Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 7

PRISCA made her call from the police station where her friend Abby was detained. And from the office of the District Police Chief, her lover.

This was the day Prisca had always dreamed about. It was the revenge she’d always anticipated.

Yet the revenge didn’t come exactly as Prisca had planned it. The 25-year-old lady had connived with her man the DPC, to make the arrest for both Abby and Emma. And to make it just when Abby got to Emma’s store.

Ken, moreover, was the district chief’s boy on the force sent to mark Abby down in mufti. And all at Prisca’s request.

But it didn’t matter to Prisca now that she couldn’t take Emma down. Crushing Emma was only an afterthought. Abby was Prisca’s main target right from college.

Yes, it didn’t quite come exactly as planned. But Prisca had her revenge where it mattered eventually.

And she would make that big blow just what would completely wreck her friend. For Prisca was now bent on making Abby rot in jail.

She laughed. ‘What can a convict do to me after all?!’

◙ ◙ ◙

Abby was faced with the stark reality. Sitting conquered in the detention cell, she could hear her sobs bounce off the concrete walls.

The twenty-something had cried her eyes out through the hours she’d spent in cell already. And now she was too exhausted for tears.

Abby gradually accepted her predicament. But it never escaped her wonder just how she got herself here. Plunged down neck deep in the messy pit she dug.

The young lady’s mind rambled through her meticulous plans of the previous weeks, and she wondered where exactly her loophole was.

But right there was that error staring back at her.

Abby had it all mapped out. Her only mistake was getting help from Prisca in her plan to beat Emma.

Abby froze right then, where she sat on the cold floor. And she gasped. ‘Ah! How could I have missed it?!’

Abby pulled herself up from the floor, sat back on the iron bed and folded her arms across her chest. ‘How didn’t I know Prisca is after me?’ she wondered.

‘Doesn’t she hates Emma anymore? Like she hated her in college?!’ She was completely lost now.

‘Doesn’t she want to see Emma crushed too?  I thought she’ll eagerly help me to take down that boring girl…!

‘Why on earth will Prisca choose to bring me down instead of Emma?!’ Abby gasped out now, dropping her hands helplessly.

The young lady pulled her legs up and inwards at that instant, sitting leg-crossed in bed. She couldn’t understand this any way it flipped.

‘I am the happy Abby everyone likes!’ she wondered again. ‘How can anyone hate me up to this extent? How?!’

Abby resumed in a moment. ‘It’s understandable when people hate Emma. Emma’s not so likeable after all. That girl’s the rigid type.

‘But how can Prisca betray me Abby? How can she betray me when we both have this planned out?!’

A piercing grief crawled up from the deepest cores of the girl’s hurting heart. She couldn’t bear it any longer. And a warm stream of tear found its way down her dried cheek anew.

This betrayal of a trusted friend… no it felt in Abby’s skin like the sting of a million spikes.

Everything was like an endless horror movie. With Abby being the horrified character.

The setting she was in now was what she had scripted. But then the role had changed dramatically. The person the detention was meant for wasn’t herself at all. It was for Emma. But now Abby was the victim rather than the victor.

Abby was herself the director of her masterplan at the start. But now another person had secretly taken up her role behind the scene. Prisca had given Abby’s scripted plot a sudden twist. She had usurped her in masterminding the game.

Yet Abby knew she never planned a way out of for Emma in her original scheme. And she was too sure now that Prisca would equally leave no way out for her.

Abby cried and cried till she could no longer cry.

‘Why me God?’ she sobbed. ‘Why me?’

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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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