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9 things to know about Heartistry Writers Conference

Here’s the Heart of Heartistry… 

in 9 quick points!

  1. Heartistry is a conference for Christian creative writers – plus bloggers & readers
  2. The 2021 leg of Heartistry is its maiden edition
  3. The conference is to weave together a spiritual retreat experience with practical workshop sessions
  4. The event holds virtually on a few digital media that will be sent to registered participants by email before the conference date
  5. The conference schedule will be emailed to each registered participant before the kickoff date
  6. Heartistry is entirely free… from registration to lectures, to study materials, and to a participant certificate
  7. Features » Lecture & seminar series, creative writing practicals, group reviews, interactions, and a thorough Q & A session
  8. Unique feature » Each conference session can be experienced in offline mode, as the sessions can auto save for a unique offline participation. And it saves your data almost 100%
  9. Heartistry is brought together by the creative ministries Cedars of Lebanon, and via its digital outreach branch

Heartistry - flier
Click on flier to go to the free registration page


Cedars of Lebanon is a Christ centred creative ministry, with a mission to reach the nations with God’s glorious message through free works. We are the publishers of eNovels released on the creative media

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