Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 9

EMMA got to the community park and sat in a swing. But she was already feeling the blues within the small moment Jerry walked away.

It was a beautiful twilight, but Emma now felt sad and sombre; and she couldn’t help feeling that way. She admitted she overreacted with Jerry. She admitted she’d simply spilled it.

But Emma and Jerry had got everything charming and beautiful up to this point. And since when the adorable pair met a few years back, at the University of Seychelles.

The Jerry-Emma pair had combed the universe to find themselves. They’d fought the world to love themselves. And they even happened to lose friends to keep themselves.

Yes, Emma and Jerry had got everything so spectacular and charming in their love life. Except only in consummating that perfect love.

When the two began dating a few years earlier, Jerry had respected his girlfriend’s vow to keep chaste till they tie the knots.

One night at a dinner party back in college, the two waltzed to a classic, platinum piece.

Jerry Morel pulled his girl into him with a brilliant swing of a hand. He gazed down at the sparkle in her pretty eyes, and his moist eyes glistened with dazzling passions.

‘Oh no Emma!’ he gasped. ‘Wish I could go further and further!’ he breathed in a voice husky with craving. And he bit down his moist lip at a soft, tender curve.

Emma looked at him, her lips smacking a second or two. And she was altogether startled. She was left speechless at what her man was saying out of the blues.

But Jerry went on, his throat thickening with longing.

‘I wish I could go to the farthest point with you tonight,’ he muttered. ‘I really wish I could!’ he smacked and swallowed hard.

But the soft-spoken Handsome picked up again. And this time in a firmer, bolder stance.

‘But I’m not going to,’ he gently uttered. ‘Not just because I respect your decision, baby. But because I respect God even more!’

Emma swallowed quietly, searching his gentleman’s glistening eyes.

‘Baby girl…’ Jerry whispered now. ‘I love you so much I’m afraid I’ll hurt you to tears! I love us so much I don’t wanna ruin what we have!’ he said.

Emma gazed at her charming Adonis suited up in a complete tuxedo set, with a glittery wine bowtie accentuating his classic black and white.

The doting lady looked up at her tall and handsome gentleman. And she was caught up in the appeal of his masculine voice, the allure of his gorgeous looks.

Emma was blown away and bowled over already. But Jerry went on speaking.

‘Things won’t be the same again…! No they won’t be the same again if I cross this line!’ he said in a quivery voice.

For just now Jerry Morel stifled an urge to press his passionate lips against Emma’s. For his lady looked so enchantingly beautiful tonight.

‘No things won’t be the same again if I don’t wait till you’re forever mine,’ Jerry repeated. ‘And I’m glad you’re sincere enough to know that yourself.

‘I fear I love you too much we’ll not survive the mad rush, Emma! You know… I’ll break your heart so much I’ll hurt God really bad!’

He bowed and kissed Emma on the forehead. And he whispered.

‘I fear how much I love you Emma! I love you too much!’ he cooed.

Emma looked at Jerry with moist eyes for one long moment. And she flung her arms around his neck and hugged him so tight.

‘I promise you I’ll keep it for you alone!’ she said so dotingly, and kissed his neck forth and back.

Emma recalled that day now at the community park where she sat alone on a swing meant for two.

She recalled the beautiful memory for the first time in a long time.

This was a few years down the lane already, and the engaged pair hadn’t come close to planning a wedding yet.

Emma knew the words Jerry hadn’t uttered moments ago.

She knew everything, she just didn’t want to hear him to say it. It would make everything look pretty awkward and embarrassing, she felt.

The fact that Jerry had waited long enough to have her and was requesting that they wedded on time. No it would feel quite embarrassing talking about that.

But Emma understood Jerry. She admitted her good man had every right to want it, and to demand that they hastened their plans to marry.

Emma broke down in tears. She realised she’d been selfish and self-centred. She realised she’d so much taken Jerry’s patience for granted.

Jerry was that kind of a rare gentleman. But she was losing him now.

Right then Jerry’s last words sliced through Emma’s chest so sore.

I’m going back inside now. And this time around it’s final!

Emma recalled how much she wanted Jerry whenever he withdrew into his cold, icy shell. And for days that felt like long years.

And if anything at all, Emma knew Jerry was a man of his words. And she dreaded how much Jerry meant his words even now.

Those words drummed in her head again: I’m going back inside now. And this time around it’s final!

Emma couldn’t bear to lose Jerry. To lose his precious companionship. Not even for one day.

She jumped down from the swing, brushed the tears off her eyes, and she raced up the paths to meet Jerry.

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When Emma got near her man, Jerry was almost home.

She caught his strong, brawny hand and knelt beside him right there. For Emma was too ready to show Jerry how really sorry she was.

Jerry couldn’t hold the sight. ‘Oh what is this? Get up Emma. People will see you like this…’

Emma held on regardless, and kneeling still. ‘You’ve been shameless for me times without count,’ she said. ‘Let me stay this way for a moment,’ she pleaded.

‘No I’m not going to take this,’ Jerry said and raised her up.

Emma breathed. ‘Thank you! You’re the best man anyone could have!’

Jerry only retorted: ‘What’s so serious that you would…’

The gentleman didn’t finish his words before Emma took it up, clasping her man’s muscular hand in hers.

‘Ah Big J,’ Emma called softly. ‘You were right when you said I was merely using women emancipation as an excuse.

‘I’m ashamed I resorted to guilt-trapping you. Even when I knew you weren’t saying anything against me being financially buoyant.’

Jerry interposed her in a soft speak. ‘I wanted to tell you, that if everyone waits till the day they have it all to get wedded… they will never get to wed.

‘Cause, baby girl, there is never going to be a day anyone would have everything complete.’

Emma’s eyes melted at the sweetness in her man’s admonishment. She had found a home in Jerry and she wouldn’t stall any longer.

She gazed up into his charming, brown eyes and requested softly. ‘Will you marry me this weekend?’

It was Jerry’s turn to be stunned.

He looked at her with surprise and then gave her hand a warm, gentle squeeze.

He smiled. ‘After this present crisis, baby.’

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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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