Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 6

ABBY reached out a hand for her phone. She fumbled through things in a groping scramble.

It was daybreak already. The young lady parted her eyes a little open. And there she was in her bed.

Abby’s hands reached further to the bedside stool, and she went on scrambling through stack of things.

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After a moment of futile search, the 24-year-old came fully awake. And she remembered only now that she’d lost her phone the previous night.

She remembered she’d searched through the flowing drainage when her phone dropped the night before. She remembered now she couldn’t eventually find it.

That yesterday night came rolling back to Abby’s mind. But it was more like revisiting an accident scene to her.

Yesterday was bad for her. All too bad. And there was almost nothing good about it.

Except perhaps for Ken… who had simply called himself Romeo.

A stranger Abby had met by chance. A Romeo so great a lover boy that he even brought her home on his motorbike late into the night.

But Abby never knew that Ken the Romeo was a stalker. The stalker a certain someone had set up to track her.

Abby got up from bed now. It was a cold morning today, with the heavy downpour of the night before.

Abby rolled up the blinds to let in a ray of morning light. ‘Thank God!’ she yawned, stretching herself. And she slipped her feet into her pair of slippers.

‘Today is another day,’ she told herself. ‘I will have to give it a better shot this time!’

Just then the doorbell rang. Abby wasn’t expecting anyone that early. And she wondered who the visitor could be.

But the bell rang a second time. And it was her friend’s voice that came up. ‘Hey Abby! C’mon open the door, it’s cold out here!’

Abby’s voice leapt in her husky throat. ‘Oh Prisca… it’s you!’ she responded, and staggered down to the main door to let her friend in.

As Abby opened for Prisca, the latter walked in and took hold of the door, letting in a horde of armed policemen.

Abby was entirely caught off-guard. Her jaws dropped open in shock.

One of the policemen shoved a piece of paper into her puzzled gaze immediately. ‘We have a search warrant. We got an intel that you deal in hard drugs,’ he said.

Abby was dumbstruck. She stared at Prisca utterly speechless and baffled; a questioning gaze following her piercing eyes.

Prisca only shrugged. ‘The policemen are just doing their duty. You don’t have to worry about them… they are only doing their duty, Abby.’ And she gently patted Abby on the shoulder.

And before Abby could return her startled gaze to the policemen, the men were spread out already, tumbling over the entire flat in a thorough search.

Abby could only stammer after them in a frightened shock. ‘I don’t deal… I don’t deal in drugs sirs! God knows I’m telling the truth sirs! Erm there’s… there’s nothing here sirs!’

But Prisca only took a comfortable seat in a couch. And she quietly watched her show play out.

It wasn’t long that the policemen came out with the backpack containing the drugs.

And Abby crashed to the ground in tears.

Two policemen stood her up right then. They cuffed her hands and walked her out of her home. And into a waiting van.

◙ ◙ ◙

Emma was roused from sleep early that morning with a phone call.

She reached for the ringing phone. And without taking a look at the caller she picked up in a half waken state.

‘Hello…’ she mumbled in a low, sleepy voice.

‘Guess you’re still in bed,’ the caller mocked from the other end. ‘Nothing has changed about you since college, really!’

Emma recognised the voice at the instant. ‘Ha Prisca… it is you!’ she said.

Introducing Our Maiden "Heartistry Writers Conference"
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‘Yes it’s me,’ quipped Prisca. ‘And you can continue to ignore me like you’ve always been doing. I only thought to tell you about Abby…’ she said.

‘I mean your friend Abby!’ she added in mockery.

‘Abby… what about her?’ Emma retorted. She sat up wide awake and even more curious.

Prisca smirked right then, and it drifted to Emma’s ear. ‘Oh you’re curious about her, huh? What a beautiful friendship yours is,’ taunted the young lady.

Emma was only silent.

Prisca went on. ‘Well she has just been arrested and detained for drug possession.’

Emma was thrown off-balance. At the blunt confirmation to her wildest gut feeling. She gasped. ‘Drugs?! How…? How d’ you mean…?!’

Prisca smirked again. ‘Exactly what I just said. And she’s now in police detention for drug possession.’

A big troubled sigh escaped Emma’s lips right then.

And Prisca picked up again. ‘And guess why your good friend got the drug…’ she said and paused to let her listener think and fear.

Emma was only silent. She couldn’t bear to hear what she somehow knew. And it broke her heart she couldn’t help but hear it.

Prisca cleared her throat a little. ‘Well why do I have to tell you?’ she asked. ‘I’ve promised Abby I won’t tell you she was trying to set you up.

‘Besides we’re no longer friends enough for me to reveal that sort of secret to your ears…!

‘So have a free and beautiful day babe!’ she finished and ended the call.

Emma was frozen in a terrified shock for one long moment. It was a shock she could hardly recover from.

And by the time Emma got back to herself, she realised she wasn’t in her own apartment. It was Jerry’s guest bedroom.

Emma realised she must have cried herself to sleep the previous night, while Jerry consoled her. And her man must have gently borne her in his arms, and safely laid her to sleep.

Emma got up and staggered out of the bedroom to find Jerry before he would head out to work.

And tell him of the dirty conspiracy she narrowly escaped.

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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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