Eclipse eNovel: Chapter 13

PRISCA forced a poised little smile now.

The college girl planned to put up an act like nothing had happened. But Prisca hadn’t even started with her act when Abby beat her to it.

‘Prisca, what is wrong with you? Why all these? This is betrayal! I overheard the talk between you and Jerry just now! Why Prisca? Why are on earth are you doing this?!’

Prisca knew now that she had just been caught. And more than she was angry at Jerry who turned her down in the most embarrassing manner, Prisca was even angrier that Abby caught her.

The young lady yanked off her hand from Abby’s firm grip now. And she turned aside and moved to walk away.

Abby was herself angry. She was mad over Prisca’s shameless betrayal of a dear friend. And she was ready to go all the way.

She scoffed as Prisca backed away.

She blurted. ‘Wait a second. Are you trying to walk away right now? Do you want me to go ahead and reveal everything I heard? Can you even bear the consequence?’

Prisca got it now. She had been so caught. The thought of everybody knowing how low she stooped scared her already.

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When the college student had set out on the path to get Emma’s boyfriend, she never cared for the betrayal factor or anything at all. She never even imagined Jerry would turn her down.

But now that she was brutally turned down, Prisca felt concerned about the shame she’d face if the rumours of her rejection spread through campus. She felt more concerned about this than she was about the guilt of betraying her friends, in fact.

No I can’t afford to go lower than this, she said to herself now. No one must know I was rejected. I am Prisca… I can’t allow this scandal to tarnish my popularity on campus.

Yet now the face of the famous Pea group had got a peculiar something to protect, Prisca was ready to put up an act at least.

She turned around right then and faced Abby. ‘I’m sorry, Abby. I am really sorry,’ she said in a voice laden with emotion.

‘Sorry?’ Abby gasped. ‘What exactly are you sorry for? Coveting Jerry? Or betraying Emma’s trust? Or even betraying our friendship? Which of them are you sorry for?!’

Prisca held her hands together and pleaded. ‘Everything Abby. Everything. I’m sorry for everything!’

Abby couldn’t get it all the same. ‘Tell me, why did you do it? Why are you doing this?’ she spat.

Prisca swallowed a second. Since the young woman had started out with apologies already, she decided to go all the way now… if that was what it’d take to retain her pride.

Without reasoning what she’d say Prisca spilled out a reason.

‘I thought Emma doesn’t deserve that Jerry guy. Emma’s not so brilliant and that guy’s a postgraduate student.’

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‘Nonsense!’ Abby yelled. ‘You’re spewing out nonsense Prisca! What can I even expect from a shameless betrayer? What makes me think you will have a reasonable point in the first place!’

Abby kept on spitting fire. ‘If you are that so brilliant then fetch yourself a professor emeritus for a boyfriend! Why covet Emma’s guy, uh? Why covert your friend’s boyfriend?! Nonsense!’

Prisca moved to talk now and stuttered. ‘Erm I’m…’

Abby snapped her shut in an instant. ‘Wait a moment, have you even thought of how badly hurt Emma will be? Have you thought of the pitiful wreck you’ll make of that poor girl?!

‘No why do I think you will care that much, if you could do this in the first place?! God knows I’m the bad one who made you join us! I’m the bad one that introduced you to Emma.

‘Honestly I never knew you’re this pathetic, Prisca! I never knew you’re just a mess!’

No Abby’s last words struck deep into Prisca’s heart like a brazen spear thrust within the bosom.

Prisca felt frustrated and exasperated already. She desperately wished time was a faster racing wheel.

She wished a cloud of darkness would cover the wretched earth and her shame will be clouded along with it.

But Prisca knew in the passing moments that she’d have to walk through everything.

She would have to submit under the mess here and now. She’d have to feel remorseful, too, so as to placate Abby and prevent her from going on to tell Emma.

Now Prisca couldn’t handle falling flat on her back right before little Emma. That would be her most pathetic defeat. No she couldn’t stand to fall that flat.

If words can’t be enough to quench this, she thought now, I will have to do anything.

Prisca dropped to her knees right then in the open lawn.

But Abby was still amid her angry fit when she saw Prisca go down, and the former only stuttered through her angry words a second. ‘I am really disappointed… in… in…’

Prisca took over the floor in that moment, and she parted her lips in a desperate plea laden with emotion.

‘I am sorry Abby. God knows I am terribly sorry.

‘I’m really ashamed I did this to Emma. I’m ashamed I did this to you guys.

‘Please don’t tell Emma about this at all. Please promise me, Abby!’

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Abby couldn’t go any farther in her anger. She knew Prisca had got a giant dose of self-worth. She knew her friend’s sense of pride so well.

Abby now felt Prisca must have been so sorry, and so broken, to have dropped to her knees in a passionate plea.

No Abby couldn’t take that sight of Prisca kneeling in front of her right in the open. And a monster sledge crushed the icy stone beneath the young lady’s fuming bosom.

Abby leaned forward and raised her friend to her feet at once. ‘Ah no it’s okay, it’s okay… I won’t tell Emma, I… I promise,’ she stammered.

The young lady decided to let go and forget everything. But she didn’t know Prisca was only ashamed of losing face before Emma. And because she failed to fetch Emma’s man for her own self.

For Prisca Joubert didn’t want to sink down to the sewage bottom. More especially in Emma’s eyes.

And that day, as Prisca got up from her knees where she fell to the miserable earth in front of Abby… that day a monster was born in Prisca.

That very day, a friend was reborn a foe.

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© 2021 by Kayode & Tola Olla

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