Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 10

ABBY Camille had got a visitor. But she wasn’t ready to receive anyone.

Professor and Dr Camille came to visit their daughter behind bars. Yet this young daughter wasn’t ready see her parents.

It was a full week since Abby’s arrest and detention. It was a Sunday evening today, when Abby’s parents came to visit her.

In the one week that had passed both fast and slow, Abby had fought herself several times over. She’d fought herself over the fact that she realised her enemy only too late. And over the fact that the frenemy Prisca had turned her own game against her.

For the first time now Abby felt ashamed and embarrassed. She felt ashamed of herself and her situation. Her parents’ visit only reminded the young girl that her life wasn’t all about chasing Emma around. Or about running away from Prisca.

Abby realised now she’d got a family most of all. That she’d got a father and mother she’d just let down in her race and chase after friends. And now the young daughter felt really terrible.

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Abby’s typical vitality and gusto wasn’t only an endowment from her lively parents. Nor was it the blessing that Seychelles’ favourable coastal weathers bestowed on the twenty something.

The young beautiful thing was luckily the child of an elite Seychellen family. And the only child at that.

Abby’s father was a professor at the University of Seychelles, and her mother owned and managed a private hospital. Abby was the adorable earth that received the doting love and care her parents had in them to shower.

She had never lacked anything in life.

Abby could comfortably blame Prisca for trapping her in her own web. She could hate Emma for making herself unlikable. She could again blame Emma for making her chase her in the first place.

But she knew quite well she couldn’t blame her parents for anything at all. She could only feel sorry for the heartache she’d caused them.

‘No, dad and mum are simple minded,’ the young lady reasoned in her cell, when she was told her parents were around.

‘No they won’t be able to wrap their head around the fact that I didn’t actually do drugs. They won’t get it that all of this was a setup.’

Abby paused to think.

‘And if I have to explain everything…’ she muttered and paused a second. ‘No, dad and mum won’t ever understand why I will try to set my friend up. Or why Prisca will ever set me up,’ she pondered.

‘It’s a different world of games that dad and mum will never understand! No they can’t understand!’ finished the young lady.

So then, almost as soon as Abby was informed that her parents were visiting, the young lady decided against seeing them eye to eye. She refused without a rethink.

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But it was not only the shame Abby felt that made her send Professor and Dr Camille back, and without ever seeing them.

It was more because of her last visitor Prisca.

And Abby could never recover from that courtesy visit from her foe. The one who put her there behind bars.

◙ ◙ ◙

Prisca had paid Abby a visit three days earlier. And that hysterical laughter of hers still rang in Abby’s aching head.

On that bright afternoon days ago, Abby heard that her visitor was Prisca Joubert. She was more than curious to find out why the cunny girl hated her.

The two friends sat across the glass divide. And it was Prisca that started a conversation. ‘How are you doing?’ she greeted.

Abby couldn’t hold it in. She spat her words. ‘How can you do this to me, Prisca? How can you? How can you hate me!’

Prisca had a wry smile in her face. ‘It’s so normal girl,’ she replied. ‘Just the same way you hated Emma… your friend.’

‘Are you saying you did all this for Emma’s sake?’

‘Of course not. I only answered your question. I hate you the way you hate Emma. Just an illustration.’

Abby gasped a second. And then a second time. ‘But you can’t do this to me, Prisca? We are friends!’ she blurted out at last.

Prisca pulled a face, and it was a mock sympathy. ‘Aw you look cute when you cry,’ she moaned. And her voice took up a biting tone right after.

‘But too bad you look so pathetic too,’ she added just then. ‘So, just stop with the blackmail already. It makes you so pathetic, you know.’

Abby gasped aloud at Prisca’s audacity and reached hopelessly for the transparent wall, wishing so hard she could seize her foe by the neck.

Prisca crossed her arms across her chest and smirked. ‘Well, if I were you I’ll calm down for a bit and listen more,’ she said. ‘I think you should rather dwell more on why I’d hate you in the first place.

‘Think of what you must have done to get yourself in my black book. You have all the time in the world here. Do the math. Why do you think Prisca hates you?’

Abby was knocked down. Too speechless to process anything at all. Prisca was a monster at deadly games, the young lady resigned.

Prisca Joubert finished her words as Abby looked on dazed with silence.

‘In the meantime I’ll do my part to get you to where I want you: you have my word. I will work harder to have you rot in jail, I promise.

‘You are quite intelligent and so you should know already that there isn’t any way out. I have only just begun with you.

‘And lastly thanks for showing me that pathetic side today, girlfriend. You have no idea… the miserable looking you really makes my day already.

‘Thank so much, baby girl,’ she finished.

Instantly, a long stream of tears coursed down Abby’s sorry face.

For the heartbreak was a giant one. And quite unforgettable.

◙ ◙ ◙

Right now, too, where Abby sat in the detention cell days after Prisca’s visit, a river of hurtful tears rolled down her eyes again.

But she quickly dabbed her face dry with her prison clothes.

For Abby had made up her mind after Prisca visited. She had promised herself she would never shed another tear.

So the 24 year old staunched those outpours of hurt and betrayal now. Before they became oceans of pain again.

Yet now Abby had got all the time in the world, to voyage down to the genesis of Prisca’s quest to hunt her down. It was about everything that began the entire race and chase. It was a key beginning.

Abby Camille had a new quest. Why will Prisca Joubert do this? Why will she hate me in the first place? That was what the young woman asked herself now.

But that genesis that Abby’s wandering mind eventually found, was something that connected the smart and gorgeous Pea clique. Prisca, Emma and Abby.

It was a vital something that connected the three.

And yet again split the Pea.

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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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