached a bus stop.

When the two got down, Abby was worried that her backpack was pretty soaked.

She nervously zipped the bag a little open and peered into it to check the state of its mysterious content. And when she saw the content still intact, she was more than grateful.

Abby exhaled a puff of breath. ‘Ah thank God!’ she sighed.

Ken shot a look at her now. ‘Are you okay?’

Abby was caught off-guard. ‘I’m fine, I’m fine…’ she stuttered in a nervous tremour.

And she quickly zipped up the bag, backed it again and nervously fumbled with a tip of her blouse.

Ken just looked the other way and gave an unnoticed smirk. For the stalker knew what Abby was hiding.

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Abby took out her phone and tried reaching Emma right then.

But as the young lady took her phone out of her trouser pockets, it suddenly slipped off her grip, touched on the concrete floor, and bounced off into an overflowing drainage in front of them.

Abby crouched down with a sudden jerk. She plunged her two hands into the murky flow, and scrambled desperately for the phone.

Ken was alerted. He turned around and rushed down to her aid.

Abby reacted. ‘Don’t worry. I’ll find it soon,’ she assured him.

◙ ◙ ◙

Jerry was outside his flat waiting, when Emma’s cab rolled its speeding wheels down there and parked.

The handsome dude rushed to the cab when he saw Emma coming out.

He swung his arms across her shoulders and pulled her to himself in a firm snug. ‘Are… are you okay?’ he gulped, his hushed voice sounding in a concerned stammer.

Emma just stood still in her man’s warm clasp, looked down and shook her head back and forth.

‘Come inside first,’ Jerry muttered, and he led his hurting fiancée inside.

When the two got inside, Emma only crashed into a couch in the living room as her man rushed to fetch her a chilled cup of water.

There was some frustration in Emma’s tired breath… in the stillness that followed for a bit.

But the young woman spoke eventually.

‘It is Abby…!’ she gulped in a low, weary voice. ‘I don’t know what I ever did to deserve this!’ she moaned.

Jerry turned around where he was at the dispenser. He shot a surprised looked at Emma. ‘Deserved what?’ he blurted.

And the young man saw himself sprinting down to Emma with the cup of water in his hand.

He handed the cup to her. ‘Take some water first,’ he offered and sat beside his girlfriend.

‘Thanks Jerry,’ Emma mumbled.

She took a little sip, set the cup down on a stool, and resumed her words.

‘Abby’s planning a big setup for me!’ she said.

Jerry looked at her, a little quizzical.

‘Abby… Or Prisca?’ he quipped, a deliberate emphasis resting on the last phrase.

‘Abby,’ Emma insisted. ‘She wants to set me up with something that must be a very notorious contraband—and my gut just tells me I’m right!’

Jerry was hit with surprise as his woman went on.

‘Abby insisted she’s bringing it to me to sell—even when I promised I don’t ever want it,’ she explained.

‘She says it goes for half a million dollars when I sell it. And on top of that she was going to gift me whatever that thing is… on a free platter of friendship!’

Jerry was too shocked now, and his mouth fell open in a baffled daze. ‘Ugh…!’ he gasped.

Emma went on instantly. ‘She sounded too resolute on this, Jerry! She said even God cannot stop her from helping me with it tonight!’

Jerry was completely dumbstruck. And his exclaim was a thorough gasp of terror. ‘Aargh!!’ he mouthed speechlessly.

And Emma broke down in tears.

Introducing Our Maiden "Heartistry Writers Conference"
Click on flier to go to the free registration page

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