Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 11

EVERYTHING began a couple of years back in college. Emma took an adult step one day. And everything about her sweet clique of friends came crashing after her.

Emma George-Wallace was the quietest of the three beauties who formed their famous Pea Clique. And the soft cutie was treated like the last of three siblings.

Abby was simply of the same age with Emma, and Prisca was a year older. But Emma was the cute little sister among the three best friends.

Emma had all the attention and care Prisca and Abby had to lavish on a kid sister. But the baby the other two had always looked out for took a mature step one fated day. And everything ceased to remain the same.

The quiet and reserved Emma hadn’t really excelled above her two friends in just about everything. And her average life had earned her a good dose of sympathy and concern. But it was sure to be the condescending kind of concern.

It was a patronizing concern disguised in doting love and care that Prisca and Abby showered on their baby sister. And Emma only saw this too late. She realised this just the day she took the fulfilling adult move.

While the three girls were in their final year at the University of Seychelles, a young handsome dude appeared on the scene. And with an irresistible interest in the beautiful Emma.

His charming name was Jerry Morel; he was a postgraduate student.

And a panorama of lively fireworks brightened up Emma’s skies from the moment the lovely swans met and instantly fell in love.

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It was too much of a surprise for Abby and Prisca. They weren’t both in any serious relationship. And the two could tell that Jerry was so serious and intentional about their little Emma. No they were more than shocked.

In any case Abby found the new normal in Emma’s life somewhat interesting and amusing after all.

But Prisca saw Emma’s lovely relationship as a rude mockery of her own status. She couldn’t take the drag in the mud, the circumstantial humiliation. She’d rather die than be beaten this way.

Prisca was smart and intelligent. She was the best among the three besties. In terms of everything anyone could name.

Prisca was the most outspoken. The most brilliant. And even the most famous of the Pea group.

The smart girl had always known how to pull her strings any day and any time. She’d always had her life work so well, and according to her own masterplan.

But then again here was something. Something reminding Prisca of what she hadn’t yet been able to get for herself.

And to think that the girl who made her feel so incompetent by having what she lacked was Emma… the witless Emma. No it was the biggest humiliation to the queen of everything.

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The young woman had always placed herself in a race against people she just wanted to beat. Even when those people weren’t aware about the competition against them in Prisca’s head.

And the genius gamer always beat everyone she vowed to beat. In the endless race of betterment.

Prisca Joubert had only lost two races in life. The first giant loss was that Prisca came a day after her twin brother was born.

But the Joubert twins were only parted into two separate days by some small 12 minutes.

Yet Prisca’s wouldn’t forgive herself that she came significantly later than her twin brother.

But that was only the young woman’s first fault in this world of iniquity.

And as though this wouldn’t do, her older twin Peter never tried to crawl like her. But Peter stood, and walked, and ran, and soared so high in the far skies above. Even while the younger Prisca ran and chased after him.

But it was all a futile chase after all. Prisca never did outdo her twin.

The young woman soon gave up on beating Peter when the latter got a scholarship to study at Harvard, just while Prisca was still in high school.

Prisca Joubert had only lost two giant races. And since the day she lost all to her brother, everyone around her became a menacing hill to conquer.

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But Emma hadn’t ever been a threat to Prisca at all. Prisca hadn’t find her little friend a challenge all the while.

But now something was different. The young college girl realised then she’d underestimated her quiet friend.  And so Emma became Prisca’s new gladiator combat. Prisca would take down ‘this little thing’ at all cost.

Well the very thing to do, Prisca thought, was to get for herself the guy who found Emma so charming. Yes, the tall, handsome dude who found her friend so charming enough to love her so madly.

Prisca wanted that man, too.

And. So. Bad.

Soon Emma’s man was thrown in an awkward corner as his girl’s close friend began flirting and making suggestive moves on him.

Jerry began to avoid Emma’s circle of friends as much as he could. And soon he began to withdraw from Emma, too.

When Prisca saw her advances were going unacknowledged and futile, the college girl only got more desperate to have Emma’s guy for herself.

And this time she decided to chase after Jerry Morel with all she had got.

But little did Prisca know that when she set her eyes on another girl’s dude, a certain someone had set their eyes on her, too.

Prisca had no idea a shadow lurked close by.

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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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