Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 12

ABBY tailed Prisca from a distance.

Today was the day Abby was going to find her answers. And the college girl stealthily followed her friend as Prisca headed to that strange, unknown somewhere.

When Prisca had just begun to chase Emma’s guy secretly, Abby somehow noticed an odd change in the atmosphere around her friend. And Abby had been paying a curious attention to Prisca since then.

The cheery Abby assumed then that her bestie might have found herself a new activity, whatever that new hobby was.

In her budding curiosity then, Abby decided to keep an eye on Prisca. Till she found the reason behind her sudden withdrawal from their clique.

Prisca’s gradual distance from the Pea group had started only a few days after Emma started dating Jerry. And it had continued up to a month already.

Now Abby was more curious to find out exactly why Prisca was like this just out of the blues. She was ready to dig up the reason.

It was a bright afternoon on the University of Seychelles campus.

Prisca turned at a four lane intersection and headed down the street leading to the postgraduate residential halls.

Abby quietly tailed after like an unseen shadow. The postgraduate hall street had the sports centre further down the lane; and so Abby was quick to assume Prisca must be taking on a new sport.

But then Prisca stopped exactly at the male postgraduate hall complex, and she turned inside through the gates. Now Abby couldn’t help but conclude Prisca, too, had started dating.

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Yet Abby couldn’t but wonder why Prisca would think to keep the fact that she was dating so private. And to find answers to her ever curious mind, the college girl turned inside the hostel complex, too.

Prisca raced up the stairs to the 1st floor, stopped at the second or third room to her left, and knocked on the door.

Abby stopped at the foot of the staircase right after. She’d found her answer now, she reasoned. ‘My friend is definitely dating,’ the cheerful girl muttered, and flashed a smile of accomplishment.

But just when Abby turned about to leave, she was suddenly hit with the unexpected. Two voices came up behind her. It was Prisca’s voice and a guy’s.

But that dude’s voice was all too familiar. Up to an alarming rate in fact.

It was the voice of Jerry Morel… Emma’s charming boyfriend.

Jerry came out and dragged Prisca to the lonely stairs. ‘I’ve told you countless times to stop all these!’ the dude’s voice blared now.

Abby staggered about for a bit, searched nervously for cover, and ducked under the staircase in a moment.

She couldn’t believe what was happening. She thought she was dreaming. Or probably sleepwalking.

Abby was still and quiet as a mouse in hiding, there under the staircase. And her ever inquisitive mind marked every word in the conversation up the stairway.

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Jerry went on in a fit.

‘I don’t love you and I can’t love you! Aren’t you Emma’s friend anymore? If she finds out you are coveting her boyfriend, what do you plan to do?

‘Hey, aren’t you friends? Why are you going this far? How do you even know where I stay on campus, uh?’ Jerry’s words were fast and furious.

‘Must I embarrass you before you come to your senses? Must I? Aren’t you bothered I could tell Emma. What on earth is wrong with you?’

Prisca interposed just then.

‘You are what is wrong with me,’ she blurted out. ‘What has Emma got that I haven’t got? What does Emma have that I don’t have triple?!

‘I’m more brilliant than she is. I’m more outspoken. And I’ve got everything you want, Jerry! Why don’t you open your eyes? Look, I’m beautiful…’

‘Yes you’re beautiful. You’re everything you say you are. But I’m not interested in you,’ Jerry retorted pointblank.

‘I don’t love you and I can’t love you. And please let this be the last time I will ever see you. If you try this again I will report you to your friend!’

The young man left in an angry fit, his feet banging a heavy thud against the stairs as he raced up inside.

Prisca stood speechless for one long moment. A small tear coursed down her left eye. She was embarrassed already. No she was overwhelmed with shame. But more than the shame that Prisca felt, she felt really so mad.

Prisca was angry at the embarrassment Jerry served her. She was angry things didn’t go the way she planned it. She was angrier she was quickly losing. Quickly losing in the race in her head.

Prisca jumped down the stairs in some mad sprints. And she raced her fleeing steps through the hallway that led outside.

Abby came out of her hiding soon enough and she chased after her friend. She caught up with Prisca just before the latter exited the gates.

Abby caught Prisca by the hand and dragged her to a quiet lawn.

Prisca’s mind raced in a futile search in that feeble moment. Her heart leapt in fear. She feared Abby must have caught her.

But then again she wondered if Abby would even dare to spit what she knew in her face.

She was dead curious. And yet she feared to death.

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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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